...I never update this. Sorry for the outdated stuff.

What's going on now:
~ I am a junior in high school.
~ I live in the U.S.A (.....-_-')
~ I like anime/manga, but I am not a complete fanatic.
~ I play trumpet in my school's band...symphonic band and marching band. (I don't actually play for my marching band anymore. I'm a drum major--I conduct everyone. c:< )
~ I LOVE learning foreign languages! My favorites to learn are Icelandic and Dutch. (I like Norwegian, Finnish, and Mandarin too...but I'm strictly beginner in all of those.)
~ I hate almost all American music. I prefer nearly anything else. Finnish rock, Viking metal, K-Pop, Eurodance, Norwegian rap/electronica, ANYTHING. (Except country. I just can't...)
~ I love and advocate art, in almost every form.
~ I am sarcastic...to everyone. Try not to be offended; inflections don't travel through text well. I'll try and limit it when I type. <:
~ .....I enjoy unicorns and hello kitty.
~I love TF2. I'm not fantastic, but I'm getting better. (Proud balloonicorn-using pyro girl. c: )
~ I don't mind talking to people; if you want to talk to me, do it! I like discussing random things.

Any questions, comments, whimsical ideas, or anything else of the sort may be redirected to me with a PM.

Have a nice day~! c:


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its a small world after all.~ 3nodding blaugh

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Finland bobblehead LOVE~ 3nodding heart

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Thanks for your purchase! :3

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Haha, kiitos samoin! (-:

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Hello, I was just randomly answering some bottle messages in my aquarium when I saw your answer about Salmiakki being your favourite candy. biggrin
It's kind of funny, usually everyone else except Finns hate it haha. So it's nice to see other kind of reception too!
*random comment is random*
Angelic iGirl

Report | 12/23/2012 4:06 am

Angelic iGirl

Fröhliche Weihnachten!
Frohes neues Jahr!
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!

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cool avi

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cool avi!
Angelic iGirl

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Angelic iGirl

Hello! I was in the Durem forum (go team!) and I saw your signature.
If you ever want to learn German I could help if you'd like.
Good luck on your quest to learn foreign languages! heart

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Welcome to our dutch guild biggrin
I'm SO SORRY for the late acceptance, exams and work kinda kept me busy X_x.
I hope you get the chance to improve your Dutch, it would be amazing if we could help you with that. biggrin

If you wish to have personal contact with dutch people, a lot of people are open to PM's and/or comments. biggrin
Good luck with everything biggrin