...My only regret..? ....That i could not save you from those years of suffering....Forgive me..I was too immature in that time, My Love....

A Moonlit Night

...You gently grasped my hand..
leading me through that moonlit forest..
we halted in a glade illuminated by a single ray of silver light..
your emerald eyes gleamed beautifully as they burned into mine..
...those eyes that had seen the bitterness of this world..
...though still grasping onto the hidden beauty in this world..
i gazed into your eyes for an eternity..never wishing to leave..
...for it was a perfect love that would never be shattered..
rising above the chaos of this world...in a silent, deep embrace..
transcending time with our love...that moonlight night

The beauty of an ever flowing fountain of hope...

A single, crimson rose blooming in the face of adversity...

My deepest desire, his saving, perfect love reaches you...

That beautiful day..

Greater love has no one than this,
Than to lay down His life for His friends...
(John 15.13)

Suicide_is_love is my pet bunny! *huggles bunny*

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X Dark Serge X

Report | 07/01/2010 9:35 pm

X Dark Serge X

And I happen to seem to need know this... why?

Report | 07/01/2010 8:03 pm


CUUUUUTE! I missed you, girl!
Where you been at?! PM Me!
X Dark Serge X

Report | 03/06/2009 9:07 pm

X Dark Serge X

well, we should talk soon, the sooner the better and thwe merrier we will be... I´ll try to write an e-mail or a PM for you telling you about my daily life, missed you to no end, hope to see yeh soon mate
X Dark Serge X

Report | 02/20/2009 1:00 pm

X Dark Serge X

well you know me, always looking forward to a nice chat, sadly we just don´t seem to have any time to share... I hope we can be together for a longer period of time... miss you too, and take care beauty
Kat Goddess

Report | 12/04/2008 6:13 am

Kat Goddess

yeah i do...i need something to procrastinte with...
Hell Hound Ailyth

Report | 11/21/2008 12:03 am

Hell Hound Ailyth

I haven´t ever leave you a comment before...

Im White Night Kitten, Serge´s friend... nice to meet you? n-nU
princess jackie110

Report | 07/09/2008 11:45 pm

princess jackie110

ur hot in real life
F a t h e r F i r e f l y

Report | 06/05/2008 7:36 pm

F a t h e r F i r e f l y

Hewwo User Image I dont know u :3
X Dark Serge X

Report | 05/28/2008 2:19 pm

X Dark Serge X

looks awfully familiar, it´s good to see you liked it

Report | 05/27/2008 10:43 pm


Thanks =]

I appreciate your wait Hun =]

Haha. yeahh ;P

He is adorable xD


my bday went alright ;o


huggles for bunny?? 120 hugs

And i kiss you in your dreams...