Hello, i'm chels with 20 years of age
sensational existence, powerful heart
overbearing light that shatters the darkness
searching for solutions of time
patronized by the tender flesh
counting the stars and wishing for wisdom
carried by fantasy, married to balance
gifted in mind, body and soul


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II Black Licorice II

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II Black Licorice II

*Rubs lotion on teh butt* Butts are love. Butts are life.

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Thank you!! biggrin
II Black Licorice II

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II Black Licorice II

Can I touch your butt?
II Black Licorice II

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II Black Licorice II

Chels from Second Life?

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Sounds like you got it.
That's a relief cause frankly I thought I'd ******** up at describing it. XD

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Yeah. I know. It's confusing. It's far from being an exact science. You've just gotta try to make the right calls.
Don't blindly follow what others say. But listen. When you've listened think about it some.
Try to look at yourself and who you feel you are and see if what they've said fits. If it helps seek the thoughts of others that you trust.
If you don't feel their insight fits or you just can't find any way to agree with it, don't.
If you do see what they say, even if you didn't before, then learn from it.
Alternatively you CAN play it safe and only seek your own counsel.
I've just found I've lived a happier life and bettered myself by taking stock in the counsel of those I've come to trust.
It's confusing, but I feel it's worked for me. If it doesn't fit you and your life, then I'm sure you can find a way that better suits you. You're smart.
Sorry if this isn't very clear. Sometimes my thoughts just aren't articulated as well as I'd like. Language is both freeing and restricting.

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I dunno it's tricky. It can be harmful depending on how you filter it and can create insecurities.
I'm gonna sound like a broken record here and I'm sure you can tell by now I use this word a lot but you kinda have to "balance" your judgement and the insight of others.
You don't want to become so self absorbed that you blindly shut out positive insights.
But you don't want to become so reliant on the word of others that you lose your sense of self and let yourself be manipulated.

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Well there's always more to learn from others. The insight of others is not to be ignored and can help open your eyes to what you were previously unaware of.
Of course you have to judge for yourself what to believe and what to disregard from others. But I find sometimes it can open you up to traits you weren't aware of and things you weren't aware you did.

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That's the hope! I hope to learn more about myself through others. And that has been pretty helpful.
But I know there are some things about myself I have to find on my own. That's the tougher part.
I'll keep striving for it none the less.

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Wish I knew. XD
I mean I dunno. I've always been talkative and friendly. I tend to analyze things for better or worse I guess.
When talking with someone I tend to pick up on hidden meanings and tones.
I honestly really don't know what about me has been special. I've only very recently begun looking into myself.


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