Hey my name is Kat and you have reached my profile. I am quitting Gaia, and would like to thank all those people on here that allowed themselves to show the best of their experiences and memories with me. On Gaia I found the one I love, many friends I do not want to forget about, and most of all helped me relax after a long day. I have no use for Gaia anymore due to me growing up and out of it. I want to pursue my life dreams, but overall Gaia is in the way of it. In the end I am leaving with that special someone together, and I want to live on with the legacy that I have created with him. Thank you Gaia for helping me find my true love that I want to spend the rest of my life with. He makes me cry, and long for him everyday. I do not want to spend a life where I'm not with him. Darling I love you c:

If you would like any items please pm me for any of my crap within only today. Ive decided to make an avi where Id leave the stuff that I most remember, and so nothing put on my avi is up for trade. Thank you and have a nice life everyone c:
Also feel free to add me on tumblr which I will spend most of my time on down in the link below.
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Birthday: 05/01

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