'bout my avi

I'm here to dress up.
My avi has no theme, ever.
I wear what I wanna wear at any time.
I don't understand matching or why avis have to "match".
Melty is my favorite color scheme, like ever.

'bout meh

I have a strange obsession with sushi and sashimi.
Horror is love, horror is life.
I'm currently attempting to sell 90% of my inventory.
Currently playing (aka dicking around on) GTA V.
I hate roman numerals. IV makes more sense as "five" because the "IV" AND BECAUSE OF THIS I GET MIXED UP CONSTANTLY.
I'm always on.
I'm a hermit.
I have like two friends.
Yes I'm a fan of WWE if you haven't already noticed the blatantly obvious reference by my wishlist WHICH BY THE WAY I KEEP ADDING TO BECAUSE APPARENTLY I LIKE REMINDING MYSELF I HAVE TASTES OUTSIDE MY BUDGET.


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Recent mark out moments

Mark out: a wrestling term that basically means to cheer or boo with great enthusiasm.

Elimination chamber-

Boo: when Orton won over Harper
Cheer: when Cena was pinned
2nd cheer: when Bray won

Seeing the size difference of Braun and Mark and freaking out that Braun is so ******** huge, he makes Mark look normal-sized. DO YOU REALIZE HOW BIG YOU HAVE TO BE TO ACCOMPLISH THAT?!

King! That's her wishlist! King! It's huge!

Sleep? Is that what the kids are into these days?