Melissa ~ Early 30's ~ Single ~ Bi-curious (very) ~ Monogamous...

Introvert ~ Insomniac ~ Geek ~ Open-minded Christian

Caucasian ~ Brunette ~ Blue

Cancer Sun ~ Libra Moon ~ Leo Rising


RDJ ~ Johnny ~ Tom ~ Ben ~ Jude ~ Josh

Wesley ~ Ric O'Connell ~ Aragorn, ofc ~ Alcide

A little bit of Neo, too (heh)

Disney always !!!!! <3

Pixar's a cool thing. Ooh, sparkly!

Dreamworks can come too, if they want.

Cats! And dogs, too. Most animals, actually.

Chocoholic. Foodie. Antiques are cool.

So are books. <3

Trying to learn to read Tarot

Always up for conversation !!! smilies/icon_heart.gif


> Profile is a work in progress, so check back often!
> If you're on my friends' list and we haven't spoken in awhile, come introduce yourself and say hi!
> Random comments are lurved!!!!!!
> If you are viewing this page, you owe me at least a comment!
I'll get back to you asap!
> DO talk to me before adding me, kthnx!

> Begging.
> Txt speak.


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This will probably be blank for a good period of time, but if the mood so hits me, I'll probably have some poetry or short stories in here at some point, along with anything else I might happen to come across...



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You're very welcome. smile

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I just realized that your join date on gaia was the day before my birthday that year.
 Lumbee Wolf Lady

Report | 03/17/2015 6:01 pm

Lumbee Wolf Lady

nice avi 3nodding
Wonderfully Wretched

Report | 03/16/2015 9:45 pm

Wonderfully Wretched

Why thank you! You have a great avi! heart heart

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If it is your wish for me to stop, then I shall; I do not want to make you feel uncomfortable in any which way, my honeyed lass. Though, as of myself. I'm not nor was I, placed upon this earth to be a beautiful, such as yourself; for beauty is a trait that fades in time, judging upon ones acts. Where as bonds are internal upon all earthly and celestial plains. I'm here to serve, teach, protect and keep all those who can not fend for themselves, safe. For as best that I can, will I try always when aiding or protecting those who call forth upon my name; and those who know not of it, will know of it soon. As all life is worth protecting, and destroy all that is; that wish to destroy, or corrupt those who can't fend off such evils upon all earthly realms!

Though, your right on your layout my dear; it does suit you quiet well, if I can be so bold into saying such. Tho, if you ever want to mess around with the coding or wish for a change; I like to THINK, I can pride myself into writhing that I'm rather decent at making BB Coded layouts for others. If you ever wish to customize your layout a tad more, or for this upcoming spring and or summer time; then please and by all means my bumble fluff. feel MORE then welcome to ask or PM me for a newly designed code for a new layout! I made my friends layout and many others on here as well. Free of charge of course, I find making layouts to be fun. so it is truly no stress upon me at all. (・㉨・)♬

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Ah, I'd not expect lesser of sweet words said by such a bonny lass such as yourself; but I could never be compared to one who is resplendent as you, my fair lady. Though thank-you for writing such enchanting words of my quickly made layout, to my knightly Avi in animal form! As a being of honor, code, and dignity; I pride myself, and even in worse conditions, to up-hold a charming or well KEPT if you will. Of my appearances when out and about on the more relaxing days; or on a grand quests. No one wants aid from a knightly other, who looks as if they lost a battle with a twister made of mud, and rocks! Ha-ah-hah! Though, even on my best royal days; could I never even come close, nor be compared by your daily and surely ever lasting glow of beauty on this earth! (メ ・㉨ ・)ノ

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By the rules of your profile, a random comment is requested when or after viewing; and where I adored your bio, and you lovely layout! I figured that I'd leave a good evening, and or day. To such a fair winsome maiden such as yourself; I do hope that your day or night. Is going as lovely as your weekend is, and a kindly bow to you for allowing me to stalk upon your page, in my quest of checking out others unique layouts on here! (人・㉨・)♬

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Nice avi.
The Guro Princess

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The Guro Princess

Thank you for visiting my shop! heart

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Thanks to you, I got max level on Alchemy. Yay.


30-something/ female/ USA.

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