I go by the name Croitre on this site.
I usually hang out around dressing room & charity/quests.
I love taking quizzes, most of them at least.
I don't have much to write about me. o,o
Get to know me better by talking to me. C:


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Sullen Overdrive

Report | 10/21/2014 12:34 am

Sullen Overdrive

Yeshh, do that and add Sully as the creator. dramallama
Soooooooon™....... my dad did say that we'll go on an around-the-world trip during the next big semester break. HELL YEAH!
I hope it's true coz that's like his dream and you know when you want to chase your dream, just continue sleeping. OMG LEL!!!
Heck!! I wanna go to spain too. cry
Which part of Spain did you visit and did you go to any iconic tourist spots? Don't make me jelly! emotion_dowant
Sullen Overdrive

Report | 10/19/2014 9:04 pm

Sullen Overdrive

Yes I shall F.E.A.R!!! Face everything and rise! rofl
I went whr during autumn? O.o You mean Macau? Nopee not yet or maybe not I guess.
Waiting for my dad to find the perfect time to do that. Soon™...
What about you?
Sullen Overdrive

Report | 10/19/2014 12:49 am

Sullen Overdrive

Nuuuuuu maybe I not but you won't have a clue.... dramallama
Sullen Overdrive

Report | 10/17/2014 11:09 pm

Sullen Overdrive

I have jet black hair atm smile
like me avi...
Sullen Overdrive

Report | 10/17/2014 10:35 am

Sullen Overdrive

rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes
rolleyes took you a while rolleyes

Brown to Jet black to Baby Blue to Dumb Blonde to Unicorn Rainbow~ They said that I could be anything.
I know what you're up to gurl -pointsfinger-
Sullen Overdrive

Report | 10/17/2014 10:10 am

Sullen Overdrive

-bitchslapurdumface- don't you know that the phrase comes from my fave jam?! rolleyes
Sullen Overdrive

Report | 10/14/2014 4:35 am

Sullen Overdrive

doin wateva we want dis is our huz dis is our rulez
Sullen Overdrive

Report | 10/12/2014 1:13 am

Sullen Overdrive

I'm afraid so...

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Sullen Overdrive

Report | 10/04/2014 10:18 pm

Sullen Overdrive

what dafuq is choco coco moca?! fuq choco coco moca loca shita bitcha emotion_yatta
Sullen Overdrive

Report | 10/03/2014 11:32 pm

Sullen Overdrive

dafuq is that s**t stare


questing doki doki debut,

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