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This is my boyfriend, Bob.

I am crazy for art of any kind, especially couple art. I always appreciate freebies, but if you're interested in a little monetary value then PM or comment me to work something out.

Just to note;
· Bob is taller than Deli by a few inches.
· Deli is wearing a silver claddagh on her right ring finger.
· Glasses, the mole, and horns of the demon are a MUST on Deli.
· Bob has curly hair, and its a fro.
· Yes, we're dating IRL.

the light & the glass


old af smilies/dramallama.gif gaian



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i'm simply delirious ;; gaia-life
xxxHeeeey. My join date lies.. I've been on Gaia since December 23rd, 2003 under the username Domitre, who is now my mule account. Confusing? Probably.
xxxIf you feel the need to refer to me but don't want to type out Delirious (with or without spaces) you may simply call me Deli. Feel free to insert a lunchmeat joke, many people have.
xxxI got into Gaia after seeing some people in my band class dressing their avatars, and decided later that night to join so I could have my own to dress. The first item I ever quested for was emo glasses, and I still have the same pair, although I've recently given up wearing them in favor of the reading glasses. I've gone from selling one outfit to buy another to becoming a complete pack-rat. My inventory has well over 3,000 items between my main and my mule. I've also changed mine and my mules name about nine times total.

doll me up in my bad luck ;; real-life
xxxOffline I'm a twenty-four year old girl who actually wears glasses, curses enough to make a sailor proud, and loves the crap out of my boyfriend, Bob. Sometimes I have delusions of becoming a fiction writer because of my B.A. in English, but I'm quite happy being an Apple Specialist/Apprentice Technician. When I'm not at work, I knit and play video games. I practically live on my iMac.

xxxPlease don't leave me 'Thanks for buying' comments on my profile. While I appreciate your thanks, I just delete the comments.


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Perryful Report | 11/24/2014 7:57 pm
I hope you're well, Deli!!! <3
Cruciarius Report | 10/26/2014 7:39 am
Happy birthday! Sorry I'm a day late.
lil_ms_kristyjo Report | 02/25/2013 6:15 pm
Thanks for buying. biggrin
Kotton Belle Report | 02/11/2013 6:00 pm

what was your tumblr name again? I'll add you on the account I'm using now. ;~; <3333333333
Kotton Belle Report | 08/09/2012 2:26 pm
YES COMING FROM ME. Ugh I'm still swooning every time I see your avatar. I love that top so much but I can't seem to work it. emo and just... the tail, and horns, and glasses and eyepatch, and... it is so delightful.
Kotton Belle Report | 08/05/2012 9:17 am
*A* Jeez you look so perfect.

SquirlTaco Report | 07/22/2012 6:49 pm
tis i greentaco
Kotton Belle Report | 07/18/2012 5:35 am
Vardoger Report | 06/12/2012 5:50 am
Yeah, Q is still active.

And I wanted ot keep the [Q] name in case Gaia ever fixed itself. >_>
Pirahtt Report | 11/09/2011 4:02 pm
      x] Thanks, it's the same wig as yours. The King of Life wig. <3