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Riku The Devoted Report | 09/18/2017 6:26 pm
Riku The Devoted
xd i'm just waiting for a CB troll to take my user name if I change it just to piss me off XD but I dunno
Riku The Devoted Report | 09/18/2017 6:02 pm
Riku The Devoted
I'll always be Riku!!!! : D I practically iidentfy as a Riku now lol But i'm getting tired of The Devoted part. I've had the same name for 3 years. I may not even change it but its just an idea i've been thinking of.
Riku The Devoted Report | 09/16/2017 6:52 pm
Riku The Devoted
Nah just the golden cat lol
Riku The Devoted Report | 09/15/2017 12:17 pm
Riku The Devoted
Daw thanks : )
Riku The Devoted Report | 09/08/2017 2:36 pm
Riku The Devoted
rofl well they use to be XD but I have my favorite Ryan now rofl
Riku The Devoted Report | 09/07/2017 7:13 pm
Riku The Devoted
Might help : ) Oh my father in law is watching Safe House with Ryan Rynolds Ryan Rynolds is so hot. Man what it is with me and guys with the name Ryan rofl OH I've never told you! Growing up I had a tun of crushes but I remember I liked 3 different boys all with the name Ryan.
Riku The Devoted Report | 09/07/2017 6:46 pm
Riku The Devoted
Oh wow! Yeah you were fine then. You can always add DO NOT MESSAGE ME ASKING FOR A PRICE CHANGE ITS ALREADY LOW in your store. I've seen people do something like that lots.
Riku The Devoted Report | 09/07/2017 6:02 pm
Riku The Devoted
@ your status. I know right? Some Gaians are taking a stance and not buying from the marketplace unless it is Average Buy Price or lower. Maybe that person was one of them.
Riku The Devoted Report | 09/07/2017 8:44 am
Riku The Devoted
That would make since. I didn't use to get throw upy lol words make since yesss. My father in law told me a story about how when Worlds of Fun first opened he got to go the second week of it. He went on the spinny bucket right and he said he threw up. But since it was spinning it wacked him in the face and neck eek
Riku The Devoted Report | 09/06/2017 6:51 pm
Riku The Devoted
XD So that confused me. Do you like roller coasters?


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i like surprises !