Melissa ~ Early 30's ~ Single ~ Bi-curious (very) ~ Monogamous...

Introvert ~ Insomniac ~ Geek ~ Open-minded Christian

Caucasian ~ Brunette ~ Blue

Cancer Sun ~ Libra Moon ~ Leo Rising


RDJ ~ Johnny ~ Tom ~ Ben ~ Jude ~ Josh

Wesley ~ Ric O'Connell ~ Aragorn, ofc ~ Alcide

A little bit of Neo, too (heh)

Disney always !!!!! <3

Pixar's a cool thing. Ooh, sparkly!

Dreamworks can come too, if they want.

Cats! And dogs, too. Most animals, actually.

Chocoholic. Foodie. Antiques are cool.

So are books. <3

Trying to learn to read Tarot

Always up for conversation !!! smilies/icon_heart.gif


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This will probably be blank for a good period of time, but if the mood so hits me, I'll probably have some poetry or short stories in here at some point, along with anything else I might happen to come across...



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Crimson Marionette IV

Report | 08/01/2015 12:39 pm

Crimson Marionette IV

You're Welcome heart

Report | 07/30/2015 12:34 am


o btw i also do live in iowa biggrin C:

Report | 07/29/2015 10:34 am


lol XD ikr im the same thing im like always giving donations with my gold but this one im actually gonna keep my gold to buy avi art and art for my oc's since ik someday i will retire from gaiaonline and want to show my kids in the future the ways of art an anime QWQ

Report | 07/28/2015 9:33 pm


nah not really CX i dont want to take up to much of your time and as well with being a bother

Report | 07/28/2015 7:47 pm


if you cant then understandable its just a fun quest side

Report | 07/28/2015 6:43 pm


im trying to complete Formula 1: Ornate Snowflake i got 1 of the winterland snowflakes and i got the stardust but i need 1 more snowflake and 2 snowball ones

Report | 07/28/2015 6:26 pm


yw i had these items on my wishlist and i wanted them badly as well with some formulas to be completed so ty very much for letting me buy them heart emotion_kirakira

Report | 07/21/2015 7:57 am


Thanks for buying.
Raven Wind KuroNeko-Chan

Report | 07/21/2015 12:29 am

Raven Wind KuroNeko-Chan

Raven is not sure if he has replied back to you or not yet so he will just in case. cat_xp
Michelle Moran? Hmmm Raven is not sure if he has read any of her books befur but he will check out some of her work. Napoleon's Court? cat_surprised Have you started to read it yet meow? Is it good?

NO SPOILERS! cat_burning_eyes
Hehehe, well you are honest meow and tha is good, also very true, there are way too many foods to have just one as a favorite~ cat_razz
Raven has been trying to get up and move around more, he is starting to feel like-... don't know how to describe it meow cat_neutral just really lazy is the best wording he can come up with at the moment.
Raven Wind KuroNeko-Chan

Report | 07/15/2015 4:17 pm

Raven Wind KuroNeko-Chan

Sorry meow, Raven thought he replied already. The book link is taking a long time to load, but meow. Paperback or hardback, Raven loves books! cat_4laugh The link isn't loading, wha is the Author's name?
Lobster meow? So wha is your favorite Food? cat_surprised
Hehehe Fellow lounger tha is funny meow. cat_xd When you lounge about, do you sometimes read books or eat snackies until you've lost track of time?


[size=10]30-something/ female/ USA.

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