Why hello there. Nothing much to say other than I've been here for a while and I love to Roleplay. Lol. My name's Crystal, am 21, married, and have me a beautiful baby girl. I love to chat, make layouts for posts, baking, my husband's cooking, and being lazy. Lol. Well there you go, a little about myself. Want to know more just send me a message, I'm usually pretty nice. =)


i have no idea

well this journal will just be randomly written on. with random things!!! XD


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that's good! I'm rather decent 3nodding

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User ImageHaha yes sweatdrop
A nice day headache free!
I think it was because It's hot here for some weird reason and it's usually always perfect weather or colder. User Image

Oh awesome! I'm always looking for things and asking questions.
Especially about food right now.
What kind of foods did you feed your baby before they were 1 years old that weren't really baby foods? Like beans, chicken etc?

I live like 3 hours away from there C:
I live in the 5 cities. 15 minutes away from San Luis Obispo ^ .^;


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User ImageI kind of want to have another one but there is no way we would be able to afford it right now D;
I want my little one to have sibling or two though <3
I'm glad you made time for yourself even if it's just once a week n .n

I'll have to put that on for my daughter sometime to see if she likes it biggrin Thanks for the idea C:
I did have a long day yesterday, in fact while I was reading your comment I fell asleep lol.
But I woke up headache free ^_^
So where in Cali are you located? 4laugh


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how've you been?~

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User ImageAw hehe. Cute.
What's it like having two girlys? Can't believe I was wrong haha xd
Do you have help with them or are they all yours every day all day?

I'm just sitting on my bed surfin the web being tired and kinda having a headache D; emo


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User ImageEw weirdos haha. Coca cola it is then xP
Aww both boys? Or a mix?
That's cute. I'm looking forward to my daughters first birthday.
I hope she has a fun day.
Still have a lot of planning to do!

But anyways how are you tonight? C:


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User ImageSoda is awesome my fav is Dr. Pepper ;D
But it's soooo bad for you! X_X gonk
Awww how old are they? :3
Stalkers are fine! At least you stepped up and sent me a comment 4laugh


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hii 4laugh

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I want to have your baby!
xXteh tadXx

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xXteh tadXx



Love random PMs/Roleplays! XD Unbore me?
RPs: 1 c'mon ppl!
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