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You are a Clueless Uke!
Having a good time is what you're all about. You're satisfied just to have someone to eat hamburgers and play video games with, and are completely oblivious to other's manipulative behavior. You don't expect much, and that can be a good thing. You're perfect prey for the Opportunist Seme, who might take advantage of you, but you probably won't even notice, or really care, as long as you're enjoying yourself.
Most compatible with: Opportunist Seme, Romantic Seme
Least compatible with: Sadistic Seme, Don't ******** With Me Seme
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Report | 04/25/2014 12:33 am


connections do make a world of difference but its not the decided factor in most cases and yeah depending on how good your art is and how much time it takes iv seen amazing art go upwards to 2bil art auctions are usually where thats at though which is why i never do tem

Yeah, a lot of people that I've known had very little experience got very good paying jobs, pays around as much as I get paid but more relaxing I guess.
I mean, sometimes I don't even get any time to relax really, I always have to be ready for work and that sucks. If I make plans, it could backfire and I get called out for work.
My art isn't 2 billion gold amazing but I'm hoping a lot more than 10 mil n n;

Report | 04/25/2014 12:17 am


Yeah, sometimes even the jobs that I want and the experience that's needed isn't enough, just the connections that matter nowadays, well around here anyway.
I was asked to draw an avi for 10 million and how everything is looking around here, even that's not enough Dx

Report | 04/25/2014 12:09 am


I know my mom and her mom worked a lot of different jobs their whole lives. I was shocked to find out my granny was a bartender when she was younger. lol
I have little to no knowledge on codings, I'd probably pay someone else to design a profile just for me lol

Report | 04/25/2014 12:03 am


Oh, yeah, I'm sure she had a different job before that, I never known someone to have only ONE job their entire life D:
I've already had 7 different jobs and I'm in my mid 20's, or did I have more? Not sure, I can't remember. I started babysitting when I was young then started working at the grocery store as soon as I was of age.
We had a hard time getting by a lot of the years, even with having a hard time with money coming in, I still didn't learn how to spend wisely sweatdrop
I'll also be working on short animations, to kind of help me on my way into making a better profile for possible colleges. n n <3

Report | 04/24/2014 11:46 pm


Yeah, I know this one old lady that worked at a grocery store for YEARS, I have no idea how many but it looks like she should have been in retirement a long time ago.
I got paid today, and I don't mind spending some money here. After noticing how much I'll have left over after bills and rent, I'm sitting pretty razz
Looks like there'll be no need to open an art shop xD

Report | 04/24/2014 11:40 pm


We don't have restaurants around here n n;
I used to work at the local grocery store for nearly 4 years... almost put hours! rofl
Can you imagine?! Work nearly 4 hours then quit lol
I noticed after it sent me the message that you got one of them O:
I should get more emotion_donotwant

Report | 04/24/2014 11:11 pm


Yeah, I didn't really know about that job until someone at school told me about it. Since I didn't have much classes and being there wasn't really mandatory, as long as we completed our assignments.
But not long after I got the job, I dropped out because the teacher was a d**k, and just kept working there....

Now I'm selling two more of those in the marketplace rofl
I'm sick of being dirt poor xD

Report | 04/24/2014 10:44 pm


Haha, well, I work at the Police Department as a guard and after thinking about it, I don't think they'd really give a crap if I was on the internet... I mean, I spent 15 hours straight playing games there and they didn't care. Sometimes I work really long hours there sweatdrop

And right now I'm selling the Latter Day Caeser n n

Report | 04/24/2014 10:38 pm


Oh, the job I have now, there's no internet there... if I did have internet there, I'd always want to be at work!! But we probably wouldn't be allowed to skype there xD
I've had an account on Gaia since 2004, so a lot of my things were really old and rare n n;

I'll be selling more stuff there, but I'm looking for the most wanted stuff in the Marketplace.

Report | 04/24/2014 10:26 pm


Haha, I didn't have a lot of time for gaia during 2012 and 2013...
And I'll root you on in your arduous battle!
I think I'll be selling a lot of the Latter Day Augustus....
I want my old awesome avis back~! <3 rofl