Hi everyone!

I'm a young artist who loves making friends, cats, video games, crafting, and laughing. Currently doing art on the side until I can get a lot better for the future!

You can call me Cindy smile Or whatever you like haha.

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Photoshop CC 2015
Paint Tool SAI

Wacom Cintiq 13HD (No Touch)
Surface Pro 3

If you have any other questions, let me know!



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Report | 01/21/2017 9:52 pm


Yeah, getting a job would mean a different routine in caring for them. But I'm hearing more about jobs with a start-up feel that allow certain pets into the workplace - if they allow cats it'll be a win-win situation for you! Same here, a dog would be nice to have, but they require a lot more attention and maintenance.

I partly binged through the episodes, it was really captivating. Wouldn't blame you, life would just be simpler as a hermit. If only it would be easier too! Technology's here to stay

Also, America's made big news since the inauguration. I'm a bit concerned with what the future holds and how dealings with Canada could be affected, but I'm trying to stay optimistic. Wishing you and America all the best!

Report | 01/18/2017 2:07 pm


Oh, that's amazing, I appreciate stealthy animals. Coexisting with your cats is pretty comfortable then! I had a friend way back who had a particularly rowdy cat that would scratch him sometimes, so I was led to believe some cats are just like that. Now I wonder if it was taken care of properly. eek

Yes, especially when sometimes the pet store employees and other pet owners don't know - google is the goto. Unfortunately I feel dependent on the Internet now. I'm almost afraid of how accessible so much information is. Have you seen the Netflix series Black Mirror? Very interesting series!

Report | 01/17/2017 9:27 pm


A house full of cats, that's pretty crazy! I don't think I could handle that many, haha. But if you can manage that, you'll never have a boring day again. Do you ever get afraid of your cats making a mess of your things? Like knocking down furniture?

Usually googling works, lots of frog forum posts come up with advice and stories on frog compatibility. I was considering adding a different frog in but that was before I saw the store carried one breed at the time anyway.

Report | 01/10/2017 9:08 pm


Sounds like a plan. Right, you can draw and paint people around there as practice - nothing like life drawing. Let me know if you got a chance to try it!

Oh, makes sense when you put it that way, like building your immune system by being exposed to more germs. That's amazing how it worked out for you. Must've been a rough week but it led to a great result: cats forever, haha.

Just a regular pet store! It's a bit of a hit and miss since exotics aren't common, and they usually have more reptiles than amphibians, let alone frogs that are compatible with mine. I've heard stories of other frogs dying from the other's toxins or even eaten alive! eek

I see, I guess I have to head down to the river, maybe that's where the frogs and tadpoles live.

Report | 01/09/2017 8:24 pm


A cafe's not a bad idea for a place to paint! The thought of being able to order drinks and create art is quite appealing. Have you done it before?

That's great, it's always nice to see different personalities and behaviours in pets. I didn't know pet allergies can disappear! Pretty cool that it's alleviated from owning one. 3nodding Were they any complications before your allergies were gone?

I wish it was that easy! Actually I've only seen wild frogs when out camping, and only one at a local pond. I would like to see tadpoles at least once, and watch them grow legs, haha.

Report | 01/03/2017 3:35 pm


I don't like ice, it's pretty dangerous to walk outside with it. Hope you have a chance to paint plein air, and stay warm too! It's great watching him work, I'll make sure to check the rest of his channel.

Nice cats, they all look adorable, especially close up! Their colours are lovely and unique to each one. I'm glad they can get along with one another. 3nodding

Yeah, I got frogs because of allergies in the family, couldn't get any pets with fur or hair. I'm not sure about breeding because it's difficult to determine their sex. I've asked the pet store and tried to Google it - nope. I just look out for any potential eggs in the water in case it happens!

Report | 12/31/2016 11:01 am


Nice, plein-air is great. With a large enough umbrella you might be able to get away with it, if it's not windy! We've been getting a lot of snow now, great because the holidays won't feel right without it, but definitely don't want to go outside unless to shovel the driveway. sweatdrop

Three cats sound like a handful! But I agree pets can cheer you up on the worst of days. What breed are they?

Most of the time, I don't, haha. My frogs can release toxins which means washing my hands right away to avoid itching. Two like being fed from my fingers but the others prefer hunting on their own. Not many expressions besides when they shed (looks like yawning), but they make up for it by jumping and climbing the tank!

Report | 12/29/2016 9:00 pm


Looking at his work and channel, he has exceptional skill and knows what's up. Gouache looks wonderful, unfortunately the Holbein sets on amazon.ca are much more expensive, shame. I'll have to check the local art stores to see if they have them in stock. I'll even go for a sampler set just to try them out!

I'm glad to hear that! I don't know much about cats since I never owned one, but he's in good hands with you and the doctor, I'm sure.

Frogs can be scary at first, so I don't blame you. I avoided touching mine due to fear when I got it until I learned that some can get stressed from too much touching. After that it was easier to handle it. 3nodding

Report | 12/29/2016 12:54 pm


That's great, how the Internet makes learning a lot easier. Sounds like gouache is a hard-to-master medium. I'll check his videos out too!

That doesn't sound good, can't imagine how he feels. Hope it's not permanent. I guess you can give him more extra attention. 3nodding

The temperature has dropped here but it doesn't affect the other frogs very much, and they eat and roam very well. Might just be taking longer than the others to familiarize with its new home.

Report | 12/28/2016 7:19 pm


Thanks a lot. You know a lot about artist materials. Did you study this or self-taught yourself? It's very impressive.

Sorry to hear about your cat, sounded awful. At least he seems fine after the hospital trip. Hope it all went well.

My holidays were alright, got a few frogs earlier this month. One of them doesn't seem to eat either, but it hasn't lost weight so I'm assuming it eats when I'm not watching.


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