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A Bit About Me...

Age: 25
Schooling: College Art Major
Status: Taken by my wonderful boyfriend as of November 18th, 2014

Colors: purple, black, aqua, electric blue, neon orange, lime green, ruby, emerald, sapphire, soft pink

Cold Drinks: Dr.Pepper, Sprite, Rootbeer, Water, Milk, Iced Chai Tea, Iced Pumpkin Frapp
Hot Drinks: Caramel Rum Coffee, Green Tea, Pumpkin Spiced Latte, Hot Cocoa

Snacks: Cheezits, fruit, (c)Cadbury Caramel Eggs (Easter), Sour candy, mint chocolate, yogurt parfaits, cookies, sour cream and onion chips, cheddar chips, bugels, doritos, pringles, etc. (gah i'm unhealthy lol).
Foods: Chinese, Italian, Mexican, American, Japanese

Items: Dream Catchers, rare coins and money, rare asian stamps

Mythical/Mystical Animals: Dragons, Seraphim, Mermaids, Centaurs, Phoenixes
Real Animals: Foxes, Wolves, Ravens, Fruit Bats, Lizards, Maned Wolves, Servals, Ocelots, Cheetahs

Anime: K-Project, Soul Eater, Bleach, Oran High School Host Club, The Wallflower, Ghost In The Shell, Wolf's Rain, Zombie-Loan, Inu X Boku SS, Special A, and about 300 others. Not going to list them ALLLL xD.

Movies: Harry Potter series, Day After Tomorrow, Kung Fu Panda,2, Tron: Legacy, Pacific Rim, Transformers,2,3,4, and again so many many more to list.

I love a lot of things and dislike a lot of other things, I mean, who doesn't? I won't bore you with ten pages worth of info xD.

Interested in the same things as me or want to talk/rant about something? Please let me know. Oh and for those who are Walking Dead Fans, please don't think me rude, but I haven't had the time to watch past the very first episode so don't come to me okay. Just sayin'.

Mini Rants...

Orientation: Bi-sexual

[CLARIFYING:] That does NOT mean that i'll have sex with anyone and everyone...heck no. I value hetero relationships as well as same-sex or whatever. We're all the same in that we're human beings.

We have no right to rebuke others just because they're same-sex oriented or whatnot. We all love and live!

I wont get into all the political or relgious crap in this because we'll all get in trouble. I just mean that I am proud to be Bi and a Christian. I serve the same Lord Jesus. So if you don't like that, then just keep quiet. Thank you. ^_^ I welcome personal comments via PM though, but keep it PG and appropriate!

MLP:fim - Pegasister 4 life!!

I love K-Project!