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Location: TEXAS!! The lone star state! ^_^

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Palette Mage Report | 11/02/2012 4:51 pm
Hahaaaaa, good for you. The weather here is warm too, but for some reason I get cold. emotion_donotwant
Palette Mage Report | 11/02/2012 9:11 am
Eh, people with filters have never tasted true happiness.
Well keep your knickers on, it gets cold. emotion_c8
Palette Mage Report | 11/02/2012 8:53 am
Oooh, STRIP BOY STRIP. kidding. emotion_dowant
Hmph. I can live widdat. I ain't in the mood for filters. emotion_awesome
Well, you could climb out the window and grab it back. if you want.
Palette Mage Report | 11/02/2012 8:46 am
*ahem* 'scuse me.
WHAT MAN WHAT cat_rofl cat_rofl cat_rofl cat_rofl
I'm just glad my childhood wasn't that clean, child porn I say. yum_puddi
Palette Mage Report | 11/02/2012 8:34 am
HAHA, I did mention "full of humour".
So I just laugh me fat arse off at everything that seem innocent. Like my childhood. So many things to laugh about. dramallama dramallama dramallama
Palette Mage Report | 11/02/2012 8:26 am
Good to know. Goooooood tooo know.
Well, isn't life better when you have a dirty mind full of humour. emotion_awesome
Palette Mage Report | 11/02/2012 8:19 am
LOL manboobs cat_rofl cat_rofl
wait why did that come up...
Palette Mage Report | 11/02/2012 8:11 am
I have no idea what chesticle means emotion_zombie
What's the use of coming back to Gaia without motivation? eek
Palette Mage Report | 11/02/2012 8:02 am
I'm with you brutha, I've been gone from Gaia for too long, I've lost my online and vague relationships with my former subscribers. (lemme just use big words for now, I feel smart.)
Well let's support each other hey? emotion_hug
Palette Mage Report | 11/02/2012 7:59 am
Oh my, don't you have tons and tons of friends? emotion_8c


Hey, welcome to my profile everybody. I am Demon, or Kyo if you knew my other profile. I don't really care which you call me, but I would like to be called SOME kind of name that is appropriate and kind. ^_^ Now a little about me. I live in Texas, have a ton of hobbies that I will get to later, and am a pretty random person to be around. Seriously. Normally I guess I am pretty nice, cool, outgoing, and just a fun person. I am dramatic at times, can be protective, secretive, yadda yadda yadda ect. ect. you get the picture right? Well, I love to skate board, play guitar, surf, party , rping on gaia, spending time with my friends, hanging out, just chilling, being random, the works. Yeah, oh and music! I cannot get enough of music!!! I love a million bands, i wont bore you with them all. Anyways, that's me for you.

Now then this....

Is me (except that I chopped all my hair off smilies/icon_surprised.gif horrid I know.) Nothing special there, i just figured some people might like to know the face they're all talking to.


My current project is:
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Total Value: 18,039,799 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Horns of the Demon
Fuzzy Penguin Slippers
Hermes\' Moon
Black and Gold Oversized Bangles
Call of Anubis
Bel Gondoliere
Latrans Trickster
Golden Laurels
Bel Gondoliere