A note for master

There is no one more important to me than my Big Daddy.
He's My Not-So-Gentle Giant, Master, Sir, Hubby, Eternal, Love, and My Happy Ever After. He's the only one worthy to hold my leash and color me black'n blue. I submit to him and only him, true submission, no walls and no rules. His. What he say goes, whether it be as simple as choosing my diet or as large as deciding which friendships stay. He has All power over me. Full Control.
And I wouldn't have it any other way. I Love My Chris, I'll Always be his baby girl, his little Waifu~❤



Corrupt heaven

Corrupt Heaven

My appearances are sporadic.
~I Pick Favorites~

The Glorious Executioner
II Touya II
One Woman Revolution
Rapscallion Nightmare
Castle Romeo
Sulfur Wings
Vera Hantu Kopek and Thorvir
Tangible Dreams

For most I go by the name of my first OC, Creature.
But that gets confusing when I'm using my other OC, So....
My real name is Ellie. If I like you, I'll let you use it to address me.
Otherwise, I'll politely ask you to call me Corrupt or Creature.
Female, Shorty, merely five foot four.
People assume I'm in my twenties. How sweet~
Greatly interested in the bdsm, d/s, m/s lifestyle.
Daddydom, TPE or CPE. Both interest me.
None of that schedule s**t, I'm talking about 24/7.
Polyamorous, trying to stay monogamous.
I love multiple people, though I know who's the King of my heart.
I've let my favored Queen go.. But she's very special to me.
I hold the temper of a boar, the stubbornness of a bull.
More loyal than a Labrador, if one deserves it.
His lil Masochist, Sadist deep inside.
"Opinionated". Aka, I'll speak my mind, and if I'm a b***h, so be it.
Literate stoner, my brain has yet to be fried.
I'm not the best person when It comes to morals, my own anyway.
I do have a good sense of what's right and wrong,
though I don't always choose the former over the latter.
Jealous, overprotective, distant, and cynical.
After all, everyone must have flaws.
Paranoid, truly.
I don't believe there's much good in people~.
I'm a contradiction, and at times a hypocrite.
I have an ego, yet I'm insecure.
I'm shy, but I love attention.
Lover of the dark and creepy.
Blood, Gore, Death. Mmmm~<3

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Patzu Report | 04/23/2014 5:32 pm
"Awww, sweety~" He chuckled, the back ends of his fingers finding her open cheek with gentle caresses. The tip of his tail flicked gently, still coiled about the cute ursine.
Patzu Report | 04/23/2014 5:07 pm
He stroked her hair and scooted up into her lap, tail coiling about her. "I'm just fine, dear. I missed you, today." He grinned at the panda, nuzzling into her hair.
Patzu Report | 04/23/2014 10:59 am
He yawned and stretched. "Oh blegh. I just passed right back out."
Patzu Report | 04/23/2014 7:24 am
As he woke up, he grinned. "Oh hush and take my apology. I messed up, and I feel badly for it. K? I feel a good deal better after a good nights sleep."
Patzu Report | 04/23/2014 2:18 am
"I apologize for the harshness of my words. I spoke out of emotion, and not much thought. You are one of a very small group I trust with my inner workings. A group of about 4 or 5 people who know about my thoughts intimately. Not even my closest friends, who you saw me answer the phone and speak to, know that this is how I think. It is hard to deal with, but I will always have an ear open to you. I will always be ready and willing to help you, if I can. Truly, I am sorry."
Patzu Report | 04/23/2014 2:01 am
"I got reported for calling someones bluff and had to deal with one of those bullshit warnings. It's happened about three times now. Normally, I talk it out with the mods. I have many different PMs were I talk it out with the mods, and point out where and why they're wrong, and I even go so far as to explain why I acted how I did, and I request that they appropriately deal with the matter so that I wouldn't have to. And keep in mind that a Mod is not above being reported for their actions as well."

This was me "Trolling"

"When I get a You don't believe that when I am very clearly acting on how I feel and what I believe, what am I supposed to think? Him chasing me away is my greatest fear when I log on. I am scared after every message I get from you and respond to that it will be the last I get."

"You mean a lot to me. I mean, s**t. I stalk my own god damn outbox to see if you've seen my messages. To see if you got around to giving me the time of day."
Patzu Report | 04/23/2014 1:32 am
"Fine. You know what. Fine. If I'm not allowed to be here for you, then I won't. This is exactly what I was just talking about. And like ******** clockwork, I'm proven right again. I'm a ******** breeze. I'm not even worth an explanation."

"And you think you can handle what he has to say! This [********] demon in my head. You can't even handle me being honest. I'm done. If you wanna talk about this later, PM me. If not, I'll let you remove me. Your ******** call."
Patzu Report | 04/23/2014 1:18 am
"You and I are a team. And as long as we're a team, I will do what I can." <3
Patzu Report | 04/23/2014 1:14 am
He gave her a nice tight hug. "What's going down on your end?"
Patzu Report | 04/23/2014 1:04 am
"Well, I don't mean to offend, I'm just being honest. At the end of the day, if Chris has had enough of me, that's all that is written for me. And I know as much to be true. I don't ask for anything else because I respect the decision you've made for him. I think it's sweet. I wish I still had something like that for myself in this world."

"I was talking to Niabi, I'd commented about the situation with my mom and her current boyfriend, and then a little bit later, I put the donotwant emote as a response to bolding and underlining a typo from someone else. I was kidding, but then he said I had a shitty mom in response--commenting on the four words I'd said to Niabi--and that my priorities are messed up. I explained a little bit of the situation to him, told him I didn't like him and had to delete one of those sappy apology PMs. I ********' hate those. If you're sorry, say it in public, right then."

A note attached to a gift, from an anon

Oh Anon... You gave me chills, sir... Please tell me who you are <3

What the message said~
From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: You run though the green field,
Hoping to arrive before your friends,
Atop a flower covered hill you kneel,
Wanted to arrive before the festivities ends.

Catching your breath in the spring air,
You imagined yourself winning the Easter hunt-
Suddenly you feel a presence, yet the field is bare,
Out of nowhere you perform quite the acrobatic stunt

Shocked and scared you sprint to the event site
A voice, cold as ice came from the breeze;
"Running from your new master isn't polite"
Your stomach was starting to feel ill at ease

You stop not knowing how or why,
You just wanted to have fun today,
Not play games with some bad guy!
Please, let me go, go away!

A chill ran down your spine
"Oh don't worry Puppet, you'll be just fine"


He is the Joker to my Harley Quinn~♥
Scarlet's My Lil Nibbler~♥

Cirque De Cartes
Let the Music Box play
Willow, "Puff",the Panda Bear
Come one, come all, the Joker's Cards call

Bday~ 4.30!
Night, Kitty, Rachy= kinky angels


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