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~~ ~~ 冥王星の美しさ~~ ~~

Name: Setsuna A. Meioh
Nicknames: Setsu, Sets, Setsuna-sama, Sunset rose.
Senshi Alias: Sailor Pluto
Royal Alias: Princess Pluto, and sometime Queen.
Guardian Planet: Pluto
Signature Uniform Colours: Deep Red and Black
Element: Time, Space, and Lambda
Birthday: October 29
Age: N/A (Appears to be anywhere from 28 to 30.)
Gender: Female
Race: Plutonian (1/2 Primordial)
Stereotypical Appearance: Native American/Egyptian
Appearance: Exquisitely mysterious and unusual/ dangerously exotic.
Personality: Regal, Elegant, Calm, Statuesque, Solemn, Intelligent.
Hair Color: Deep Pine/Evergreen (this serves as no mistake, as evergreen trees often serve as symbols of eternal life, even in Plutonian culture)
Hair Consistency: Thick, and only slightly wavy on the ends, or when cut shorter.
Eye Color: Dark Cherry
Eye Shape: Upturned almond
Skin Color: Medium Tan/Cinnamon
Hair Style: Half pulled up and secured in a twisted bun.
The rest falls down long and is only slightly wavy.
Occasionally braided. Occasionally all pulled up in a larger bun.
Hair Length: Falls down to the back of her knees.
Height: 5'10
Weight: 135
Measurements: b39 w24 h37
Body Type: Tall, Solid frame with hourglass shaping.
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Bloodtype: A-CH
Sexuality Orientation: Straight
Partner: Tigers Eye
Gemstone: Garnet
Flower: Black Rose
Favorite Food: O-cha (tea) and cherries.
Least Favorite Food: Eggplant
Bad Habit: Over-explaining and over-analyzing. Brooding over things to a seemingly unnecessary degree.
Favorite Subject: Physics and Geology
Least Favorite Subject: Music
Strengths: Sewing, Reading, Science, Being a mother.
Weakness: A natural leader, therefore capable of being controlling. Also has the distinct habit of taking any subject and breaking it down into a scientific viewpoint, which can often lead to giving too much information. She has also become more worrisome, as is expected when becoming a mother.
Hobby: Sewing, Designing, Reading, Scientific Experiments, Archaeological Expeditions
Dislikes: Cruelty, manipulators, double-crossers, dishonesty, betrayal.
Dream: To be a designer and a mother.(Both of which have come true, more or less.)
Planetary Talisman: Garnet Orb
Power: Time, Space, and Lambda (The Dark Matter of the universe consisting of shadows and the the space between the stars, also found in the core of a black hole.)
Guardian Domain: The Underworld
Developing power: Lambda creation and manipulation

1: - Pluto Planet Power, Make-up (Sailor Pluto)
2: - Pluto Crystal Planet Power, Make-up (Super Sailor Pluto)
3: - Pluto Eternal Power, Make-up (Eternal Sailor Pluto)

1: - Planet Transformation pen (Henshin Stick)
2: - The Garnet Orb (Third Talisman)
3: - Time Staff/Garnet Rod (and Key to the Door of Time)
4: - The Clock of Integration (A silver pocket watch with a garnet face, this is a device that allows Setsuna to view and control the Door of Time from any location, and any dimension, without actually having to travel there.)
5: The Hourglass of Shadow

1: Dead Scream
2: Garnet Ball
3: Time Stop (An attack she cannot use without extreme consequence)
4: Chronos Typhoon
5: Lambda Transfiguration (Developing power)
6: Elemental Meditation (Developing ability)

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By a twist of love and fate was I able to find you.

~ About Me ~
I am a passionate roleplayer.
I am the longest-surviving Sailor Pluto on gaia for 8 and 1/2 years, with a total of 10+ years on gaia. (Now I feel old.) My newest name change is in honor of the new Sailor Moon anime, Sailor Moon Crystal. <3
I hope to be around for many more years to come. Watashi o motte kurete arigatō. ^_^
While I do not mind chatting, I'd much rather be involved in an RP, whether it is group or one on one. Sometimes work can get in the way but I'm always checking in one way or another.
Please be courteous and speak with me before requesting my friendship. I'd much rather add someone after I've gotten to know them, so feel free to start up a conversation. ^_^
Thank you for viewing my profile. ^.^

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon characters, belong to Naoko Takeuchi. Art is not mine. All fanfictional expansions of Sailor Pluto by myself are for fun and roleplay only.



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What a glorious energy. Dark and pure and lonely as it was, he didn't flinch, he didnt even bat an ee as he took a drink of his milk shake " you can order as many as you want." He wasn't afraid but he did however hold alot of respect for her but found her unintimidating in all his respect for her. " Be so as it may, Sets... I think pink is a pretty color. It 's not about bringing out one's darkness it's always been about acknowledging it, learning how to coexist with it and accept who you are." His scarlet gaze rose to meet hers " you have been blessed, " he paused in setting down his milk shake " In all due respect setsunaHe leaned forward over the table towards her " even I knew that immortal didn't mean invinceable " he glanced down at her belly " I hope he doesn't turn into an uptight suit when he grows up- It's always been about letting the universe guide you. " he took up his drink again. he loved ice cream.

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" what spectrum in between the two extremes?" he thanked the waitress and turned his attention back to setsuna. " He looks like he has some a*****e tendancies " he gave a slight smirk as he took a tenative drink of his water. " you have green hair, I know that- " he paused in seting down his glass " what of your past? you're krono's daughter aren't you?" he then gave a stubborn look as he turned away " I liked rini better as black lady, now she's a pink hair'd snot like the rest. but it is what it is. " he turned to her again. " tell me about you. "

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"Well, we havent just met, we've know of each other and encountered each other on and off for a long time I would say. " he politely waited for her to be seated before seating himself in the booth. " well, your reading makes the hairs in my ear tickle uncomfortably. " he sat back in the padded seat as he watched her so casually, taking in her visage to memory. " I don't mind being alone- I'm sure there's no one out there for me- especially since not many of you senshi really give me any credit anyway. " he shrugged in a nonchalant manner. " I am a natural a*****e but not a dirt bag. " he was honest and accepting. " I think cherishing your misery alone is not as bad as it seems. " the waitress came by and he ordered a chocolate milk shake and a water and gestured to setsuna.

" how is it so painful for you?" his brow furrowed in his puzzlement. " if you condemn yourself of course it's miserable. "

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Rubeus tucked his hands in his pockets casually. " I am just personified chaos in some manner. " his head tilted from side to side in thought to her questions " yes and no- " He looked back at her " I hate it when you do that- Stop reading me. it's weird" he walked with her to a local cafe. " don't you think at some point you both should stop procreating? I mean- I only have one and I made her myself.." he said refering to ruby.

- hey, anytime c: they're just jealous and besides we all have our days, that's what friends are for. -

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he nodded as he agreed with the facts duly noted. " yeah, he is quite wierd" he paused as he noticed her blush. " I think out of everyone of the barbie doll crew, you are the one who deserves it the most. How many kids do you have now? and I buy you something sweet?" he gestured as a way to catch up.

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*sees status* dont mind those your avi looks great as usual smile

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She giggled. "It's almost time for him to be born, isn't it?" Yumiko released her mother's stomach. She rolled on the floor until she reached her coloring book. She reached for the box of crayons with her toes and pulled them up to her hand. She then proceeded to color the picture of chibi Sailor Neptune.

The citizens of Tokyo were unable to identify the senshi when they transformed. Somehow their powers were able to mask their identities even if they still looked the same. The six-year-old also noticed that the chibis didn't look like real people. They looked more like fat blobs. Cute fat blobs but still. Yumiko held her crayon away from the picture. She looked at the woman that she was coloring with fire red hair. "Hmmmm...." Was she supposed to look familiar? As she continued coloring she then smiled. "With the red hair she looks like flame, but flame is a boy! Boys don't wear dresses!" The witty girl obviously knew nothing of the real world. It was very simple to be a child. Less confusing than being an adult. She meant no offense to anyone when she said this. She was six after all. She was rapidly approaching the fine age of eight. Soon she'd be mature enough to stop growing for a while and be frozen at the age of fifteen. She flipped the page and saw a group picture of all of the Sailor Senshi including the starlights. This time they weren't chibis. "Their skirts are too short," the small girl observed. "Papa wouldn't let me dress like that." She then looked at the Starlights. "Are they allowed to wear that outside?" She remembered when she tried to walk out in her old clothes. Setsuna had her work cut out for her constantly making clothes for Yumiko. Her shorts were constantly shrinking as were her shirts. She remembered her parent's lecture on appropriate dress all too well. She hoped that the fact she noticed the skimpy clothes would impress her mother.
Crystal Sailor Mercury

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Crystal Sailor Mercury

Thank you Setsuna-san ^^

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Yumiko offered her mother the coloring book and a spare box of crayons. "Shiro gave it to me. They're pictures of the Sailor Guardians!" She smiled warmly. "I think that's like a pretty super hero." She looked at a picture of Sailor Neptune. "Or a pretty ballerina. I'm not sure which."

Her eyes grew wide as she placed her hand on her mother's stomach. SHe felt her brother move. Her cheeks flushed. "Wow!" O////O


"I am the Child of Time, the Harbinger of Revolution, and the Lady of Change. I am Sailor Pluto. Woe upon evil that may cross my path, for punishment is close at hand."