Time can come and take away the pain
But I just want my memories to remain
To hear your voice
To see your face
There's not one moment I'd erase
You are a guest here now
~ Regine Spektor "How"

Hey. My name is Sessils. I am 19 years old, I am pansexual, and very friendly. I like to write and draw, I'm interested in archery, I work in a cafe and I am more than likely not in the same time zone as you. I think kittens are adorable, black and orange and blue are my favourite colours, bananas are my comfort food and I'm allergic to a lot of seafoods. I don't drink or smoke, mainly because I don't have the money and they smell/taste funny to me. I also don't like stick insects. Don't ask why.

Also, Wash never really died.

My profile has a few gifs on it because, well, it's nice to visit my profile and be swamped by sloths yawning. Why not? Why not zoidberg either? If you haven't noticed, I'm a tad silly. Thanks for asking.

If you wanna know me, just talk to me. I'm happy to talk, and I won't ignore you. I promise it c:

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[n.] the scent of rain on dry earth

Sessils / 19 / Pansexual / Female
I rather enjoy roleplaying.
PM me, or check of my journal.
I do bite



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Welcome To My Store! Please do not beg, though I am happy to discuss lower prices as I am often willing to compromise ^-^ So go ahead, PM me
Otherwise, hope you find what you want

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Roleplaying set up and all


Art please?