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~~ ~~ 冥王星の美しさ~~ ~~

Name: Setsuna A. Meioh
Nicknames: Setsu, Sets, Setsuna-sama, Sunset rose.
Senshi Alias: Sailor Pluto
Royal Alias: Princess Pluto, and sometime Queen.
Guardian Planet: Pluto
Signature Uniform Colours: Deep Red and Black
Element: Time, Space, and Lambda
Birthday: October 29
Age: N/A (Appears to be anywhere from 28 to 30.)
Gender: Female
Race: Plutonian (1/2 Primordial)
Stereotypical Appearance: Native American/Egyptian
Appearance: Exquisitely mysterious and unusual/ dangerously exotic.
Personality: Regal, Elegant, Calm, Statuesque, Solemn, Intelligent.
Hair Color: Deep Pine/Evergreen (this serves as no mistake, as evergreen trees often serve as symbols of eternal life, even in Plutonian culture)
Hair Consistency: Thick, and only slightly wavy on the ends, or when cut shorter.
Eye Color: Dark Cherry
Eye Shape: Upturned almond
Skin Color: Medium Tan/Cinnamon
Hair Style: Half pulled up and secured in a twisted bun.
The rest falls down long and is only slightly wavy.
Occasionally braided. Occasionally all pulled up in a larger bun.
Hair Length: Falls down to the back of her knees.
Height: 5'10
Weight: 135
Measurements: b39 w24 h37
Body Type: Tall, Solid frame with hourglass shaping.
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Bloodtype: A-CH
Sexuality Orientation: Straight
Partner: Tigers Eye
Gemstone: Garnet
Flower: Black Rose
Favorite Food: O-cha (tea) and cherries.
Least Favorite Food: Eggplant
Bad Habit: Over-explaining and over-analyzing. Brooding over things to a seemingly unnecessary degree.
Favorite Subject: Physics and Geology
Least Favorite Subject: Music
Strengths: Sewing, Reading, Science, Being a mother.
Weakness: A natural leader, therefore capable of being controlling. Also has the distinct habit of taking any subject and breaking it down into a scientific viewpoint, which can often lead to giving too much information. She has also become more worrisome, as is expected when becoming a mother.
Hobby: Sewing, Designing, Reading, Scientific Experiments, Archaeological Expeditions
Dislikes: Cruelty, manipulators, double-crossers, dishonesty, betrayal.
Dream: To be a designer and a mother.(Both of which have come true, more or less.)
Planetary Talisman: Garnet Orb
Power: Time, Space, and Lambda (The Dark Matter of the universe consisting of shadows and the the space between the stars, also found in the core of a black hole.)
Guardian Domain: The Underworld
Developing power: Lambda creation and manipulation

1: - Pluto Planet Power, Make-up (Sailor Pluto)
2: - Pluto Crystal Planet Power, Make-up (Super Sailor Pluto)
3: - Pluto Eternal Power, Make-up (Eternal Sailor Pluto)

1: - Planet Transformation pen (Henshin Stick)
2: - The Garnet Orb (Third Talisman)
3: - Time Staff/Garnet Rod (and Key to the Door of Time)
4: - The Clock of Integration (A silver pocket watch with a garnet face, this is a device that allows Setsuna to view and control the Door of Time from any location, and any dimension, without actually having to travel there.)
5: The Hourglass of Shadow

1: Dead Scream
2: Garnet Ball
3: Time Stop (An attack she cannot use without extreme consequence)
4: Chronos Typhoon
5: Lambda Transfiguration (Developing power)
6: Elemental Meditation (Developing ability)

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By a twist of love and fate was I able to find you.

~ About Me ~
I am a passionate roleplayer.
I am the longest-surviving Sailor Pluto on gaia for 8 and 1/2 years, with a total of 10+ years on gaia. (Now I feel old.) My newest name change is in honor of the new Sailor Moon anime, Sailor Moon Crystal. <3
I hope to be around for many more years to come. Watashi o motte kurete arigatō. ^_^
While I do not mind chatting, I'd much rather be involved in an RP, whether it is group or one on one. Sometimes work can get in the way but I'm always checking in one way or another.
Please be courteous and speak with me before requesting my friendship. I'd much rather add someone after I've gotten to know them, so feel free to start up a conversation. ^_^
Thank you for viewing my profile. ^.^

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon characters, belong to Naoko Takeuchi. Art is not mine. All fanfictional expansions of Sailor Pluto by myself are for fun and roleplay only.



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((the most recent one i send as always. lol. i'm doing my best to keep you up to date. smile ))

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Yumiko ran up to her mother. "Momma!" She gave her a big smile. "Guess what Momma? I've made a lot of friends! People! Real people! And animals too! Sometimes these people appear and call me their master! Isn't that funny, Momma? It seems like a weird game!" She thought of all the many creatures she didn't realize she was summoning. Her big eyes sparkled. "I can turn my hair green like yours now! It's dark! Really dark! Very pretty!" She then made a strange face like she was going to be in trouble. "Sometimes some people come in to see me. One of them is Clear. She's really pretty and funny. Another one is Sev. He's tall and also calls me his master. I have no idea what he means by that but I hope I'm not in any trouble Momma. I think I might have a tea party with the animals now. Oh! And something weird happened the other day Momma! The bat was a fox the whole time! A BIG fox with creepy eyes but he's really sweet! He said his name is Kuro! And he has a brother just like me! But he said they're not like us because they're twins. What's a twin?" She then looked at her mother. "Is my brother still inside you making you fat and sleepy? When's he going to come out and play?" The child was full of energy. She didn't quite understand the meaning of being pregnant since she was four. There was probably no reason to explain it until a few more months. "Oh! And the weird thing about Sev is that he didn't even know how to color! Isn't that weird? Who doesn't know how to color! And then when he did color it was outside of the lines! He messed up the picture!" >w< "I was nice though. I told him he gave it a good try and that maybe you'd put it on the fridge if he was good." Yumiko looked at her mother cutely hoping that she hand't gotten herself into any trouble.

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Sorry I haven't been online, Setsuna-Sama. I've been really sick over the past week or so, and was in the hospital the last couple of days. But I am doing better. Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I am okay. Say hi to Tiger-Eye for me? ^_^

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((it's fine. smile thanks. my posts haven't been long since i became a child. x'D they'll get longer as she gets older.))

Somehow the group managed to sleep for a whole day. Yumiko awoke full of energy that night. The house was asleep. The young child's stomach began to growl. Her fourth birthday was rapidly approaching. She was getting taller. Tall enough to reach the cabinets nearly. Tall enough to make a mess. She began to crawl on the floor tumbling about. She soon made her way into the kitchen. She pulled out pots and pans. Loud clangs hit the floor. Her stomach growled. She crossed her arms in protest wanting food. She'd seen Setsuna make things with pans but how? How did her mother make the magic in the kitchen? Suddenly an uneasy feeling crept through the house. It felt as if fear itself was too much. Darkness began to twist and turn. It seemed as if the shadows itself were moving. Yumiko's eyes grew wide as she watched the shadows begin to dance. Somehow she knew not to be afraid. The shadows detached themselves from any object in the room. They rose upwards into a wave. As they fell back down and returned to their proper places they revealed a man. He was tall; about 6'1. His golden eyes were nearly hidden by long messy bangs. A pair of tripp pants hung loosely around his waist. A long trench coat draped by his ankles. Two large boots were somehow silent when he moved about. "You're hungry," Kuro said in an annoyed tone. Yumiko looked up speechless. "What's good for a child to eat?" His golden eyes scanned the room. He grumbled as he thought of his brother's words. Setsuna had shown kindness. Shiro suggested that he cook for Setsuna as well. His eyes narrowed. "Someday you'll learn this." He kept his eyes on Yumiko. Nothing changed about his posture. Somehow the shadows engulfed the table in another wave. As it disappeared a nice feast was on the table. Yumiko ran out of the kitchen. "Mommy! Mommy! Food! The tall man made us food!" She squealed with joy. Everyone's favorites were included on the table. There was even a delicious cake for desert. The shadows moved one more time dismissing Kuro in his human form. The kitchen was left cleaner than anyone could've imagined as an extra treat. It wasn't often Kuro felt generous but his brother was right. Setsuna was doing most of his work for him. This was one of the rare times when Hotaru was turned back into a child he could sleep. She even gave her a new identity. Soon she'd be learning magic. For now she got something she'd never had before: a genuine childhood. Even the Lord of Darkness could appreciate purity at its finest.

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Hello, you are looking lovely Sailor Pluto. smile

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Yumiko, who had been to a wedding previously, began to drool. "That was some good cake I bet!" Time was speeding up and little Yumiko had reached the age of three in demon years. This seemed to happen like it was over night but the small child was constantly growing. As she was now more alert she would be able to use full sentences in her vocabulary. They may seem choppy though. Yumiko's large eyes began to close as she yawned. She then looked up at her mother. Her mother said that the spirits watched over her. Someone married someone. She was still confused on the whole thing being so young. ((btw love the story! ^.^ epic!)) Yumiko reached over to Blossom and tapped her on the nose. The small pink cat dissolved into a small burst of pink smoke. A faint scent of cherry blossom still lingered. Yumiko fell asleep nuzzled against her mother. Not even her growling stomach could keep her awake.

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ofcourse you can smile crystal summer will always be my first and fave OC smile so
and its okay i have been a lot less active too ,how have you been doing?
things are good here smile

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Hi darling!! is good to see you too heart heart heart on arenas no not yet darling crying im saving i need 6M for an item to complete a cosplay

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Yumiko was in fact still paying attention. Stories were one of the few things that kept her still. "Wow! What presents did they give her?" Her heart fluttered. Yumiko loved presents from her mother. She loved running around in the various outfits her mother supplied for her. She loved playing in her half of the room. She loved her toys and every minute of being with her mother. Her hand casually went to Setsuna's stomach to make sure Kibou was paying attention too. The girl's starry-eyed expression never changed.
Nikko Roseus

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Nikko Roseus

Oh hey! Lovely to hear from ya, how are you? I'm good, not much going on.


"I am the Child of Time, the Harbinger of Revolution, and the Lady of Change. I am Sailor Pluto. Woe upon evil that may cross my path, for punishment is close at hand."