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Stupid s**t About Me

What's up Mr. Dudeman
Age: 20
Gender: Salted Carmel Frappe with extra whip mixed with genderfluidness and whatever they have in todays world.(aka just the basic white girl)
Name: Sam
Likes: FOOD, video games, longboarding, bass, ukulele, any type of art, and being an a*****e.
Dislikes: When there's no wifi.
My life: Currently studying to be a video game designer/tester.
Relationship: In love with a girl but totally single.
Useless facts: I love whales. My instagram is Pixel_me_this or Sam_is_a_whale. Kik- EatTheSammich. My steam is Cabin_Boy. My skype is volbeat165. Snapchat: SuxAFux. Twitch:SuxAFux.
Tis Be A Chicken Nugget