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Wahts up betches.
Im an average European girl.
Currently studying in college, Im an ANTH major.
I occasionally play the piano when I feel overwhelmed.
Coffee and Minecraft addict.
I like to code profiles so you'll notice it's always changing.
I have a... crude sense of humor and tend to laugh at my own jokes.
A sarcastic joker ALWAYS. so be ready. |:

K bye.

Im actually secretly shy.

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Did you know that the human brain makes you see yourself
as 5x more beautiful than you really are?
So I guess that means we're actually 5x uglier.... damn it...

Stupid names I wasted gold on.
Dont Rustle My Jimmies
Give Me Your Pixels
O c t 0 P u s s y
50 Shades Of Rape
C U M F 3 T T I
Sexual Vibes


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A Wild Stalker Has Appeared!

The loneliest people are the kindest,
the saddest people smile the brightest and
the most damaged people are the wisest.