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»Name: Crulek Cycle Esdakiin

»Age: Unknown

»Gender: Male

»Relationship Status: Si'hen to Seiko (Married)

»Sexual Orientation: Straight

»Occupation: Battle Master

»Affiliations: The Old K'iineg

»Date of Birth: Cycle Nova

»Zodiac: Kryni'an

»Place of Birth: Truo'tic "The labs of live"

»Race: Eda'kiian (Kryaga)

»Weight: 1,250lb

→ Swordsmen
→ Martial Art master
→ Gunslinger
→ Engineer
→ Ship Master
→ Survivalist
→ A Tel'sa sword, his fist and feet, any sort of guns. Nova burst.

→Eskiil chain mail Robes.

»Height: 7'5ft

»Body: Heavy and muscular.

»Skin: Pale snow.

»Eye Color: Yellow

»Hair Color: Light Teal

»Hair Length: Down to his back.

»Dominant hand: Both

»Facial Features: Noseless and lipless, large X scar in between his eyes and over his nose. Wears a face plate that was infuse over the scar.

»Body Features: Large frame, Built tone. and ripped with muscles.

¤Personality: Crulek simply treats others they way he wishes to be treated, but if they threaten him he will engage in battle.

»Character Traits:
→ Polite
→ Twisted
→ Clever
→ Resourceful
→ Blunt

→ Science, Books, new Creatures, pineapples , dark liquor.

→ Weakness, Traitors, and Godly beings

The Old King
When the kryaga empire fell there was only Brotak. A monstrous being with great power with in his soul. driving the universe at its peak of fear. Those who followed him would call him a king. The King of the universe and the old world. He did not care of what they saw him as. But a king only rules for so long. Brotak then met his match an unknown being from a universe not like the one he ruled. The battle ended with one victor, the being of the alterverse, Brotak was casted out of his kingdom and exiled, counted as dead.
But he lived. Under a new name he challenged the Being again. this time a large monstrous creature held the head of a divine being, introducing it to the people who once followed the kryaga. Crulek proved that nothing could last forever. After the death of the alter king, the old king remained. But away into the mist of the stars and void.
Legends of a longed haired beast are told. wondering and appearing in planets that are in grief over a tyrant king. They say that the old king slays those who believe they are mighty.

The Kryaga
Before the beginning of humanity, there was the cosmos among the galaxy of the solar system. There was Esdakiin. A system with many names aside from its original. 'Dark Space', 'Grave yard of systems' and so forth. The Esdakiin system was home to a specific Race. An alien species that was beyond with technology from the other races that lived within the universe. The most feared and ruthless, there was no mercy to their conquering, along with enslavement of species that inhabited the neighboring systems this tyrant species would invade. They called themselves Kryaga.
Kryaga in the tongue of kry'an meant 'Born of the Void' a bit overdone but it wasn't completely their intention to be known as such. It was the other species that lived among them in the esdakiin system who brought them as such, before they were known as such, they had another name. eda'kiian. Long forgotten after the new label to their race. Those who knew them as the old name died out by their hand and the recent generation of species only recognized them as Kryaga.
Their culture was one bathed in blood of their past generations. A violent nature to the core of their beings. They started off in the era of steel. Or in their planet Aurorium. A metal that Eskiil their home planet would produce by the millions. Earth's metals were weak compared to such steel. Kryaga harvest it and used it as any intelligent creature would. Weapons, Armor, and for building. It was a great era for them until it was interrupted. Before the Kryaga discovered the cosmos they were a simple species one that only knew of their home and nothing more. Yes there was questions of the outside of their planet but they hadn't the technology and only assume that is was a vast ocean of stars.
Then The Regen'ion came. There wasn't much explanation on what this paritcular species was, they weren't specific in their features more of a mix of other creatures infused in one body. Even if they were abominations they had advance technology. They were like locus, taking and devouring planets off their resources, and they had found eskiil. Sadly there was also kryaga. Thus the start of the Regenion wars came upon them.
Kryaga were much more brutal and harder to kill, they were tough, even without their armor simple techs could not pierce their skin, and was much more harder than to diamond steel. Alphian. At least that was what the regenion would send to their superiors. This war only remained for five Eskiil years, which would be fifty years in earth. Once the Regenion were slaughtered, they left all their ships and technology behind.
The Era of the Cosmos was at hand.

(Note: Every Kryaga ideas, creatures, rituals, and more Was the original ideas of Brotak. IF any Gaia user is to copy or modify any of these ideas including character to avatar outfits with out any concern to the owner they will be Autokilled.)