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NAME: Cindy
NATIONALITY: Chinese & Vietnamese & French. :0
WHERE I LIVE: Uhhh, somewhere. x] Otherwise I wouldn't be here, omgz.
Birth Day: December 6th.

Yup, I'm trying to blind you with tiny font! Lol, just kidding, sorry about it though in advance. I can speak limited French. :D Hehe. I...don't like Spanish, sowwie.
I like to eat Vietnamese or Chinese food most the time. =D I'd settle for something else though, just depends on what it is! I'm easy to talk to...unless you're annoying and "tlk lik ths." Okay? So, please be literate. >.> Or I am so not going to talk to you. I like pwetty things. =D And cute things, I...am like a little girl, lol. But if you treat me like one, you are so in for it. <.< I will hurt you....seriously.
Just ask me whatever you want. =D



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Report | 12/08/2014 12:14 pm


Yeah, tend to be a lot of shy people - myself included aha. I heard on my campus that advertising free food helps in bringing people to meetings. Sad to say that's pretty true! rofl

Game Developers Conference, that's so exciting! emotion_kirakira I would think buying trips to San Francisco would be costly, but you got some time to get ready before the event. Good luck getting the rest of the funding! Hopefully more word spreads round so more would check out the club. 3nodding

Report | 12/07/2014 7:19 pm


Yeah, add that to one of many things Gaia needs to update, haha!

I'll be sure to!

Sounds like you keep busy, haha, but at the same time it sounds fun too. Oh, Game Jams! Reminds me of a hackathon in a way, around games. whee Yup it does sound like a good way to introduce people to different types of projects. I find seeing demos using a new language or library encourages me to look it up and find out more. Ah I agree, I guess one giant project wouldn't work out too well! You made the right choice to do more though, I think the results would be worth it!

Report | 12/07/2014 6:27 pm


Haha, no worries! I think Gaia's system of notifying about comments isn't the best.

That's okay, it's done revising, at least content-wise it's better than before, ahaha. I think for the new year I'll give it a new look too to freshen things up.

President, that's great! Glad to hear the gender ratio is more balanced, awesome. How does it work - do you have a single project that includes everyone, or do people come in with their own projects and chill with everyone else? Either way, it sounds like fun. surprised

Report | 12/07/2014 6:08 pm


No problem at all! whee

Report | 11/25/2014 8:48 pm


Oh I see, they're set for life now. 3nodding

You know, maybe you're right. I don't change my resume very much save for employment history. Looking back, some of the skills are a little outdated. eek

Yeah! I'm glad to see more females in classes and the field, compared to high school CS classes - strange times. At least there was a girl with the same video game interests gave me someone to talk to, so it went better than expected, haha.

Report | 11/23/2014 7:47 pm


Oh awesome! Wow didn't realize we had so much in common, ahaa.

Geez, that's so high for a regular full-time employee, let alone student. I guess they won't have to worry much about tuition, eh? sweatdrop

I did apply a few times but never got an interview. gonk I was able to see how many applied from my university and it was in the hundreds - so much competition! Maybe before I graduate I can get at least one interview, hopefully!

Report | 11/23/2014 2:09 pm


It'll be about a year and a half, so more than halfway!

That does sound fun. You get to see a new city and their headquarters, nice! I heard Seattle's a great place to work in, but the living costs can be high. But if the job pays well then it's not a big problem!

Phone interview then technical, wow haha. Those can be tedious, but sometimes they can work out better between schedules and all. I had one on a Skype call and the interviewer was just casually at home because it worked out for him. xd

Report | 11/23/2014 1:24 pm


Oh, maybe I'm just lucky (or unlucky? haha). I usually get one technical question per interview and the rest was generic skills and employment history, aha.

I listened to a guest speaker come in from Google who said the interviews were pure technical (sometimes over multiple interviews!) and I wondered if Microsoft was similar. 3nodding

Report | 11/23/2014 12:45 pm


Wow, Microsoft, amazing! How did that go? I hear they like to ask more technical questions and there can be a lot of competition. surprised

Report | 11/23/2014 11:28 am


I was "let go" because I couldn't fill my boss's shoes which I'm pretty sure is the dumbest thing I've ever heard because I am of coarse not my boss and never did her job to begin with. She went on vacation and they piled everything on my shoulders because that totally makes sense. rolleyes Mind you, I was just a paid intern.

I'm not a group oriented person. I hate having to deal with other people's stuff haha. A 2 person group is fine, but trying to whip everyone into shape is a struggle.


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