The silent one.


things that are there but aren't really there just most likely to be than not to be

King for a Day


the darkness of the truth hides beneath the light you lay on the edge to keep people from seeing in.

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Dark Truths

The sweet words of whatever comes to my mind that most people fail to see with there own eyes, and sometimes something everyone can see but fail to recognize.

I am here to tell you a story, a story that will torture you're thoughts by day, and poison you're dreams by night. And tho I will do my best, there are no words that can be written, or brush strokes on canvas. That can describe the dark and utter horror of the night that Annabel died.

The Art of My Life

About me
In a place of uncertainty where pain intertwined in the love you feel, surrounding your heart. Falling further than you realize, becoming someone you don't know. We all go there I know, but there is no going back once you have come to the realization of knowing you will never want to change. Sometimes it works sometimes.... my imagination gets the better of what may be left of the more sweet parts of the noises in my skull, that like to play with my mind especially at night. So in the end I am just the girl in the fading flower holding onto a red string that really cant hold me. The only thing keeping me from falling is my heart. He came along and pulled on the other end of my string he tied it to his finger and said we would never have to part, now when I'm afraid of drowning all I do is tug on the string attached to my heart.

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Ravenous Otter Report | 07/17/2014 12:22 am
Alrighty, will do~! twisted
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Sweet~! I'm on Skype a lot too~ heart
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We've both been busy buggers =C
Well I can always PM you my Skype or Tumblr if you want whee
Ravenous Otter Report | 07/15/2014 10:34 pm
Heeeeeeeeey I miss you ;A;
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Yo >.>
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I like carrots! ouo
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Kip? owo
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-cuddles- ono
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-gets carrots and shares- >w<
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I was asking for some... ono
Chaos Incarnate Hearts
I Ayato Sakamaki
Ravenous Otter
Syn WiNTeRzz

Does she know what it's
like to love someone you
will never have? I hope she
never has to find out what
that's like. I don't want
to love you because I am
already in love with him.

The darkness that is
in my soul only comes
out when you rage the monster
within my sleeping heart,
so let it sleep or you
may realize it's too late,it
already has a hold of your soul
and is squeezing it tighter
and tighter until you can
no longer breath, the air
becomes your own enemy
and you are lost in the
darkness that is now clouding
your own heart.

I miss you so much it hurts
I miss you so much
I want to cry
but you tell me no..
so I don't even if I want to
I will do it for you,
because I love you.

Pain is whats left when there
is nothing else to hold onto.
It is also what we hold onto
when we have everything.

Yes its me!

My Fiance!

Sometimes tho I know it
will hurt him, and bring
him pain. I still run a
blade across my skin to
feel the pain. I try not
to I do, I just hope you
understand. When I tell
you I love you and I want
to be better for you, I mean
it please never doubt that.

Sometimes we cry for each other
sometimes we cry for ourselves,
but sometimes we cry together.
We can never truly only cry for
ourselves without crying for the
other in turn.

When it rains I think of you,
because the rain is better
than any shiny day. I would
rather have a million rainy
days with you than one day
of sunshine without my beloved.
<3 I love you more than anything I
have ever loved before.

If you never try what you
think is impossible you will
never be able to do the