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< Hi there. >
< I'm Katrina. >
< My friends call me Kat. >
< Family calls me Katy. >
< I've got a crazy boyfriend who was in the Army for five years. >
< He's been perma-banned three times. >
< I've been on Gaia since 2007, for the most part. >
< I got grounded a lot before I moved out and spent too much on Gaia. >
< Now I'm a real adult, working and doing taxes. >
< Hell, I even joined the military for a while. >
< Needless to say, I'm a bit busted from that experience. >
< I work as a supervisor for security at Microsoft for now, >
< but I don't like it much. It pays though, so there's that. >
< I've had 14 jobs, some I'm happy to have had, >
< others were a passing nightmare that I'd not like to revisit. >
< When I'm not working, my hobbies include >
< knitting, video games, Netflix-binging, writing and drawing. >
< I'm a judgemental ambivert with a dark sense of humor. >
< Don't mistake that for me being a mean person, I'm typically nice. >
< I'm a firm believer in the wizard's rules (google it). >
< Favorite quote? Hm...This one: >
< "Everyone makes mistakes. How a person deals with their >
< "mistakes is a mark of their character." >
< Okay, I'm bored now. Bye. >

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