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Corrupt Heaven
Call me Corrupt.
Little. Monster. Me
In a unique relationship.
Polyamorous, but I Love my Nihilist.
Please, don't send me pervy pms. I don't do e-sex.
My Daddies are the closest,

Please, understand the difference between Role play and Reality.

Contact: Kik~ Elliebear430
Skype~ Elielliebear


Patzu... Lil Pattycake. Whilst no longer on my leash, eternally embedded in my soul.
I wish I could call you mine, till the end of time. ~♥

Faux Soul, the wonderfully eerie puppet master. I'll be your punching bag,
color me black n blue. ~♥

Dollie is held dear, close to heart, and loved fiercely.
When she falls apart, mountains will be moved to aid her,
seams stitched to put her back together. ~♥

The Fiery Beast stole a portion of my heart.
I hope I never get it back.~♥

Alice is my special pale princess, the only one to hold my collar~.♥

Chrissy, I love you. You're awful and amazing.
Bad for me, yet the best in existence.
Toxic, but we're toxic together.
The Beauty to my Beast~♥

Little sister Shandii, you're a dear friend, a sweet woman.~♥

Favorite art pieces :
By Schnappzilla~
By Swagless~
By DefauIt~
By Rosyer~
By The Crows Are Laughing~
By Grivarn~
by Dycast Deity~
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Envy Silence

Report | 12/23/2014 3:37 am

Envy Silence

Blut Doll

Report | 12/22/2014 10:18 pm

Blut Doll


Sounds like it was poisonous. Dollie is glad you got out.
Dollie's relationship with Karlos was... mostly healthy. It was more... they... he was someone she could lean on. And when they first met, Dollie was certain she was a lesbian. Karlos taught her that men could be okay, that it was okay to be attracted to them. And that even if they made perverted jokes, they didn't always mean it in a bad way. He helped her through a bad, abusive relationship with an ex-girlfriend, actually. Who was threatening to kill herself if Dollie left, and was back on drugs... Dollie was such a baby then! Fifteen or sixteen... and Karlos was older.
He ended up dating his high school sweetheart, and it turned into an abusive relationship for him, too. Poor guy still hasn't learned. He... goes back to her. Despite some of the things she's done...
Now, Dollie's become something of a [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0MHrL2EVuw]Dahlia[/url] to him. Something... he could see as unattainable.
He puts girls up against Dollie, but sometimes she feels like he never really saw her.
Comparing her to things that even she, herself, wasn't. If that makes sense? But... she has a strange soft spot for him. She loves him, but isn't 'in love' with him anymore.
It's too painful to love him anymore. Too much... happened. Too much was lost. Too much time. Over 8 years, y'know? Too much space, too many girls and guys between.

Dollie isn't horrible with commitment... rather, she isn't with anyone but Satoshi. If anyone else says they love her. Even a whisper of the 'l' word in that manner... and Dollie turns cold. She starts to distance herself, and suddenly drifts away... now it's gotten to the point where she warns people. Even familial 'love' sometimes frightens her.
Which is why she teases Creature she never has to worry about Dollie going after either Djinn nor Creature. First off, she's incredibly happy they're together!
Second, she hates the idea of love. She... is a strange beast. If people want her, she begins to hate them. Gradually that would wear off, as it did with Ani... but she mistrusts love to the point of despise.
Dollie honestly wants to be platonic with Djinn and CreaCrea forever!
Djinn is more like a brother! He says he's the big brother 'cause he's bigger than Dollie, though she's older. D;

Two boys would be wonderful! Traditional marriage (other than legal) isn't necessary. Just a collar and love.
Men seem to have problems threatening women. And those who do... take it too far. It's a strange mix.
But women who enjoy making threats mostly do it out of love, or... finding it hot.
Yes, Djinn has people he dislikes. He mentions that often. But he loves Creature more than anything. Dollie thinks he'd put up with anything... or anyone. And slaughter CreaCrea's enemies!
Friction is nice. People who are agreeable... become dull and boring. Easily prodded and left to their whims. They'll do anything to keep you... and it becomes so dull.

It's a sort of symbiotic relationship. They need to feed off us, and we need someone to infect and destroy piece by piece, then rebuild. No?
Parasite and virus cannot live without each other. =3
Which is why Dollie has such faith in you two ~ Dollie and Satoshi can do it! So can Djinn and CreaCrea. They are strangely similar.
Mm... Dollie doesn't think you'll break him beyond repair. Because he seems very... much like sand. Able to shift through. Maybe he won't be the same, or missing a small grain or two..
Maybe over time, he'll be stained different colors. Black and red. But he'll make it out whole...

It's true! More reason to learn to understand than to speak. Who would you speak it with?

YES! Dollie loved that... both the song, and Ani singing. Was a good day!
The first song Dollie gave to Satoshi was this one : [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6o8Sji6E9Q]Boats and Birds[/url]. Dollie is the dark sky, willing to let him go and shed his
Blut Doll

Report | 12/22/2014 7:59 pm

Blut Doll

Ne, Karlos was just a friend. There were times where he wasn't, Dollie will admit. Often times... those were when people would become... jealous.
Because of our... strange relationship, Dollie was on a pedestal for him, and Dollie often found him to be the perfect Master.
Which is why no one could dominate her.... but that's why we were yo-yo's. Even our friendship was odd. ^ ^;;

Mm. Dollie sees herself in both Creature and Djinn. Similarities. Which is why she likes you both! She wants to be friends for such a long time...
And she'll fiercely protect you both... she wants Djinn and CreaCrea to get married and have lots of babies. o3o;;
As for viruses... and infections...
Dollie threatens to kill her beloved, daily. She hates him as much as she loves. They are not normal.
Satoshi is a spoiled, growling, loud beast. He fights often. But... Dollie is the type who gets bored with people who agree with her. So... though she's angry when they fight, she knows she'd hate him if he gave in to her every whim. Because everyone else does.... >.>;;
Satoshi thinks he's a sort of... parasite. Dollie thinks she's a sort of toxin. She causes addiction, and prolonged use makes people... strange. Brings out bad sides.
Together, they're a mess. But they work. So see? Lots of people are strange couples. Don't... don't feel badly about you and Djinn. Everyone has problems.
It's giving up, or giving in that makes things not work. =3 Dollie thinks you two are great ~

Dollie loves dabbling in languages. o3o;; She does! She loves Latin, German, and Japanese. Satoshi, being Canadian, knows some French.
Dollie knows a few others, like some Chinese and Russian... but not too much. She understands more than she speaks....
MOI?! How silly.
Loving the madness is a good sign. =3 <3

Dollie's love... is a bit strange. She has several love songs for her and Satoshi. She even has a song that suits her an Ani.
Songs are life. Songs are blood. Songs are necessary. o3o;;
Would Crea like more? >.>;;
Blut Doll

Report | 12/22/2014 7:12 pm

Blut Doll

Mm! Exactly! One of Dollie's old friends used to say, when she would leave, "See you when you come back."
And Dollie would become angry and retort, "Dollie isn't coming back!"
But he'd just smile and wait. And within a month, sometimes more, she'd be back. And he'd say, "Took you long enough. Missed you."
We had a strange relationship... he knew Dollie would return, even when she was certain she wouldn't.

Creature and Djinn sound like opposites. Passionate, with similarities enough to make things interesting... but.. opposing forces.
Creature is the light to the dark sky that is the Djinn. And that's why you'll always go back together! Dollie thinks so. =3

Dolli is half-German, so she knows a lot of it. She has a heavy accent when she speaks or sings in German. ^ ^;;
When Djinn found out, he was interested in learning. German, that is. And strangely opera... but that's another story.
It's got subtitles in Spanish and the original video was bigger, but it seems to have been taken off...
So... er... the lyrical translation does capture the meaning, but not the essence... so here : Video used for Djinn about Djinn n' Creature

And your relationship is no more weird than Dollie's. >.>;; Djinn agreed that the song fit, though.
What's cute? O____O;;
Blut Doll

Report | 12/22/2014 6:34 pm

Blut Doll

Unfortunately, Dollie's become a bit of a pro at it.
It's... become something of a running joke. Even calling her the 'Gingerbread girl'. Running away, distance, it's all second-nature.
The song Dollie just updated on her profile? Satoshi said it was hers. Because she... she runs, runs, runs... but she always comes back to those important.
So he said that it didn't matter if she hid or ran anymore. Because he knew she'd always come back to him, and those that loved her....

This will be so much fun. * 3 * Dollie will enjoy trading music with Creature. Dollie has only sent on song to the Djinn, and that was in German.
It reminded her of Creature and Djinn's relationship... he liked it a lot (it was also Dollie's inspiration for the pic she was working on)...
So... she has only shared the one. Especially since he's interested in German music. And Dollie knows lots of German music....
Muuuuuusic! Dollie is hyper and excited at the thought. o3o;; Almost like a sugar rush.... Sorry.... >///>;;

Blut Doll

Report | 12/22/2014 6:15 pm

Blut Doll

Dollie does it too often. It's almost become a failsafe. x___x;;
"Things becoming overwhelming? Distance. Busy? Distance. Feeling annoyed? Distance."
Dollie is annoyed with herself over it. She doesn't like... doing it. Yes, sometimes it makes it so she doesn't take it out on others...
But still! Dollie does not enjoy creating walls, and holes in relationships that were strong and healthy...

Dollie has always expressed herself best through music. She has an Other for that, you know.
She finds music for any situation... and it's a way to express emotion.
Dollie... likes sharing it with others, because though she can babble, she often misdirects, or doesn't say what she feels.
She's not quite capable of being emotional.
So... as long as Creature enjoys it, from time to time, Dollie will send her little music snippets. Things that show how she's feeling...
Things that express what she feels for others, etc.
And maybe this way... it'll be like talking all the time. Even during distant times. Yeah? =3 If that's okay....
Blut Doll

Report | 12/22/2014 6:05 pm

Blut Doll

Sometimes, it hurts more before it gets better.
Dollie doesn't mean to be distant... lately it has been... difficult to connect.
Dollie often withdraws, and then returns as though nothing has occurred. Lots of people dislike this about her... She... does not mean to.
Here, this song slightly fits, too. This... once helped Dollie before she met Satoshi. Before... when she wanted to give up.
On everything. It was a dark time. When she's sad, she plays this song.
And now, she passes it on to those who... could us a little moment to remember. That the world is all : Illusion...

Blut Doll

Report | 12/22/2014 5:35 pm

Blut Doll

Dollie isn't always good at expressing herself, or emotions...
But she is fond of Creature, and wished to make it known. Creature is never alone...
She can have space, or think quietly. Months could go by.
But Dollie will remain steadfast and strongly fond of Creature.
Watching, and there for her when she can....
Blut Doll

Report | 12/22/2014 5:22 pm

Blut Doll

Dollie was thinking of the pretty Creature, and she was humming.
So she thought she'd show Creature this.
Creature is smart, and often catches on to what Dollie is saying, yeah?
Dollie thinks Creature is wonderful, and strong. Have a good holiday, and don't get down, yeah?
This is for : YOU <3

Kobe Tajima

Report | 12/22/2014 2:55 am

Kobe Tajima

Nothing lasts forever.


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"Come and burn your skin for me
Waste the pain deep inside you"