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Otodama Report | 09/07/2014 4:59 pm
In essence, yeah. But I had a little talk with him, recently. I know how it's like in that position. When you're in that state of mind, you don't know what to do with yourself.
It's what happens when you lend your heart to someone who just completely trashes it. But I still feel that hacking her account and blocking it from her was a little unnecessary.
Her own guilt would have been a bigger punishment. I knew how she was as a person. I wish I could talk with her to see her point of view, but I guess that's not gonna happen.
I wish this wasn't so.
Edwin jarvis Report | 05/24/2014 10:04 am
OTL. Everything is expensive.
Edwin jarvis Report | 05/23/2014 10:51 pm
haha, pretty simple look though.
Edwin jarvis Report | 05/23/2014 7:24 pm
Fancy and dapper. All that red, and those boots.
Be gettin' stylish.
Edwin jarvis Report | 05/23/2014 7:22 pm
That hairdo though Crimmy.
Malthinae Report | 05/18/2014 8:46 am
dying- too much stuff to memorise
oh god
Malthinae Report | 05/17/2014 8:01 pm
On a Sunday? Ugh that sucks.

well. Should be more interesting than sitting around books all day :I
Malthinae Report | 05/17/2014 7:38 pm
Masters, awesome :U
pfft. I forgot to reply this. So sorry >_< wink

Any interesting plans for the coming...Sunday?
I'm procrastinating
Sailor Mini Kawaii Kaaii Report | 05/17/2014 5:57 pm
Thanks for the purchase~!!
Malthinae Report | 05/15/2014 3:16 am
must be fun :U
I have no seasons. Heh. ;w;

pardon my ignorance. MBA?