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Location: The Pie Hole

Occupation: Dúnedain Ranger



--The name:: Em.

--Age:: 23

--Status:: Cumberbabe | Hiddlestoner | Shipper | Single

--Pet Peve on Gaia:: Text-Talk.

--My Face:: [ x ]

--Obsessing over:: LOTR/Hobbit, Thorinduil, Captain America.

--Currently:: Trying to read LOTR, also trying to write a few fan fictions while working my a** off at work.

--My Hobbies:: Playing Nintendo 64 (Mostly just Ledgend of Zelda OoT or MM) or my ps3, painting my nails, trying to draw, sleeping, playing around on youtube, reading, internet, listening to music, reading fan fictions, being with my friends and the ones I love.

--Things I lyk:: superheroes, all nail polish, the TARDIS, Zelda for the 64, body pillows, shiny things, soft and fluffy things, the color purple, anything red, white and blue, music, drawing, fanfiction, England, sleeping, male slash, Halloween, the internet and what a lovely thing it is, large cats, or just cats in general, like my fat cat Kili n_n

--Things I dont lyk:: Twilight and it's Twi-tards, people who actually think 50 shades of gray is good, onions, long car rides, needles, bullies, headaches, cat-haters, animal abuse, beggars, rude people, spiders and mostly all bugs.

--Random Facts:: Thranduils is my best friend in RL.
I cosplay my avatar quite a bit, as well indulge in a little RPing.
I have 3 active mule accounts.

**I've been on gaia since 2004, Username: Soulful Sam
**I was previously known as XcoffeeX, and Emilee Lennon.



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I've got an outbreak of Pokerus
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I'm not half as good at- at
anything as I am when
I'm doing it next to you...
and that's the truth



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