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Male Name: Marcus | Female Name: Victoria
19 Years Young | Actor/YouTuber | Gender: Both [mentally]

The photo to your right is in fact me dressed normally and dressed up. If you don't like it you can happily stop right here and leave this beautiful profile. I put up with a lot growing up, but finding myself, sexuality, and interests in life have taught me not to fret on what other people have to say about me. If you don't agree with my lifestyle then don't befriend me or date me, it's simple as that. I am open to meeting new people and making friends on here, but with that comes respect.

I don't have any special talent besides acting and being able to learn a dance routine. There are probably other things, but I don't notice them yet or am just too lazy to realize them. I do have dreams of becoming a professional actor and right now I am in college and on YouTube, so check me out by clicking the professional website button over to the left!

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