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Planetary Fairy Report | 04/17/2017 8:32 am
Planetary Fairy
Hello im fairy nice to meet you
Tunafist Report | 04/11/2017 9:58 am
Thank you! emotion_bigheart So is yours!
Blonde Cyborg Genos Report | 04/06/2017 2:14 am
Blonde Cyborg Genos
Thank you, citizenUser Image
Tunafist Report | 04/05/2017 5:34 pm
Thanks, sis! Your avatar is the cutest thing I've ever seen. emotion_kirakira
Tunafist Report | 04/05/2017 1:22 pm
Thank you soooo much for the gift and the good luck! It worked! ❤
Tunafist Report | 04/03/2017 7:27 pm
I'm glad! And I'm on my phone, fixing to go to bed. I find out if I was employed tomorrow! The manager said he would find me some work to do. I'm really hopeful and a little anxious. I'll let you know how it goes.
Tunafist Report | 04/03/2017 7:23 pm
Hey girly! How are you?
Raven Night Rose Report | 04/03/2017 4:28 pm
Raven Night Rose
thanks and yours is so cute, like an adorable doll emotion_kirakira
Tunafist Report | 04/02/2017 8:05 pm
Thanks! I always feel really uncomfortable when I try and make sexy avatars. cat_redface I love your avatar! She reminds me of Betty Boop with the way she's posed. Her little face is so cute!
Tunafist Report | 04/02/2017 2:40 pm
Boo *wiggles fingers all spooky like*


"Back then, if I were a bit more mature and a bit more undertyanding of your weaknesses, would our future have been different?"


My good ol' friends on here<3

me. :p

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