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          The above banner is for TGWF; The Gaia Wish Foundation, of which, I am a proud member. Please click it and support the foundation which has been attempting to grant Gaian's wishes for over a year donating over 30 million gold. I'm also really proud that I have a Dreamer.

Adopted Cutties

I adopted an anime kitty

Name: Aphrodite
Likes: What her Master likes
Dislikes:What her Master dislikes
Owner: Pharaoh Misa-Misa Elric Kurosaki

Adopt Yours

I adopted a cute and cuddly animal

Name:Judas Baby
Adoption Date: 03.09.12
Likes:Her Master, Pharaoh Misa
Dislikes: Whatever her Master, Pharaoh Misa, dislikes
Hobbies:Whatever Pharaoh Misa tells her
Owner: D1ary.of.the.Vampz [Pharaoh Misa]

Adopt One Now!

I adopted a unicorn

Name: Purple Beauty
Adoption Date: 08.10.12


A Hint of Misa's World

Greetings! Names Misa-Misa Elric Kurosaki, but my real name is Anisha; You can call me Misa though. I'm everywhere babe; just Google me. I love to roleplay although I've quit roleplaying for now to go into quests, charities, and layouts. My quest thread is located here. I was here on gaia since May 1 2008 as darkangelanisha and later The_Pharoah_of_Twilight. Hacked back in 2010 March 18th. I'm just someone who was hacked then left, then out of fondness tried to rekindle the love I had for this site. I'm happy to be a Gaian and proud to be back. I'm happy to be a Gaian and proud to be back. I'm a roleplayer, yep, a Barton Town head. I'm a fan of many things, and recently I decided against trying to decide what I loved the now I represent Team Fangirl. Because seriously...why should I have to chose? (Click the banner)

HEADS UP:: This is the part where I go on and on about myself, blah, blah, blah. If you don't care to read that, then go to the bottom where there is a bold, red
So and that's a synopsis. Also, heads up, I'm not accepting friend requests, random or otherwise, anymore as humans are annoying right now. Next will be the locking up of PMs, then profile. Rules of my profile. Be nice.

It took some (pff, who am I kidding) ALOT of doing,but my heart has finally been claimed by the love of my existence, Arick Chambless. Which means i am NOT single. Don't ask me, for I will kick your a** on the spot. I really can't tell you much about me because I constantly change my opinions or I get super hype over something like every other day or think differently on very little dislikes. But what won't change about me, I can tell you: I will forever desire to be a writer. My first novel, My Life As A Vampire Slayer, which I've changed to Tia Brown: Vampire Slayer, will forever be my greatest work, no matter how awesome I become. Arick Mychal Chambless will forever, even in the unlikely event that he leaves me or I leave him, be the one who has my heart in his hand. I'll forever been threatening in the cutest, evilest, funniest way. And I'll forever be me. I won't regret a single thing that I've ever done no matter how terrible, or great, or dumb, or smart it was. Who I've been and what I am will forever define me. And no one,not even myself, will ever change that.

Warning, Warning: Read this Yep. Here's the dreaded personality part. I consider myself a nice, decent human being who happens to be funny. I have pride in the small victories, as they will one day lead to the bigger ones. I am sarcastic, but only to be funny, unless, of course, I'm annoyed. I have the biggest heart, and I'll let it bled for you if you're my friend. I'm kinder than I'd like to be, almost to the point of obedience. But that only applies to true friends. If I sense you're using me, I react. If I sense you're faker than your weave, I react. As you can see from my background, I have alot of likes. Wanna know what my dislikes are? Humans. Not just any humans, humans who are rude, bitchy, condescending, close-minded, don't let you say your piece in an argument before blocking you, and, worse of all, humans with no sense of humor. Those people irk my nerves. If you are one of those people do not speak to me. I am a reacter; I react to things. You will not like the outcome. I guarantee it.

As I'm fond of telling the people who do like me, be careful, because I can refer you to several people who would beg to differ. Basically if you rub me the wrong way, I will not like you. I will be harsh to you. If I rub you the wrong way, and you come at me rude and disrespectful or as I remember one chick doing going to someone else and complaining about it, I will not like you. I will be harsh to you. So I say this now so you have a heads up. Be nice to me, and I shall be nice to you. Do not get into an argument with me on gaia, and if you do, just block me, like the dozens of cowards who have. Apparently I'm annoying (this is true, its my best weapon on the internet since I cannot physically come out of the computer and bash your head into the ground several times until your a centimeter, not an inch, a centimeter from your impending death, which I would do if I could and I would like it because I'm apparently a sadist) If you think you are one of these people, or because you simply don't like the way I'm talking here (on my profile, if I might add) go away. Block me. And while you're at it, block my mule, Pharaohs Assistant. My patience for humans who like to hide behind computers is so low I swear I'd destroy this laptop if it wasn't new and so damn expensive.

So. Let's recap, shall we? Been here since 2008. Was hacked. Rejoined under my original's mule. Many different likes. Joined TeamFangirl, all by myself. Proud of my work, even though I don't get attention for it. Mentally married. Sadist. Crazy. Don't like me, block me--and my mule. Have you got that? Great. And if you made it all the way down here, that means I like you. Because you took the time out to read my profile. That means something. We could be friends.

Pharaoh Misa-Misa Elric Kurosaki

I'm that weird. So message or comment and I'll get to you.

Current Gaian Status: Active

Current Gaian Occupation: Operating gfx-l-skelly shop found here.

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          Just in case you can't see my fangirl background. I happen to be very proud of my fangirlhood:

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The Best Thing Gaia Ever Did For Me

Le Me

          This is face behind the pixels. I've no shame in this game.

Le Me

          This is the face behind the pixels. I've no shame in this game.

Danny Phantom — Ghosts of Memory

I Allow Random Comments, But Beware I Am A Stalker

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Chunky Lion Report | 04/18/2014 12:23 pm
Chunky Lion
cool drawing! o;
what is up?
volcorona Report | 04/18/2014 10:47 am
i only watched eragon because its my all time favorite book that includes dragons
but then they butchered it so badly it aint even eragon anymore
Kitty La Kat Report | 04/18/2014 10:46 am
Kitty La Kat
Thank you^^
yours is cute too
volcorona Report | 04/18/2014 10:35 am
harry potter did a great job keeping true to the book
tbh i never am really for books made into movies
Yulania Report | 04/18/2014 8:02 am
I guess you could always just genderbend your guy into a girl emotion_awesome
Which... defeats the purpose LOLL.

Blah, I'm the opposite. I dislike using tektek because there's nothing worse than finding an amazing combo only to find out it doesn't layer on gaia. Now I only fiddle with my inventory. Though sometimes tektek is good for item combo ideas. And finding certain items. I mainly use tektek now for the latter e ue ;;
Yulania Report | 04/18/2014 7:37 am
Well, I just try to have fun with my man(vatar)s. lol
I'm really new to making them, so I get to experience with different styles. They're much more simpler than my female ones, but I like them anyways~

I'm terrible at contests! u___u"
And tekteking. (also because its layering is different from Gaia's so...)
Yulania Report | 04/18/2014 7:31 am
I don't either but I've already somehow associated pastel and cute colors with Easter, so cute outfits it is!

My usual style tends to be fantasy-like semi-clutter. o u o"
At least I think it is xd Well, I'm not pretending the be a guy because god knows how unskilled I am at manvatars.
Yulania Report | 04/18/2014 7:25 am
Ahahah, I know! She's such a sweetie. ; u ;
But now that you know, you can flatter her! heheheh
This is normally not my style, but for the sake of Easter, I SHALL BE CUTE TOO. emotion_kirakira

Oh believe me, we come up with ideas to make our lives easier because we're lazy. rofl
Yulania Report | 04/18/2014 7:17 am
LOL oh gosh, thanks! redface
It wasn't that genius though... It was more like I was too lazy to type it all lol

This lovely avatar was made by Hatsu! heart
I have no talent in making these super adorable avatars! ; u ;
volcorona Report | 04/17/2014 8:35 pm
i mean i understand time constrictions n stuff but like
dont chop out the important and interesting stuff
like srsly
not cool

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Hiya, I'm Pharaoh Misa and I'm questing six random gifts for my sixth Gaianniversary on May 1st. I don't care what they are or who sends them. I'm going to break each of them down into something symbolic for my six years of being here.

Current Gifts: 5//6

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Thank you, Anons!

Elinoire and Zet Fisher are the most adorable Gaians on this planet. Love them.

meh d1ary of fish

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