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It's what i'm wearin'



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Can Tisdega figure out her destiny before it destroys her? Is Deden, the elf who he seems to be? Can Hestrel be reunited with his family? Read on.

-sneak sneak sneak-

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Oh, you're just here to see my profile! Phew, I was sure I'd been caught... not.. doin'... anything..

Mmmm... Welcome to my profile! It's a pleasure to have your attention! My name is Cybertronic Butterfly, but you can call me Cyberfly if the other is too long; or even CyFly if that last one don't strike a good tone!

Oh, but you came all this way to read something good, and I'm not sure what I can say about myself! Hm, but I must put something, surely!

Mmmm.... I make stuffed plushies; bunnies and Onigiri charms are the most popular this past month. I'm a sucker for anything cute! Including, but not limited to, dolls, plushies, books, lamps, art, shows, and clothing. (of course!) My favorite color is orange, my favorite color combination is orange and bright green, and I am currently on a Fablehaven kick. Two books down, three and a half to go!

I'm a Libra/Horse, so I guess that means I'm noble, wild and balanced at the same time! >.<'

I have a twin brother and an older sister and I'm the youngest, I love swimming, fishing, writing, daydreaming, doodling and making mischief!

Honestly I don't know what more to write than that, I'm a very simple girl in most other areas of life and don't often find time for internet play during my busy
schedule, so I may not be on very often. That wont stop me from trying to find a roleplay though! The hunt remains!


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Kuroko Kusanagi V2 Report | 02/21/2016 8:14 pm
Kuroko Kusanagi V2
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Kuroko Kusanagi V2 Report | 02/21/2016 8:09 pm
Kuroko Kusanagi V2
you looked X3
Kuroko Kusanagi V2 Report | 02/21/2016 7:17 pm
Kuroko Kusanagi V2

the ending was fricken beautiful, warning, major spoilers
she grew up thinking that man as her father but growing into a teenager she starts developing romantic feelings for the man who has cared for her since she was little, and in the end it turns out that woman who his grandfather had the girl with, wasn't actually in a real relationship with the old man, he knew the woman wasn't ready to be a single mother so he adopted the both of them to help raise the girl till his death but the mother was still not ready to be a mother so she didn't deny the child being the grandfather's child so his family would be forced to take her in.

so having no blood relation, he starts having trouble not acknowledging the girl's real feelings.
Kuroko Kusanagi V2 Report | 02/19/2016 1:39 pm
Kuroko Kusanagi V2
oh em jee

I just loved that manga, the ending was adorable
Ritzy Report | 07/10/2015 7:45 pm
thanks ^^
Ritzy Report | 07/09/2015 9:32 pm
i like your avatar in the arena. may i ask what is theitem name of the bottle and the things your avatar is holding?
The scarlet jester Report | 07/03/2014 10:00 am
The scarlet jester
Life is so much better

*dons a black fedora and vest and leads a group of cats clad in white in a dance reel to a cover of beat it by jackson*

when you're Awesome!
The scarlet jester Report | 06/22/2014 12:46 am
The scarlet jester
Life is so much better

and all true!


when you're Awesome!
The scarlet jester Report | 06/21/2014 11:47 pm
The scarlet jester
Life is so much better

i changed a word or two from a pony song called autumn from the griffon village album by jackleapp ^-^

when you're Awesome!
The scarlet jester Report | 06/21/2014 11:37 pm
The scarlet jester
♪ I know a girl

whos mind is free

you know your special

at least to me

they say what they want

and still be mean

whats next for you?

Thats to be seeeeen ♪