All My Creepy a** Friends<3

Nekolic on 05/30/2015
xXJaggedxXxHeartXx on 05/27/2015
hell_kara on 05/27/2015
CarrotKat on 05/27/2015
EndlessSapphireVoid on 05/21/2015
Carnivorous Pistol Fish on 05/21/2015
13irth on 05/19/2015
P o c k e t u on 05/19/2015
I herd u liek mermaids on 05/18/2015
HaI Pal on 05/18/2015
Errosavia on 05/18/2015
No Im Dikki on 05/17/2015
FeidLimidd on 05/07/2015

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Stalker Bait

ehh... don't know what to put here...
you could ask, but I guess stalking is the preference nowadays so I'll just talk (or type). Canadian, student who loves sports, music, anime, food, etc. etc. etc. I refuse to give my name because personally I hate it so if you really want to know just ask me if you posses the initiative, if not dats cool too~

I like making new friends, and random pms are ******** awesome so send them my way. And if you like the TV show Archer you're my best friend, because you're probably a smart-a** just like me xD

umm.. what else... I guess I'm a nice person? That's up for debate though, seeing as I haven't had time to have a conversation with myself and determine that to be true or not. If you'd like to try for yourself though, go ahead~

I like going to towns sometimes and creep others out with my presence, I'm pretty awkward but also outgoing... Which I find to be helpful when I'm acting (yes I'm a thespian~).

that's all you randos get >.>



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Thanks Gaia.

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