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Dimirhex [ De meerhex ]

A playfully nerdy female who is into the Walking Dead comic books, and television show,
plays with codes, loves the idea of the Zombie Apocalypse and in general is just a fun,
charismatic girl who cannot tell a joke to save her life.

Nicknames: Dimi, Dimi Girl, Hex, Jules
Age: 25
Location: Northwest, United States.
Relationship Status: Married.
(Married July 15th, 2013!)

Gaiaversary: March 15th
Secret Identity: Jules O Hoolahan

Caution: Confident Fat Chick Only Mature audiences past this point.
I am not ashamed of my body, and I absolutely love the skin that I am in. So name calling is ineffective on me.
I love plus sized fashion, and think big girls are beautiful! I love looking at fashion in general as a pass time.
I also enjoy playing Magic the Gathering with friends! I used to go to FNM, but my store shut down,
so I haven't done that in a few years, but I still play with my Angel Deck which I am known best for.
No, I am not going to call myself a "gamer girl" when I say I play video games,
I am a girl though, and I do play a few video games, but I hardly have time for it anymore. I
have an Xbox, Wii, and DSLite for when I am on the go.


Favorite T.V. Shows: Supernatural, Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time, Falling Skies, Psych, Breaking Bad, The Neighbors, The Following.
Favorite Vegetarian Food: Enchiladas
Favorite animal: Elephant.
Interests: History, Virology, Ethology, Science, Graphic Design.
Favorite Movies: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Phantom of the Opera, War of the World, Signs etc.
Favorite Holidays: Easter, Halloween, Christmas

I'm a vegetarian, just recently actually, and I'd love to swap recipes with people.
Which is another thing of mine to do, I love to cook! I can cook Mexican cuisine,
Mediterranean/Greek, Italian, little of Thai, Japanese and Norwegian.

Beliefs: Christian.
Favorite gun: Mini Desert Eagle.
Favorite martial arts: Karate, Tae-Kwon Do, Ju Jitsu, Krav Maga.
Favorite music: Bollywood, Oldies, k-pop, pop, rock, metal, rap.
Gemstone: Opal.
Astrological signs: Libra / Dragon.

I am a dog trainer in training! I currently train dogs on my own, and so far have learned a lot,
and love working with animals. I want to get out there and volunteer in zoos, and work in a Shelter.
I prefer animals to humans, and have a beautiful dog named Noni (Non-E),
I love her so much!

I enjoy a wide range of things from movies and television shows,
to nutrition, anime, sewing, and so much more.
Feel free to send me a message, or leave a comment~



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_ p a o cx

Report | 04/04/2014 1:44 am

_ p a o cx

Late, but thanks very much~ >//////<

Report | 03/31/2014 10:40 am


*flops on* Mmmmkay. LAZY TYME

Report | 03/26/2014 10:32 am


LOL! It's an old one. I haven't made a new profile for myself in a few months. *falls over* So lazy feeling!

Report | 03/24/2014 11:30 am


heart heart heart heart heart heart

Report | 03/08/2014 12:04 pm


Aww thanks!

Haha, yeah I finally seen him. Gawd he's freaking cute!
I'm glad Noni is finally opening up to him!
_ p a o cx

Report | 03/08/2014 3:08 am

_ p a o cx

I'm taking up nursing, and we're actually having our finals this coming Monday~ whee

Now just to worry about reviewing for the board exam and actually passing. 8D;
_ p a o cx

Report | 03/07/2014 8:22 pm

_ p a o cx

Ahh.. well congrats on the marriage and I'm sorry for your loss. :< I'm glad things have settled a bit more for you.

I'm doing alright. A hopeful graduate.. hehe~

Report | 03/03/2014 6:01 pm


Unh..I wanna see a pic of the newest member to our family! <3
Does Noni get along with him?
_ p a o cx

Report | 02/27/2014 2:34 am

_ p a o cx

Yay! Where'd you go? XD;

Report | 02/10/2014 9:31 pm


I noticed my last comment to you was about your wedding. 4laugh whee
Such a beautiful bride. heart heart