Colonel Gabrielle

Add Me? Trade? Comment? Request Art?

Hello there.
You landed on my profile page, I see...

Well, there's not much to say about myself.
I'm 19, German and quite interested in arts.

I do accept art requests at any time for the sake of my
quest, even though I should be very busy graduating.

I am a friendly being in general, but with tendencies
to insanity and personality disorder, I guess.

Don't bother me with mainstream things like
facebook. I hate that stuff lots.

But back to arts; please check out
my DeviantArt - link up there. ^ ^

PM me, if interested.

Okay, bye.

My lovely Shiorinchan.
Luvv ya lots.
We shall meet again.

I'm Yuki a.k.a. CookieYuki16.
And this is my territory, bishees.

Racism, sexism and similar is a no-no in my presence,
so shut your mouth if you only want to hate on others origins and stuff.