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I like dancing, photography, film, fashion, music, poetry, literature and a lot of artsy fartsy stuff. I like math when I understand it. I like quantum and theoretical physics stuff too. I'm into sports such as swimming and touch-rugby.
I don't dislike a lot of things. Just a couple. Like the fast-paced, polluted and industrial city. I want to move out of the city. And I'm going to.
I'm a pesco-lacto-ovo-vegetarian. I basically eat fish (seafood), lactose, eggs and, fruits & vegetables. I've been like this since I was 9. I'm 18 now.
I don't use my phone much. I leave it uncharged for days and I don't always answer texts and calls often because I don't have my phone with me. Not a phone person.
I believe in a lot of things. I'm an agnostic. I'm pansexual, or bisexual to make it simpler. Some days I'm just asexual... or straight. Some days I just don't care. Some days I care too much.
I find it sad and a total turn-off when people like me for what I look like instead of liking me for who I am. I don't want someone in pants for shallow reasons. Especially if I like like the person already.
I like spending time with my friends & family. I'm a social being.
I like nature and animals, but I also like the indoors and the convenience of modern day technology.
I'm self conscious and I have a teddy bear that wears my baby clothes.
I don't drink sodas.
I like to eat a lot, although I never seem to get fat.
I have a massive sweet-tooth.
I enjoy watching super hero TV series.
My room's a mess. My closet's a mess. My bag's a mess. My bed's a mess. But I like to keep my body clean.
I'm inspired by so many people, and I look up to them.
Curiosity killed the cat. I'm not a cat.
I have big--no huge--no gigantanormous dreams and aspirations for myself.
Get to know me. :]

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megoboxxx Report | 09/22/2014 12:45 pm
User Image
megoboxxx Report | 09/21/2014 12:31 pm
Apples are wonderful too 3nodding
Ty Cookie 4laugh
megoboxxx Report | 09/15/2014 12:26 pm
Its totally fine, I dont mind the late responses. I understand.
Why the carrot, whynot an apple? blaugh
megoboxxx Report | 09/01/2014 8:06 am
emotion_kirakira So beautiful and delicious. I want some yum_puddi
//grabby hands
megoboxxx Report | 08/30/2014 12:47 pm
Its been alright, still no life. but
AMG I just miss you so much, and your random food pictures 4laugh
megoboxxx Report | 08/28/2014 11:07 pm
COOKIE!!!! emotion_awesome
How are you? Its been forever gonk
GAlA H e r p s Report | 07/09/2014 6:11 pm
GAlA H e r p s
ARTPOP Monster Report | 07/07/2014 1:26 pm
ARTPOP Monster
Just fantastic! biggrin
-xToro- Report | 07/06/2014 4:56 pm
Totally forgot i ever commented, sorry xD
xXDaRk_AnGeLXx XD Report | 07/06/2014 2:34 am
Werewolf of course ^_^

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