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"Contrary to popular belief, I am not a succubus.
"Nor is my name actually Cosmic.
"You can thank my creator for that alias."
These words ring truer than any bell.
Although she appears to be an infamous succubus,
Cosmic is - in actuality - a demicubus or demibus: a sort of failed hybrid.
The people she resides with are individually called
"dibus" and plural "dibusen," which are another hybrid.
The dibusen are yes, part succubus but also part fairy.
Cosmic, on the other hand, is part dibus and part dragon,
which makes her a sort of demi-god.
Due to the unnatural mix of mythical beings, she
came into the world different from her people and
shunned by not just them, but the world around them.
In addition to that, her abilities as a succubus are
broken. The silver lining to this is she doesn't need
to suck the life out of mortals to sustain her own.
She does have other powers. Most are still beneath
the surface, waiting to be awakened. No one,
not even Cosmic, knows the extent
of her powers.
She lives an innocent life in the
woods by herself.

"I hope to see you again soon."