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Dear Investor,

Welcome! Good morning, afternoon, or evening to you. We are finally in the month of May and with this month, I give you great deals and a chance to earn back from your investment(s). Right now, Unofficial A.G.E is giving away tons of amazing prizes and discounts on investment(s). Now is the time to invest in the guild, Unofficial A.G.E. Earn up to 12% in earnings plus a chance in receiving bonus points and more from a small investment with Unofficial A.G.E. To get started, sign up for investment tips. Not a member of Unofficial A.G.E? Sign up today and start investing in the guild with a small donation of 10,000 gold. 10,000 gold earns you 1% in earnings. Limited Time Only! Earn double earnings for every 10,000 gold donated to Unofficial A.G.E.

Have questions about investing in Unofficial A.G.E? Comment on my profile page or private message me and I'll answer your questions as soon as possible.

Happy investing with Unofficial A.G.Empire
~ Crescent Rabbit

Crescent Rabbit

Name: Crescent Rabbit
Zodiac: Rabbit / Aries
Hobbies: Reading books and tea testing
Occupation: Administrator Data Assistant

Artist(s) Wanted!
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Net Value

Beginning in June, Unofficial A.G.E is having its grand re-opening with a give-a-way of 500 million gold. Be apart of the adventure with the first chapter of Unofficial A.G.E's RP Dice Game, Communities' Debut.

Battle monsters, each other, win gold, adventure with friends, and etc...