Conquered the dream~

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Thank you to Vera Hantu Kopek, Raspscallion Nightmare, Nereid_Regulus,Caedes Omnes,Pluhman2,and SleepyLuna for their amazing generosity <3

Corrupt heaven

Corrupt Heaven

My appearances are sporadic.

~I Pick Favorites~

The Glorious Executioner
II Touya II
One Woman Revolution
Rapscallion Nightmare
Castle Romeo
Sulfur Wings
Vera Hantu Kopek
Tangible Dreams

For most I go by the name of my OC, Creature.
Female, Shorty, merely five foot four.
People assume I'm in my twenties. How sweet~
Polyamorous, trying to stay monogamous.
I love multiple people, though I know who's the King of my heart.
I've let my favored Queen go.. But she's very special to me.
I hold the temper of a boar, the stubbornness of a bull.
More loyal than a Labrador, if one deserves it.
His lil Masochist, Sadist deep inside.
"Opinionated". Aka, I'll speak my mind, and if I'm a b***h, so be it.
Literate stoner, my brain has yet to be fried.
I'm not the best person when It comes to morals, my own anyway.
I do have a good sense of what's right and wrong,
though I don't always choose the former over the latter.
Jealous, overprotective, distant, and cynical.
After all, everyone must have flaws.
Paranoid, truly.
I don't believe there's much good in people~.
I'm a contradiction, and at times a hypocrite.
I have an ego, yet I'm insecure.
I'm shy, but I love attention.
Lover of the dark and creepy.
Blood, Gore, Death. Mmmm~<3

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Na-na-na-na Batman~! And yummy Joker~
All that's missing is sexy Harley Quinn~❤


He's the Joker to my Harley Quinn~♥
Slithertongue's Beast
I love you
Naked Monsters in the Dark
Ripped to shreds & torn apart.
Limb from limb, piece by piece
It's as close to true intimacy
As I can ever hope to reach...

Bday~ 4.30!
Thank you Gypsies and Voodoo <3
Thank you Anons<3
Night, Kitty, Rachel= kinky angels


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Narcissistic Nihilist
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Corrupt Heaven