Hey my name is Kat and im 17 years old. Im a socially akward person, but once u get to know me im funny as hell and love to talk. Im into drawing fullscale portraits, ranting about history, doing math, and talking in as many languages as possible. I like to listen to alternative music like the bands arctic monkeys, the 1975, the bleachers, and bad suns. Im also a kind, and caring person once you get to know me.
I am currently in love with a phenomenal guy who means everything to me. He makes me laugh until i cry, and spew my guts out. Hes always is there for me in times of need, and tells me im beautiful even if i look like s**t that day. I love him with all my heart, and i would never replace him and never let go. He means the world to me, and i truly would give up my life for him in a second. I love you so much, and I want you to know I share the same feelings darling.

My tumblr:x
My ffxiv character: Kasia Sun
Ppl im fond of on this website:
There Goes The Sun
Boo Bomb
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