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Herrow there, stalker~ smilies/icon_blaugh.gif I'm sure you're reading this to find out more about me. So I'll give you a little background. Well, to start off, My name's Jessica. But you can just call me Jessie or Blair. :3 I'm 17 years old. I love reading and writing. I write fanfictions, so if you want to read some of my work, you can find me on under the pen name of DeadlyReaper16. I'm obsessed with Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, Hellsing, and Batman. My fictional crushes are Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji), Alucard (Hellsing), the Riddler (If you don't know where he's from, you don't deserve to be my friend DX), and Larten Crepsley (Cirque du Freak). I'm a major role player, so anytime you're looking for a 1x1 I'd be happy to start one~ Well, anything else, just ask me. I'm pretty nice person as long as you don't annoy me or piss me off, which can be hard to do.


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Krisaniac Report | 03/09/2014 4:42 pm
once you're dont send me a linky linky
Krisaniac Report | 03/09/2014 3:26 pm
Well when you come baacccckk you should biggrin
Krisaniac Report | 03/08/2014 6:50 pm
you should make a new batmaannn rp! (PS this is ButHisVoice) I miss playing the Joker
RiddIer Report | 12/17/2013 5:55 am
When she declined his suggestion of another riddle, he looked dismayed, tsked and shook his head, ”—Suit yourself…” he uttered, finally silencing. He was a man of opportunities and how did he love to give them out when he could. Everything would progress as planned, seemingly without issue for both parties, and when the Batmobile arrived, Riddler would, without hesitation climb in when he was ordered, and they’d be off heading in the direction of Arkham. The silence was a bit annoying, but quietly Edward feigned his indifference and drew in a deep breath as they moved down the streets, refreshing as if he’d been holding it in… ”—You did well hero, thanks…” he finally uttered, smile growing secretly. Was there something beyond it all? Or was he simply thanking for a job well done with catching him? One could hardly ever guess…could ever know for sure.

It was just like Eddie had said it would be, he’d be caught and brought away back to Arkham, the shadowy figure in the car parked a little ways down the street from the bank. He had knelt there like one of the hostages, blind folded…his name was Mike, and he had been among the first to be released, from his escape he had retreated to his vehicle to wait dressed like a security guard fitting the part perfectly… the other hostages had been paid off, taken care of, there would be no one calling the cops, no one to come and interrupt his end. When the Batmobile disappeared long after around the corner with the Riddler in tow bound for Arkham, Mike slipped out of the car with his briefcase full of gadgets and equipment, and went inside the building, instantly heading for the security room. The system was fed centrally through a 24 hour surveillance feed, he wasn’t after Edwards image…it wasn’t about covering the crime…it had never been about that, it had been about sensationalizing it. Easily recovering all the files and tapes, he’d destroy the rest…a hapless victim in a robbery gone wrong and hurriedly exit back to his car, the package in tow, and head instantly back for his apartment, time for processing…right on schedule…just like Eddie said…
RiddIer Report | 12/13/2013 6:40 am
So many little delightful surprises, and while he could have guessed they would have arrived, it was only speculation, her rage, her disgust…it wasn’t offensive, on the contrary, to twist someone up so much, only strangely made him feel good. He didn’t fight when she slid the cuffs on his wrists, it seemed for now there were no surprises, that he was keeping to his word. When she angrily snarled over his performance review of her kiss, he couldn’t help but shrug, ”—I’ve had better…is all I’m saying,” still terribly calm throughout the whole event, the structure of the moment almost eerie, as if everything was still going according to plan, as if he had everything under control even when it appeared as if he was defeated. When she was slightly rough with him, he couldn’t help but add, ”—Oh ho Batgirl…I didn’t know you felt that way…I usually don’t on the first date though…” another attempt at humor perhaps from that otherwise dry witted man, what could he say, he was in a good mood. As she discussed matters with Oracle, Edward would politely shut his mouth, no smart quips her way…nothing, until he was ordered to start marching for the outside of the bank, to what he would assume was his ride to Arkham, and he would do just that, ”—I had a wonderful night thank you…” even though there was more to come, he casually glanced up at the clock in passing, and nod to himself… smug smile still plastered on his chiseled face, a little after 7pm, mildly earlier than expected, Batgirl had been a surprising opponent, she had done good… ”—We’re almost done, you and I…” he added rather quickly as they stepped out into Gotham’s freezing cold… ”—How about another Riddle for old times sake?” he questioned while they waited for the Batmobile to arrive…
RiddIer Report | 12/12/2013 6:10 am
Like her, his own smile appeared, crept into existence when she appeared shocked just as he suspected, knowing full well he’d won even before she planted her lips to his own. The kiss itself was blissful he would admit, even when it was forced and driven with fury, but even more enticing was her rage, her embarrassment, thankfully for her he had politely blindfolded the hostages right? And as she pulled away hurriedly, covering herself back up as if she had been undressed, and vulnerable, he smiled still, smug, words flowing factually, ”—Congratulations, that performance freed you up two hostages, I thought I'd be a gentleman and have their eyes covered, aren't I sweet?” he added rather narcissistically, knowing she could have done better, still it was better than a peck on the cheek, which would have resulted in the release of one hostage, and probably would have pissed him off.

Elegantly twirling his cane, he’d expertly switch a release on the pieces rigged too the ones on her right and middle, leaving the furthest from him and the window still intact. The bombs after a moment became inert, and when they were given assurance by either the egotistical Edward, or the Heroic Batgirl Jessie, they would remove their blindfolds, and swiftly exit hurrying with each other down the stairs and out the front door into the cold night air, leaving one potential victim to coo and whimper for release… still there was more up his sleeve, always more, Riddler was always full of Plan B’s. And when it looked like he wasn’t going to keep his word, or give up without a fight, he gushed, ”—You could have done better, buuut fair is fair, and I feel like being charitable…” he continued, switching the final node, the third bomb dropping free, rendered once again inert... the third victim now running free, following the first two, ”—And I am yours…” he finished while standing up, tossing away his cane (which doubled as a weapon) allowing it to land against the grand seat that had appeared as a throne. It may have looked like the end, and while he wasn’t about to attack her…it was far from over… and Mr. Nigma couldn’t help but smile still even while he turned to allow her to slip the bat-cuffs on his wrists…
RiddIer Report | 12/11/2013 5:51 am
She wouldn’t have known, but he did, and Edward couldn’t help but sit there, that grim smile lingering on his handsome face, smug as if he had already known he had won, no matter the outcome. Settling, sitting slightly bent, the weight of his upper body distributed along his question mark cane, he watched her silently like a starving predator pacing agitated along its cage, ready to spring at any given moment, dressed up perfectly sleek in his tailored green suit. It wasn’t so much a desire, a need, as it was simply a study, to see how she would react, he could already imagine, and the thought it would twist her up inside, perhaps even make her feel a little dirty, a little unclean, warmed his black little heart. When she gave her answer after some thought, he nod, ”—Very good dear…that is the answer…but…” he drolled, voice dropping off from its sweetness into a matter of fact tone, ”—I can’t free the hostages yet…because…” he paused, eyes glimmering madly like burned green glass from behind his domino mask, ”—You haven’t ‘Given’ the answer to me yet, I did say give…” that Devil-May-care attitude rearing up, all this meaning if she wanted the nightmare to end in her favor, she would kiss him… he couldn’t help but smile further, he had won…either by her submitting to his will, or by the death of the hostages…he seemed not to care which, for both would hurt her... pride or morals…it was for her to decide…
RiddIer Report | 12/09/2013 8:47 am
The game would play out as it was meant to be played, all the cards had been drawn, the hands laid out…everything nearly gone according to plan, luckily however for Edward, he was always prepared with a plan, as well as backups if anything ever went wrong. When Batgirl finally made her way in, and when she accepted playing his little game, he continued, no matter how rhetorical the question seemed, of course she would play. ”—This little exercise is a game about dominance and control…about making you feel completely helpless one way or another,” he started, that malicious smile appearing on his fair face, like he was some hellish Casanova, hellbent on getting his way no matter what, ”—These hostages are all connected, try and free one…and the countdown begins on the other two, five seconds on each to ensure you don’t try and cheat in our little game. Give me the answer to my final riddle, and I will let every one of the hostages go… better yet…” he started, while leaning in and placing his weight solely onto his cane, ”—Not only will I free the hostages, but I will willingly accompany you to Arkham…” he drolled casually while waving his hand, ”—Ready Batgirl? Here we go…”’I am just two and two. I am hot, I am cold. I am the parent of numbers that cannot be told. I’m a gift beyond measure, a matter of course, and I’m yielded with pleasure when taken by force. What am I?’ he uttered, quietly waiting, that smug smile still settled on his face, knowing that either way…either outcome, he would win…even if it meant spending time in the Asylum.
RiddIer Report | 12/05/2013 8:01 am
Edward smirked as he heard her easily, voice bouncing off the two way speakers he had manipulated around the city, all of which none would bother to remove because they all belonged to the GCPD, for broadcasting emergencies. ”—Hardly, I simply answered my Riddle with another proposition, an insight into what’s going to happen if you don’t provide the correct answer to my question…” he declared, voice seeming to sound all around her, even sometimes echoing strangely in places, though he was nowhere to be seen. It wasn’t long he’d have to wait before she boldly declared her answer, for which pre-programmed applause would sound on the other end of the line, as if it were ripped right off a television show with a laugh track, ”—Oh you clever girl, I didn’t think you had it in you…” he chimed, only continuing when she stated her disappointment, ”—It’s not about the money my little Vampirella,” he cooed, making a humerous play on her alias, ”—It’s about information, you’d be surprised to know how much people will pay for a new identity…or perhaps ties to those in the witness protection program…eh, doesn’t really phase me to what end they use this knowledge, ill or good…but oh how I enjoy proving my points…” he chimed, relaxing unseen in his chair, even when knowing his adversary was so close. Quietly he watched, seeing her move from screen to screen, watching as she ceased the flow of information into his hidden data hub, ”—Aww no fun,” he booed sarcastically, as if he hadn’t really imagined he’d download it all in full in the first place. Rolling back in the office chair, he’d speak one last time into the microphone on the desk, ”—You’re getting warmer and warmer Batgirl, closer and closer…our game is nearly at an end…” finished, only to finally rise up from his seat, twirling his question mark cane in a full arch, knowing how the game was to play out, and not even minding the fact he would most certainly find his way into Arkham, the end of their plot was all up to her…and it wasn’t going to be easy.

Gently tapping the comm link on his suit, his voice again sounded, appearing as if he liked hearing it, ”—I’ve kept my promise…” he continued, ”—I won’t kill the hostages, after all you got my little Riddle correct,” ’But you might’ he thought wildly to himself, green eyes flashing a dangerous color beneath his mask, as dark as evergreen. And when she would have finally arrived through the last door he would have greeted her, the master gamesman standing before her in all his twisted dapper glory, settled before him were the three hostages she might have noticed, kneeling down on the ground, settled almost execution style, wrists bound behind their backs, blindfolds over their eyes. But what was even more strange were the strange packs that were settled around their shoulders and chest, linked together by a rip cord connected to either side of the walls within the room, it appeared by the odd devices and the digital clock face, they were bombs… although the screen was not linked to any numbers just yet. ”—Welcome, welcome come on in…you’ve nearly bested me…but alas a simple Riddle simply wouldn’t suffice…there’s another twist in our game…” he cooed while settling back into a chair he’d propped against the wall on some desks, making him appear like some kind of King…”—Would you care to hear the rules?” he questioned while lifting his sleeve, gloved finger dancing over the top of what appeared to be a watch, ”—If you don’t play…the consequences will be insurmountable, I assure you…” meaning he’d simply go against his word and kill them all… Riddler was not one to allow himself to be swept under the rug, or simply be beaten by brute force…

RiddIer Report | 12/04/2013 8:24 am
It was the truth that she had presented, and he had given it some thought, even after he had shut down the transmission, even after she had agreed to play his game. Capture was inevitable, it was an annoying circle he faced over and over, one he had tried in vain to break, he had the means to succeed in his crimes more so then the rest of the gallery, but it was those damn riddles, the means to prove his intellect that drove him to failure. Rocking back in his office chair, slender legs crossed over the knee, thin long gloved fingers bent slightly in a triangle with thumbs, before his angled features, overall he was a handsome man, intelligent, with equally sharp charm and wit, always dressed in his finest, like some dapper vision from the past.

Giving her a moment to think the answer over, his voice would suddenly flow all around her, chirping up as loud speakers crackled to life, positioned in various parts of the city, appearing he had been up to his games all week long, ”—Tell me Batgirl, do you have an answer for me? Well how about another…’Indifference donning mourning shroud, cutting all the mortals down, opposite of Birth and Life, filling the world with Pain and Strife. What am I?’ seeming to get slightly impatient, unaware she was moving closer and closer to the answer, ”—The answer of course, Death…or Dead…which is exactly what these Hostages will be if you fail to find the answer to my Riddles…” he barked, voice slipping out once more. Naturally she would have been right, if she had glanced in the top window of the National Bank, and while Riddler himself could not particularly be seen below, several of his hired goons were already working below, downloading all the account numbers belonging to their respective owners, soaking up the information, all of it…from bank numbers to full names and home addresses, Edward wanted it all…



OML! I have the greatest friend ever~ She drew my OC Batgirl with the Riddler! -fangirl squeal- >//w//<