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Vladimir Dracula
Born: November 8th 1431
Sighişoara, Transylvania

Parents: Vlad II Dracul
Princess Cneajna of Moldavia?

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Knodighboiur Von Hellsing Report | 11/21/2014 7:45 pm
Knodighboiur Von Hellsing
-I awaken inside the black coffin where Dracula had placed me in while i fell unconscious. I pushed the coffins lid open , and saw a man wearing a medieval servant suit waiting and expecting something.-
-I asked him- "Excuse me....Would you tell me, how long i've slept?."
-He replied- "About..2 Days and 2 Nights. And master have expected you to be awaken from those wounds."
-I replied- "I see...would you kindly tell to him that i have awoken."
-He nodded and left the room. After he shut the door , I began to wear my outfit and my cloak , then , i saw my sword leaned on the wall, untouched and still inside its scabbard , so i took my sword and starps it at left side of my belt. And waited for Lord Dracula to arrive.-
Sarrah Von Hellsing Report | 11/03/2014 3:01 am
Sarrah Von Hellsing
-she recieved a letter from knod's servant, she pulled out a knife and opens the letter, and she reads-
"My dearest Sarrah,

I am glad to inform you that you’re brother Knodighboiur is here at my castle. He was recently.. delivered to my door in a wooden coffin. Do to his physical state I feel he should remain as my guest for the time being. If you wish you are welcome to join him here in my home.

~Count V. Dracula
-she began to rush to the manors balcony and transform herself into swarm of bats, and travel to transylvania.-
Knodighboiur Von Hellsing Report | 11/03/2014 2:56 am
Knodighboiur Von Hellsing
-he heard what the count's saying , and he tried to speak.-
"t-the belmont... th-they have become stronger...."
-after he spoken the word , he fell unconscious-
Sarrah Von Hellsing Report | 11/02/2014 7:36 am
Sarrah Von Hellsing
~she wrote a letter for the count~
"Dear lord dracula,
Have you seen my brother around, he haven't been to his manor lately. I began to worried something happened to him.
~she folds the letter , and stamp a Bloody red V as a mark from Von Hellsing Family. Then she gave the letter to Knod's Servant. And the servant mount the horse and ride to transylvania to send a letter from the lady of Von Hellsing Family.~
Knodighboiur Von Hellsing Report | 11/02/2014 7:24 am
Knodighboiur Von Hellsing
-as the count opens the coffin he'd saw a man , wounded by some sort of whip or dagger cuts , and the wound's smoking. That man was Knodighboiur Von Hellsing.-
Vampiress Vittoria Report | 10/30/2014 10:05 am
Vampiress Vittoria
[[So sorry about the delay, I've been terribly busy...]]

A smile of her own would be surrendered upon seeing his own, instantly she was captivated, unaware many others had been in a similar situation before... only perhaps under slightly different circumstances. Raising her brow a moment out of shock, when he bent to gently kiss the top of her knuckles, her expression would have once more melted into that soft rosy lipped smile, 'Dashing? Well Mannered? Intelligent' such rare qualities now days... it didn't take a rocket scientist, or for that matter a vampire to tell he was kindred... for now she could only assume... surrendering all the gifts a hostess of her caliber could muster. “This is indeed a pleasure.. I do not believe we have met face to face, but you may know me by reputation..." even curiouser, "--My name is Dracula.. Count Dracula…” and then prior thoughts and feelings would have been matched with fact, that smile of hers even growing further, her eyes glowing softly, unnaturally in the dimmed lights, "--Vlad... I should have known, a living legend graces my establishment... I'm only sorry I didn't catch you sooner... I'm Vittoria... don't be mislead by my stage name... I'm only sweet when it suites me..." she joked, clasping her dainty hands together before her narrow waist, shifting forward she gently slipped her arm looping about his own, instantly moving him through her establishment, upstairs towards the VIP level, "--So, tell me... if I'm not being to forward... what brings you to this fine city, and even more so... my place? I must be doing something right if I managed to ensnare your attention..."

Knodighboiur Von Hellsing Report | 10/25/2014 12:40 am
Knodighboiur Von Hellsing
-carriage travels into a dark castle in transylvania and inside the carriage placed a coffin, sealed with holy dagger that stabbed a note. And the note says "Here's some of your cursed being, lord impaler."
a note posted by an unknown person. As the carriage stoped, a men carried that coffin and placed infront of the castle door.-
Vampiress Vittoria Report | 10/09/2014 9:43 am
Vampiress Vittoria
[[I swear my posts will stop being so large soon, sometimes I get carried away sweatdrop but you post wonderfully, I adore each one 3nodding ]]
Vampiress Vittoria Report | 10/09/2014 9:42 am
Vampiress Vittoria
Before her the looming lovely restaurant sat, while the gentle thrum of a Piano played at her back, lulling the masses with more music. Making her way back down below with her gentleman escort, a sudden loud crash sounded from above stirring the pair, instantly she started back up the stairs, moving gracefully even when in a hurry, hair still retained coiled in loose braids atop her head, like a crown, pinned by an elegant array of feathers, and combs; seemed no matter the issue, that beauteous visage never flickered, always remaining, like a China Doll. "--Oh mercy, something's happened..." but her concern would have very suddenly faltered, as if a lasso had been thrown about her waist, stopping her in her tracks. "--Vittoria?" expressing genuine concern, having used her first name, he'd watch as she slowly turned, like a statue upon a pedestal, eyes as red as autumn leaves, kissed with sunlight, turned and met with a man who stood out amongst the rest of the group, one of strange familiarity. Vittoria, couldn't understand how she had not noticed him before, her attentions were set squarely on him, for a single moment, all was forgotten, her lovely Pagoda, the accident upstairs, and even Poor Everett, it frightened her. In fact, he was speaking now, and she couldn't hear him, and then his words rang out clearer, slightly more urgent, "--Vittoria... are you okay?" and then she would have stirred, drawing that confused gaze back over her friend, simply because he was standing in front of her, almost shaking her shoulders. "--Yes, yes I am fine...that was strange, such a queer feeling came over me." but before she could explain, she felt her gaze once again being redirected back over to the gentleman downstairs, to a certain Count, head turned with her body facing her Butler. It was clear there was something that drew his ladyship, towards the gentleman, and Everett could not deny the lady what she wanted, but her attentions were needed elsewhere, perhaps a distraction beyond his own was what was needed for her. Placing his hand gently on her narrow shoulder he bowed his head, speaking voice clear as a bell even above the clamor, and shouts, "--I'll address the current issue upstairs, you address the one below, but take care Madame...something about him doesn't sit right with me." freeing his hand, she would be sent off like she were a shimmering fish he'd released out into the sea of people. His stern gaze would be held on the thin man, like a Father would do, watching over his young daughter and her new 'boyfriend' eyes filled with warning, the sort that read 'Hurt her, and I'll castrate you.' and then he'd turn, heading at once upstairs to monitor mess clean up. By the time he had reached the upstairs, she was below, floating as she did in appearance, towards the gentleman beside the bar, until finally she stood before him. Curtsying towards him, in such a manner her hair almost touched the floor, she'd rise, a sweet smile held on that alabaster face of hers, "--Salutations...welcome to the 'Floating Pagoda' pardon, it's... slight current dissaray." she cooed, fan snatching up once more to elegantly mask her blush. Extending her hand, a pale dainty thing appearing just beyond the long length of her crimson sleeve, she'd speak once more, such softness in her voice, eyes beheld on the famous Vampire "--Have we met? I can't seem to shake the feeling that I know apologies if we have, or we haven't..." she added with such genuine curiousity, lifting the fan once more away from her face.
Jean A Grey Report | 10/04/2014 9:03 am
Jean A Grey
(( Nice avatar ))




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