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Greetings! Names Misa-Misa Elric Kurosaki, but my real name is Anisha; You can call me Misa though. I'm currently 20 (90s babies sound off!) and I can't wait to turn 21 in November so I can go to the alcohol store and purchase some liquor. Of course I won't drink it, but its like a right of passage or something. I love to roleplay although I've quit roleplaying for now to go into quests, charities, and layouts. My quest thread is located here. I was here on Gaia since May 1 2008 as darkangelanisha and later The_Pharoah_of_Twilight. Hacked back in 2010 March 18th. I'm just someone who was hacked then left, then out of fondness tried to rekindle the love I had for this site. I'm happy to be a Gaian and proud to be back. I'm happy to be a Gaian and proud to be back. I'm a roleplayer, yep, a Barton Town head. I'm a fan of many things, and recently I decided against trying to decide what I loved the now I represent Team Fangirl. Because seriously...why should I have to chose?

HEADS UP:: This is the part where I go on and on about myself, blah, blah, blah. If you don't care to read that, then go to the bottom where there is a bold, red
So and that's a synopsis. Also, heads up, I'm not accepting friend requests, random or otherwise, anymore as humans are annoying right now. Next will be the locking up of PMs, then profile. Rules of my profile: if you're going to be a d**k, go away.

It took some (pff, who am I kidding) ALOT of doing,but my heart has finally been claimed by the love of my existence, Arick Chambless. Which means i am NOT single. Don't ask me, for I will kick your a** on the spot. I really can't tell you much about me because I constantly change my opinions or I get super hype over something like every other day or think differently on very little dislikes. But what won't change about me, I can tell you: I will forever desire to be a writer. My first novel, My Life As A Vampire Slayer, which I've changed to Tia Brown: Vampire Slayer, will forever be my greatest work, no matter how awesome I become. Arick Mychal Chambless will forever, even in the unlikely event that he leaves me or I leave him, be the one who has my heart in his hand. I'll forever been threatening in the cutest, evilest, funniest way. And I'll forever be me. I won't regret a single thing that I've ever done no matter how terrible, or great, or dumb, or smart it was. Who I've been and what I am will forever define me. And no one,not even myself, will ever change that.

Warning, Warning: You May or May Not Want to Read this: Yep. Here's the dreaded personality part. I consider myself a nice, decent human being who happens to be funny. I have pride in the small victories, as they will one day lead to the bigger ones. I am sarcastic, but only to be funny, unless, of course, I'm annoyed. I have the biggest heart, and I'll let it bled for you if you're my friend. I'm kinder than I'd like to be, almost to the point of obedience. But that only applies to true friends. If I sense you're using me, I react. If I sense you're faker than your weave, I react. As you can see from my background, I have alot of likes. Wanna know what my dislikes are? Humans. Not just any humans, humans who are rude, bitchy, condescending, close-minded, don't let you say your piece in an argument before blocking you, and, worse of all, humans with no sense of humor. Those people irk my nerves. If you are one of those people do not speak to me. I am a reactor; I react to things. You will not like the outcome. I guarantee it.

As I'm fond of telling the people who do like me, be careful, because I can refer you to several people who would beg to differ. Basically if you rub me the wrong way, I will not like you. I will be harsh to you. If I rub you the wrong way, and you come at me rude and disrespectful or as I remember one chick doing going to someone else and complaining about it, I will not like you. I will be harsh to you. So I say this now so you have a heads up. Be nice to me, and I shall be nice to you. Do not get into an argument with me on gaia, and if you do, just block me, like the dozens of cowards who have. Apparently I'm annoying (this is true, its my best weapon on the internet since I cannot physically come out of the computer and bash your head into the ground several times until your a centimeter, not an inch, a centimeter from your impending death, which I would do if I could and I would like it because I'm apparently a sadist) If you think you are one of these people, or because you simply don't like the way I'm talking here (on my profile, if I might add) go away. Block me. And while you're at it, block my mule, Pharaohs Assistant. My patience for humans who like to hide behind computers is so low I swear I'd destroy this laptop if it wasn't new and so damn expensive.

So. Let's recap, shall we? Been here since 2008. Was hacked. Rejoined under my original's mule. Many different likes. Joined TeamFangirl, all by myself. Proud of my work, even though I don't get attention for it. Mentally married. Sadist. Crazy. Don't like me, block me--and my mule. Have you got that? Great. And if you made it all the way down here, that means I like you. Because you took the time out to read my profile. That means something. We could be friends.

Pharaoh Misa-Misa Elric Kurosaki

Too much p***s for you? Yep. I'm that weird. Message or comment and I'll get to you.

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          This is face behind the pixels. I've no shame in this game.

Le Me

          This is the face behind the pixels. I've no shame in this game.

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angel allure Report | 07/19/2014 1:36 pm
angel allure
Oh yeah, that's a great song as well! Love it. As a plus, FMA is a great anime. xD

Yay, I'm glad to have been of your anime suggestive service. x3

Yup, you know it! It was the necessity of the times. Wow baby shower, those are always fun! I want to throw one for my sister if she ever gets preggo. xD And wow...without sleep until Monday? I couldn't do it. You're a braver person than I. I need my sleep or I turn into Rita Repulsa. If you get that reference, I will love you forevs. white feels you up, eh? Yellow trailer was epic. I really loved her gauntlet gun thingies. emotion_drool I haven't had a chance to watch the series, yet. People keep interrupting me, so I'm gonna wait til tonight (or early this week). xD woot woot! I can't wait to learn more about the series by watching it. emotion_yatta
Aurion I Report | 07/19/2014 10:32 am
Aurion I
You do it well.
Aurion I Report | 07/19/2014 10:28 am
Aurion I
I was good advice that resulted in a change, I'm willing to pay dearly for sure advice.
I may or may not ask for advice in the future emotion_kirakira
angel allure Report | 07/18/2014 8:06 pm
angel allure
xD I see I see. I'm so glad we share this interest. She is such a wonderful singer. Goodbye Days is obviously my favorite. Do you have one?

Aww, I see. Well...I don't think K-On! will make you cry. It's such a great anime. I literally fell in love with the characters and their friendships felt so real. It was a wonderful series and I'm glad to have watched it. I think it came out in like 2008 or something? Anyway, there are like 2 seasons and a movie. It's good stuff. n.n

Teeheehee....someone OBVIOUSLY knows me. I actually had to put together my new desk with my hubby and I literally just got done about an hour ago. So basically the last time we talked until then, we were busy building my sturdy desk + hutch. I like it. It's a lot roomier than the last option. However, it doesn't have a cubby for the keyboard, so I'm going to have to get something for my wrist. talk2hand It's already bothering me from the position my keyboard is currently in. -sigh-

Anyway, I'm enjoying the trailiers. And yes, I do love the white one. So great. biggrin I have actually seen the trailers before, but it's been so long that I had to rewatch them to remember what each was about. xD I think I'm going to watch the eps tomorrow, if I can. I just have so much cleaning to do, now that there is styrofoam EVERYWHERE...
angel allure Report | 07/18/2014 11:19 am
angel allure
O.O IS that my favorite singer YUI that you're speaking of? Skip to like 49 seconds in this vid and tell me. o.o She's my favorite Japanese singer.

Angel Beats, omg. xD So you've never seen K-On! then? It was such a cute slice of life little anime including a girl band. emotion_yatta Definitely worth the watch.

I shall watch the trailers now, but I should probably wait to watch it all until tonight. >=3 I'm supposed to be cleaning. Totally not procrastinating or anything. And now that you mention it, I think another friend suggested I watch it last year...and then I completely forgot about it... But you have rekindled the flame of awesome and I shall complete my task in full.
Sayuri-senpai Report | 07/18/2014 11:17 am
Ooh, so that character you said I looked like is from Bleach. No wonder I know nothing about him. xd I really don't do Bleach. Like.. at all. I was actually just trying to make a companion avatar to my other samurai outfit. *swaps*

And I'm really surprised to see an Oga cosplay! It'd be nice if you could get a baby Beelzebub to put on your shoulder~ Or some of the big shockwaves to have around you. whee
Sayuri-senpai Report | 07/18/2014 11:09 am
Nice Oga outfit! biggrin
angel allure Report | 07/18/2014 11:09 am
angel allure
Teeheehee...isn't it though? Yui is the cutest. emotion_kirakira

T.T I don't actually know RWBY...but that cover makes me want to know it intimately. Would you say it's worth getting to know at the level?
angel allure Report | 07/18/2014 10:41 am
angel allure
Obviously! I don't see how you could have not caught it. I mean...awesome...stylish...hangs out in all the right places. You are the totes magotes of boats and you get my votes. (I have no clue what that means, but I'm rolling with it.)

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angel allure Report | 07/18/2014 9:27 am
angel allure

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