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uuhhh my names syness D. (i dont really like my last name)
i luv my middle name cuz it has to do with my fav anime
my fav colors: red, blue
my:fav song : teengers by my chemical romance
my fav band(s): of mice and men and bmth
i dont really do much i eat i sleep i journal i write lyrics i sing i play the piano (rarely)
my best friend stephano
im kinda anti-social when im not with my friends
sometimes people ask me a question and i answer a different question that they didnt ask lol im not the smartest
i luv watching pewdiepie on my free time
im pretty nice until someone makes me mad which rarely ever happens XD

best friend stephano

my big sister???

my senpai Haz cx

its Synessa
(its a typo im to lazy to fix)