Welcome! You will find a myriad of strange--both cheap and expensive--items right here~ Enjoy!

Here, maybe if I have some super-expensive items in my shop you will be able to find them being sold for cheaper here 8V
You can get yourself a good deal. Maybe.

However, allow me to put some rules in place:

1. All Sales Are Final! For the most part.
2. You bid on X item that sold for Y amount Z time ago. A day X item now costs B price...I may consider returning some of the gold depending on how much the item deflated.
3. I now understand how it feels to accidentally overbid on an item ;v; if you suffer from the Extra Zero Syndrome, go ahead and PM me and we shall figure something out.
5. Please do not ask for me to accept a bid early!
6. Do not be scared to PM me an offer for an item I have listed. Just refrain from lowballing me, please!
7. Does it seem as though I mispriced my items? That is okay. Better for you, right? I just want to get rid of them.
8. I sell for my profit, not yours.
9. Is there an item I have listed that is extremely inflated compared to the other listings or the ABP? It is highly likely that it was that price a while ago and I am too lazy to change it 8V So do not fret - you can pm me an offer.
10. I ALWAYS reply to PMs, even if it is a very ridiculous offer that I will turn down. I am not a heartless jerk that does not reply to PMs 8|

Thank you for your purchase~!


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