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Birthday: 03/18


Ao no exorcist <3


There really is no point in me updating this since I'm never around anyway, but I'm doing so on a whim for nostalgia and retrospect.

How do you express your entire being in the least amount of characters?
(I'm really not that deep, I'm just trying to impress you).

My name is Shanjida.
I love The Legend of Zelda, anime, and music (Indie, alternative, and Japanese rock).
I often listen to music for the lyrics but if it has good bass I'll fall in love.
I like the way snow falls but I also love spring.
My favorite colors are green, blue, black, and silver.
I enjoy reading fantasy but lately I've been reading lots of classics.
I hate heat but I like to feel warm.
I like writing poetry but I'm rarely inspired.
I hope I make sense to you, but I could care less.