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Gender: Female

Location: Southern Belle (Alabama )

Birthday: 10/04

Occupation: im ashamed of my occupation


Hello you beautiful person I knew that you would come eventually heart take your time and purchase whatever your heart desires!


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heart My name is Praise and i have been on Gaia for 11 years heart
heart Im 22 years old but i have an old soul lol heart
heart i LOVE random profile comments heart
heart I LOVE to give out gifts heart
heart I LOVE to receive gifts heart
heart I LOVE Pink and RED heart
heart I LOVE to give life advice heart
heart I LOVE GOD MORE than ANYTHING heart
heart And Riku the Devoted is my best friend on Gaia heart

wahmbulance NEVER LOSE HOPE wahmbulance


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OosexybunnyoO Report | 07/27/2017 7:49 pm
Not in particular, it's just one of those days
OosexybunnyoO Report | 07/27/2017 7:31 pm
Could be better honestly
OosexybunnyoO Report | 07/27/2017 7:13 pm
Hey there.
How are you today?
Hakubaiku Report | 07/26/2017 12:18 pm
Eh the heck with him blaugh lolol, oooo harvest moon is so cuuute!! whee heart have you played it on DSi? And alsoooooo, i really really REALLY recommend playing Animal Crossing New Leaf...I mean, if you don't mind getting addicted to it xd I swear it's so much fun and you want so many things, and you can go on facebook groups that will be kind enough to give you a cute character for free, and loads of kawaii stuff for free biggrin You'll love it so much!! 4laugh heart

Yeah I understand sweatdrop You're always working n' all crying Hope you get the time to relax soon >.<;;; Do you have a DS? biggrin
Hakubaiku Report | 07/24/2017 7:42 pm
Praise you're seriously the sweetest ever >__< Thank you so so much heart You've helped me back then too crying I'll never forget it crying
Likewise if you ever need an ear we can talk all night ^_^ ahaha <3 thanks again 4laugh

Ehhh...about him...I dunno I was mad at him too for the time. It's been almost 3 months and I just want to give up on him :/ hope that doesn't make me a horrible person. But whatever, i'll see where it goes.
I feel like I'm wasting my time. LOL. T ^ T....what games have you played? biggrin or do you still play? The only thing I play from time to time is Animal Crossing New Leaf, have you played? biggrin D
OosexybunnyoO Report | 07/23/2017 8:32 pm
That is true. Sometimes it's hard to think of it that way. It feels like the bad things do last forever.
Hakubaiku Report | 07/23/2017 1:39 pm
Hey Praise sweatdrop I'm sorry for not replying back. I was in a very very bad mood for some time, and I wouldn't want to take it out on any of my friends. Stupid problems that shouldn't take over my feelings. But eh, how have you been? Hope you are doing so much better at work > <;; Love your avi btw. heart
OosexybunnyoO Report | 07/22/2017 9:12 pm
It could've been better but now it's a new day,
Riku The Devoted Report | 07/22/2017 7:45 pm
Riku The Devoted
I'm surprised you would say something like that to me over this particular situaton. I think i've told you enough detail for you to understand how hard this situation is for me. I don't get a say in when Ryan and I can have peace and quite. She's allowed to come over anytime because its not our house its her dads house. Its like Ryan and I are just pieces of furniture here........ we don't mean anything.
Riku The Devoted Report | 07/22/2017 7:40 pm
Riku The Devoted
No i'm not petty actually. You don't know what I have to go through. The people I have to deal with................
Riku The Devoted
Dayos Murco