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Art by surusurukami

I've been around here since 05, though I've taken several long hiatuses inbetween. The Word Game forum, and all the awesome people I've met there are what keeps me coming back to this site.
I'm from Nova Scotia Canada and studied tourism managment in college. I hope to one day work back in the Northwest Territories. I love fishing, going on road trips, and hockey. My favourite team is the Boston Bruins.

I became a forum assistant on June 24th 2013, and a site moderator on May/30/2014

Currently on a moderatoring hiatus. I won't be able to answer ToS related issues at this time.

Also, I really like parrots. If you have pics or video of your pet parrot I'd love to see them!
Actually, I'd love to see pics of any of your pets! Show me your cuties~



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Miss Mina Monet Report | 11/21/2016 2:02 pm
Miss Mina Monet
Hey girl! I'll have to skype you the samples i have so far they're just sketches for now but I'm about to start sewing
I'm hoping to get into some fashion shows and one day New York Fashion week but it's going to take a lot of work
I want to release these late summer in preperation for fall cuz they're pretty much different styles of coats and long
sleeved garments. Therefore i have enough time to get everything together. I'm going all in girl! heart
Miss Mina Monet Report | 11/12/2016 6:07 pm
Miss Mina Monet
My goodness that style is to die for!

Looking sleek and chic my darling!

& I'm good up to my ears in fashion.
I got my frist line coming out next year and there's so much to be done!

Trying to own the fashion world doll biggrin
Miss Mina Monet Report | 11/11/2016 9:58 pm
Miss Mina Monet
Kinny!!!! How you been gurl <3 <3
Majikina Report | 09/03/2016 2:54 am
I'm happy you approve! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Puuya Report | 08/12/2016 12:09 am
Pink is beautiful, isn't?

Your avi is so good.
Majikina Report | 07/28/2016 2:33 am
Thank youuu! <3
And thank you for the cool gift, got lots of cool items from it. whee
Majikina Report | 06/14/2016 8:54 am
Thanks sweetiepie, playing around with my inventory. <3
xl Cyanide Candy lx Report | 05/25/2016 8:28 pm
xl Cyanide Candy lx
Kinny Kin Kin~
xl Cyanide Candy lx Report | 05/18/2016 11:18 am
xl Cyanide Candy lx
Hello Kinny-bo-Binny~
Oh my goodness, you have to stahp buying me thangs like you're my pimp! Thank you for the pretty angel hair though! I'm gonna go use it right meow. gaia_kittenstar

Heheh I didn't tell my mother I was going and I haven't spoken to her directly AT ALL in this whole time. I've been told she's been bitching about me and saying I "stole her money to travel" though, which is hilarious 'cause I could easily send her a copy of my bank transactions etc. :T

AAAHHH Kinny! You're almost here! I want to go play with you too! T n T I haven't seen Emoco in a while but tell her I'm all the jelly and I hope you guys have fun getting up to trouble.

OuO Are you going to get your hair cut in the US? Mine's not coloured anymore... I had it cut into a long bob last year so it's kinda stayed around that length.
Ooh and I finally found that hair item (by accident)! It was this Purrisienne item.
xl Cyanide Candy lx Report | 05/13/2016 7:30 am
xl Cyanide Candy lx
Haha~ I didn't tell her I was going. We've not gotten along at all the past couple of years... especially after she started dating her boyfriend thing. Like, she would yell at me for "not cooking her dinner" when she comes home on the weekends. >__>

gonk How do you drag yourself outta bed on mornings like those where the water is ice?

Mmm technically I'd be following him if he gets stationed at a different base but I won't get to follow on deployments. I don't mind not having to go to Qatar and eat sand everyday! XD As for how long I can stay here, I had a 90 day visa and then I applied for immigration paperwork so I'm kind of in a limbo/safe period while they're processing it.

Kiiinnny, what does your hair look like now? Last I remembered it was long and shiny and smooth.

> A < You're already much too generous! But I was looking at the runway and saw a hair that looks something like this but a little more curled:
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Any idea what it is?


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