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How do you do, O honored viewers. I am Cool Tempered Encourager. If you want to know more about me, please do read below...

Real Name Jeffrey William Naslund, Jr.
Nicknames The nice guy; The sweet guy; the cute guy; The tenderhearted man; The tranquil guy; Peacemaker; Encourager; The Gracious Guy; helper; helpful man; gentleman; Gent; kind man; merciful guy; compassionate man; tender man; sensitive guy (meaning "he has no intension of hurting or offending anyone"); righteous man; sacred man; Christian man; Christian; good man; good guy; adorable guy; loveable guy; easygoing guy; chivalrous guy; man who shows hospitality; funny guy; a man with a good sense of humor; joker (meaning "he jokes" or "tells puns" or does/says things to make others laugh or giggle or smile or chuckle); a man who compliments (he even gives them strong and wonderful compliments, those who smile or cry from many sweet compliments); a man with inspiring words; optimistic guy; faithful man; a man who has wisdom like anyone else; a man with hope; a man who wishes for something good; anything related to these nicknames in this category

Nationality: Italian, the rest are Swedish, Irish and German, but I only speak English
Birthday: October 25th, 1985
Diagnosed with: A mild case of High-Functioning Autism (HFA) but I'm able to do things
Age: I prefer not to say
Grade: High School graduate
Gender: Male
Age Stage: I'm grown up
Sexual preference: Straight
Weight: more to love
Size: Extra Large, big boned
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Dark brown that resembles black hair
Dream jobs: Bartender, prep cook, handyman, baker
Species: Human being
Zodiac Signs: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac: Ox (no text facial expression. Read it like this: it is a big, strong animal with hooves, has long horns, and the specie's name starts with "O" What animal is it?............ You got it. That is my Chinese Zodiac)
Traits: Mentally 3-4 years younger than my current age (but I try to behave more mature, since I deal with my own Autism), Easy to get along with, kind, gentle, helpful, energetic, strong, fun, serious, funny, ticklish, patient, optimistic (I think positive in every situation), a peacemaker (I work to maintain peace and I encourage others, so we will live better lives), tranquil, at peace, joyful, loving (with brotherly affection), playful, faithful, forgiving, merciful, compassionate, tenderhearted, humble, generous, upbeat, good, has self-control, honorable, respectful, discreet, a true encourager, cool, calm and collected
Voice tone: Male Adult, a little bit of a male teenager, baritone
Height: 6'3" tall
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Religion: Christian (other)
Political party: Republican
What kind of voice work can I do? cartoon adult (male), cartoon teenager (male), cartoon child (male), cartoon elderly man, cartoon imp voice (growly, freaky medium-high pitched voice), cartoon beast voice (deep, growly, monstrous voice), big dog barking, little dog barking, cat meowing, bear roar, cartoon drilling sound, snake hiss, frogs croak (frogs saying "ribbit"), scary whispery voice (male), movie trailer announcer (male), commercial voice (male), radio announcer/Disc jockey voice (male), wrestler voice (male), sports announcer voice (male), authoritarian voice (male), gentleman voice, mysterious voice (male), softspoken voice (male), cartoon angelic voice (male), cartoon maniacal voice (male), cartoon duck quack, owl hooting (low pitch voice), big black sheep bleat (low pitched voice), cartoon sheep bleat (medium pitched voice), cartoon rooster crow, cartoon cow moo, storybook narrator (male), robotic like voice (male), baritone, singing voice (additional voices (male))
Favorite number: seven
Favorite Seasons: Spring, Fall
Favorite Instruments: Triangle, cymbals
Favorite Shapes: stars, hearts, butterflies, crosses
Favorite things: doves, crosses, hearts, angels, cherubs, clouds, halos, ladybugs, four leaf clovers, angel wings, peace signs, stars, butterflies
Favorite Movie/TV Shows: Bibleman, Greatest Heroes and Legends of The Bible, Belle and The Beast (a Christian film), Jesus videos, Cherub
Wings, Time Changer, Final Events of Bible Prophesy, Lamb of God, My Little
Pony:Friendship Is Magic (I'm a temporary brony)
Favorite Fruits: Apple, Oranges, Pineapples, strawberries, kiwis, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, Cherries, grapes, bananas, watermelon, grapefruit, lemons, peaches, apricots, tangerines, honeydew, cantaloupe, plums, pears, passion fruit, starfruit, tomatoes
Favorite Vegetables: Celery, carrots, parsnips, fennel (it looks like an onion, smells like mint and tastes like licorice and it is a vegetable that you chop with a chef knife), leek, salads, onions, garlic, potatoes, yams, cucumber,
zucchini, squash, lettuce, bell peppers, corn, asparagus, shallots, broccoli, mushrooms (bela), cauliflower, okra, brussels sprouts, sweet corn, sweet potatoes
Favorite Ice Cream: Vanilla, cherry, chocolate, oreos and cream, cookies n cream, chocolate chip ice cream, hot fudge sundae with caramel toppings, vanilla with caramel toppings, mint, swirl, banana, neapolitan, cotton candy, rainbow sherbet, raspberry sorbet, milky way ice cream, snickers ice cream, kit kat ice cream, spumoni ice cream,
Favorite Weathers: Sunny, Rain, windy (but not gust of wind, but a gentle cool breeze)
Favorite Holidays: Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day
Favorite Outdoor Activities: Walking; walking and listening to music; meditating; shopping; eating at a restaurant; going to church or ministry; picnic;
playing some games; sitting on a bench, reading a newspaper or a book
Favorite Places: The mall, Holy Land Experience, movie Theater, Stone Mountain, big buildings where they have aquariums and other marine creatures in tanks; Amusement parks; candy or pastry shop; restaurants,
esp. in the mall; parks; beaches
Favorite sports: golf, volleyball, soccer, basketball court outdoors, swimming, the gymnasium (weight lifting)
Favorite Insects: ladybugs, butterflies
Favorite food: Pizza, pasta dishes, vegetables, salads, fruit, rice, Lo Mein, Chow Mein, fried calamari, hamburgers, hot dogs, beef, chicken, turkey, subway sandwiches, hero sandwiches, bagels with cream cheese, English muffins with cream cheese, crackers with tuna
Favorite Junk Food: Brownies, cake, ice cream, cookies, doughnuts, pudding pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate pie with delicious toppings on it, nachos with cheese sauce, chips and dip, s'mores, marshmallows, bagels with cream cheese, rice crispy treats (esp. with any topping on it)
Favorite Candy: Twix, Snickers, Peeps, Milky Way, Cadberry eggs, 3 Musketeers, kitkat bars, Nestle CRUNCH bars
Favorite Drinks: Tea, Chamomile Tea (it's an Herbal tea), Milk, Ice Water, juices, and some soda
Favorite Flowers: Lavenders, chamomile, lilies, roses, gardenias
Favorite Living creatures: kittens, puppies, ponies, baby bunnies, doves, esp. turtle doves smilies/icon_heart.gif
Favorite vehicle: Van (not just any Van, a van that has keys you press buttons to open or lock or unlock the van's doors)
Favorite Months: March, April, May, June, November, December, February
Favorite songs: Christian Music, relaxing music, love songs, praise and worship, and some oldies
Favorite Colors: Red, white, Blue, light blue, indigo, gold and pastel colors (but I'm not crazy about pink or baby pink or lavenders. Too feminine for my taste, but I like light bluish purple color)
Most personal favorite color: Indigo
Most personal favorite pastel color: light purplish blue color
Favorite quote: "Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today", "The darkest hour is before dawn", "Never judge the book by its cover (without ever knowing the difference that lies within its pages)", "There's a time for everything"

Likes: Love (not in a gay way, but with brotherly affection only), Joy, Peace, Relaxation, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Optimism, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-Control, Consideration, Respect, Honor, Cute things, Beautiful things, Lovely things, light and bright and shiny and sparkly things (it's beautiful), all things sacred/holy, Harmony, Happiness, Fun activities, Less drama, Righteousness, Solitude, Quietness (at some point instead of noise or disturbances or interruptions), Laughter, Jokes, Honesty, Sincerity, Generosity, Encouragement, good and helpful suggestions, Serenity, Compliments, Hugs, Cuddling and nuzzling, Mercy/Compassion/Pity, Hearts, Stars, Doves, Lady Bugs, Butterflies, Crosses, Exercises and eating healthy, Loyalty, Comfort, enjoying life, Chivalry, being called "cute" or "handsome" or "a sweet guy" or "adorable", positive outlook, positive viewpoints, Forgiveness, good deeds, gracious speech

Dislikes: evil things like sexual immorality, sinful desires [filthy and indecent actions], wild living [depravity; promiscuity], worshiping false gods [idols; trinket gods; statues of Greek gods], witchcraft [sorcery], use of drugs, hating [hostility; antagonism], becoming enemies and fighting and making trouble [discord; strife], being jealous, anger, wrath, selfishness [rivalries], arguments and making people angry with each other [dissensions], dividing into little groups and thinking the other groups are wrong [factions], false teaching, being envious and wanting something someone else has, murder, alcoholic beverages, wild parties, and all things like these (this is wrong), Dark and scary things, Violent material, violence, Hatred, Skulls, Gothic material, being called "gay" (and being treated like one) when I know for sure that I am straight, insults (esp. in vulgar language), rude speech, tension, stress, put downs, degrading speech, grudges, revenge, narrowing eyes in anger, clenching of teeth and sneering in anger, all caps which is considered shouting in the virtual world, noise and commotion, expressing intense angry emotion, manners of harsh judging over mistakes or spelling errors/typos, anger/bad tempers, harsh/unpleasant attitudes or gestures, text messages of harm or violence, text messages of rape or murder, being criticized for calling homosexuality an "offensive act", abusive language (continual swearing at those who forbid it), behaviors of antagonizing (continuing of doing or saying stuff against those who hate it), inflammatory messages to solely offend or provoke one another (it's called "trolling"), cyber bullying, cyber theft, plagiarism, hacking, scamming, discord, chaos, problems (esp. online), negativity, trouble, unpleasant or negative debates, behaviors of saying or doing things that leads to issues, gossip, slander, discrimination. I do not like these wicked things. I also don't like being stalked [persistent harassment against an individual or a group of individuals against their wishes (commonly known as "stalking") is not a thing to do. Anyone who does that gets in trouble. If you do it in real life, you will get arrested. If you do it here on Gaia, will you get a warning from a moderator or a ban. Stalking is not a good idea. Many of us feel uncomfortable by it. I like you, but I do not like that treatment, and I would appreciate it if you would stop stalking us, please? You are welcome to view my profile, but not too often), being ignored, antagonistic traits [doing the things we don't like is rude and unnecessary. No one can tolerate antagonizing. There's a difference between respecting our wishes and rights, which is the right thing to do, and just being plain rude and inconsiderate. You wouldn't like it if someone continually does something YOU don't like, would you? Consideration is key], being controlled or taken advantage of or spitefully used by other people [persecuted; treated badly] (those actions are wrong), being judged or criticized, judging me over appearance (the aspects of my life could be different than what you are assuming. You don't know me or where I come from unless you read my details here. Don't judge me based on who/what I am), being called a "*****] (Just because I'm a grown man online doesn't necessarily mean that I commit those crimes. There are many adults (ages 20 or 30 or over) that come online in their spare time, and many of them don't do kids, and I am one of them. I have morals and standards, I know the law and I obey it. I just come online when I have nothing to do (when today's work is done until the next day), and I enjoy life and get some fun out of life, and I make the best of it. I would appreciate it if you would give me a break, please?), [color=red]being called an "old man" online (I haven't reached the age of 50 yet, nor am I in my 30's of age yet. How is THAT old? I am young in comparison. Why exaggerate my age?), being stalked (persistent harassment of me or other individuals against our wishes (commonly known as "stalking") makes me feel uneasy and uncomfortable. It is like a threat. People who do that get in trouble. Stalking is against the law and Gaia's rules and terms of services. If you do that in real life, you will get arrested. But if you do it here on Gaia, you will get a warning or a ban from the staff members. Stalking people is not the right thing to do. I would appreciate it if you would stop, please?), being ignored, being criticized, being insulted or offended, being judged (being called "bad" or "mean", something like that) from speaking the truth about wrongs or offenses and where they lead, being mistreated (treating me badly) for making mistakes or speaking the truth, offenses (esp. for speaking the truth or making a mistake), bullying (or being bullied by others), unresponsive web pages, computers with slow performance, unresponsive computers, computer crashes, computer freezes, computer viruses, computer trojans, assumptions, manners of spreading rumors after assuming or judging, trolling, manners of assuming every adult is a *****] (Those who assume that needs a big reality check: majority of adults have morals and standards. They are lawful, and they have self-control, so they don't do kids or minors. People who don't believe that are accusing adults of crimes they know not to commit, and that is unjust. The accusers are looking for trouble which they themselves get into. Their accusation and assumptions are in total ignorance. So instead of accusing every adult of *****, how about move on? The aspects of adults' lives could be different than what you're assuming, you do not know them. Never judge adults as anything), [color=red]hardships (people giving me a hard time or dumping hard feelings on me. Those traits burden me and it makes me unhappy. Being treated like that will result in anyone's misfortune. The hard person will get in trouble. It would be best if they behave themselves, for the goodness of all society and Social Media), being called a "stalker" when looking around or going someplace (How am I stalking? I am just minding my own business wandering around aimlessly. I am innocent of stalking. Please do not judge me or accuse me of anything), being criticised or judged (calling me "bad" or "mean" or insulting me and resenting me and mistreating me is absolutely unnecessary), being lied to, being talked behind my back (it signals trouble somehow, and you will get in trouble yourselves. If you have something to say about me, then how about saying it to my face instead?), people begging me for gold or items constantly (it gets old fast. Please refrain from begging. It is getting on my nerves), Slow and unresponsive web pages (they are frustrating and annoying. I just want to get to something in particular in a flash)

Bio: Cool Tempered Encourager is a man who solves his own problems before encouraging others to mimic the same techniques for coping with their own problems. Cool Tempered Encourager is gentle, kind, tenderhearted, good to everyone, esp. mean people and animals. He forgives, shows mercy and compassion to others who have problems, and if he gets offended or hurt, he forgives those people and controls himself. He does not offend or get angry. Instead, he controls his emotions and his tongue, so he practices self-control. He is cool, calm and collected. He is not easily angered or excited. He gives good pointers and directions in times of need, and he suggests or urges them to follow that path, and he is reasonable about it. He speaks the truth. He is kind to nice people and mean people. He treats them the same way he wants to be treated like (he wants to be treated nicely and he wants patience and respect from others. He treats them the same way, and he is considerate and thoughtful and gentle and helpful), and if people call him a "sweet man", "awesome guy" or a "nice man", he smiles over those compliments. But if he gets insulted and criticized, he ignores the insult. First, he forgives those people and shows mercy and compassion to them. He does a nice thing in return of the matter. He encourages people, even before they need it. If he calls wrongs "wrong" and others think he is "mean" he uses discernment towards the situation. He knows the truth of wrong from right. He knows what is wrong and what is right and he knows where it leads. He has morals and standards. He is prudent. He stays alert in every situation, and he foresees danger and takes precaution [he foresees evil and goes into hiding, like not entering wolf territory or seeing a "Beware of dog" sign, like eating ripe fruit and staying away from rotten fruit]. Cool Tempered Encourager is patient to everyone, and he gives them another chance. He doesn't judge people or mistreat them. Instead, he controls his mouth and says nice things to them and he controls himself in every other way. Yes, following positivism is better than giving into and following negativism. It makes every day living better and things will go well for him and other folks if that is the case. He thinks positive in every situation. He is reasonable when he does these things and he speaks the truth. He points out offenses and corrects others [rebuke] when needed instead of resenting. He is a straight guy, but he still gets along with gays and bisexuals as long we respect each other's rights and pixel bodies. Cool Tempered Encourager can make friends with them, yes, but they are not allowed to touch his butt or private parts (or even look at them). When it comes to romance, he is interested in ladies who are straight. But he can still make friends with homosexuals and bisexuals nonetheless. But if a female touches his butt or private parts, it is hard for him to resist. He is also Autistic, so if he behaves like he is 3 or 4 years younger than his current age, don't mind him. At other times, he acts more mature than that. He has a mild case of HFA (High-Functioning Autism), but he does his best to deal with it. And this is all about Cool Tempered Encourager.
Who I would like to meet: Doug Walker (Nostalgia Critic), James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd), Mike Matei (of Cinemassacre . com), Kyle Justin (of KyleJustinMusic . com), Willie Aames (who formerly took the role of Bibleman), Jim Carrey, Angelica Zambrano, Joyce Meyer, Angry Joe (Joe Vargas), Nostalgia Chick (Linsay Ellis), bronies and pegasisters (even at a BronyCon), GaiaOnline Members and staff (all members, including DJ Helsing, Lanzer, biglanky14, sisky, etc.), philsterman01/10 (the man who voiced Dusk Shine and colt six on YouTube) and You *points my finger at you and smiles*


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I prefer not to say my age/male/straight/Christian/High-Functioning Autistic (But I'm able to do things)
How do you do, O honored viewers. I am Cool Tempered Helpful Gentleman. I delight in helping in times of need. if you need help with anything, don't hesitate to contact me through PM. I will get back with you at an opportune time.


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you make any assumptions about me, please
read the details I provided below. Read
them clearly, so you will get to know me

Revered Samurai here and I have one thing in common: we both don't like to be called "gay". We are straight people.

This guy thinks I'm his bfffffff when I am actually a STRAIGHT guy, esp. in real life. However, I still get along with anyone who is homosexual and/or bisexual. This guy loves me, but I am not interested in gay matters. I'm a Christian and I treat young men like my brother, for we are made by God. I can get along with gays and bi's just fine.

I am straight/more into ladies who are Christian singles and straight)

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This video is a message to Rina-Chan, the Voice Acting Club forum and those who judge me rather than acknowledge me as "an autistic who is able to do things". This video is based on the events. And the guy in this segment is me voicing my opinions, so people will understand me better. I hope things get better.