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No random friend requests, please! Please don't add me unless you have at least said hello.

I'm a university student majoring in computer science and minoring in Spanish. I like to come online in my spare time (though very often during breaks). I roam the PD subforum and occasionally Heaven. I am a lover of new age instrumental music and good books. I adore playing the violin and learning Spanish.

Previously named "gothygrimgirl2" until I changed to "Confelicity." "Confelicity" means "pleasure in other's happiness." It's a real word! (I don't know why spell-check gets it.). My mule accounts are gothygrimgirl830 and gothagrimgal.

I taught myself how to code using Gaian resources and the Internet in April of 2014. Since then, I opened a profile shop (see the link above). My profile shop is open during the summer and for a few weeks in mid-December, but otherwise it is closed due to academic obligations. I do, however, have some free layouts available.


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NightPhantom1110 Report | 05/17/2015 9:07 pm
holy ******** c**t ******** on a ******** rollercoaster of drippy ******** and ******** a vacuum's one-legged coin-op ******** with it

I LITERALLY start summer semester TOMORROW
I just got out of class last week! I didn't even get to enjoy my week off because of work!

I'm really sad we haven't been able to complain about things like pickles or toe cramps
I've just been barraged with so much s**t recently, I havent even cleaned out my backpack
and I sure as balls am not ready for summer school. why is it so soon?! why is it every day?!
not to mention my school ADAMANTLY AND TOTALLY DICKISHLY refuses to let me apply for a bus pass

the fact that I had work doesn't make it better, what with having to help my dad and all
went to go install 3 mirrors, each 6 feet by 8 feet, which in math is 48 square feet big. and heavy
took 3 days total, and my dad payed me the flat $100, which would be fine except IT WAS HEAVY

*sigh* all of my friends are LITERALLY, still waiting for finals. ******** this school with a platinum-grade boomerang
and to salt the wound, pokemon has gotten boring because I have nothing else I can play

I imagine you've started school already? getting into fights and bad-mouthing the profs, I hope.
stealing lunch money from 23-year-olds with your uh...
so yeah flash drives are nice.

can't even leave the mandatory image because the puter's acting up
><(((( *< it's a fishie
NightPhantom1110 Report | 05/02/2015 4:42 pm
long time no see...
Deidara-niichan Report | 05/02/2015 5:40 am
User Image

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User Image
I know right xD Its hilarious!

Oh gawd I can't imagine getting a phone that huge xD Not that mine isn't all that big right now but still I don't want a huge
phone its too annoying,you can't put it in your pocket and if its an iPhone they seem to get damanged quite easily
and plus that they cost a fortune to just get fixed so no thanks I rather stick to something simple mine right now that I have
and that I bought for New Year is a Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo its quite a nice phone actually It was the only one in stock so I got the very
first one that arrived so I'm proud of myself! I was thinking of getting this one HTC phone since they are quite good too but they didn't have it in that store
and it seemed like I would have to pay around 30 bucks every month to get it at the price I was looking at and I can't really do that to my Mom
since she pays a lot anyway but when I get a job and start making my own money I wouldn't have to worry about that!

That's true really~ but when you have a good enough distraction Its really hard to come back since you don't even need a computer
all that much anymore,when my boyfriend was around for the past 2 weeks I didn't even think of Gaia sure I did miss some of my friends and all
but It didn't seem all that fun without him in it,I'd still come online if I was super busy here and there to see what some of my friends are up to but
once you get into that you are pretty much busy for life! xD But I should really catch on some more Yu-Gi-Oh! I wanted so long to reach Seaon 3 heart

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Deidara-niichan Report | 05/01/2015 8:41 am
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User Image
Well I find them here and there xD I heard that Tumblr has a really nice pictures here and there as well c:
You're very welcome doe~

Yeah seems like son It was kind of weird in a way but I suppose cute as well seeing him show a small amount of affection towards
someone like that,showing more of why he has such a strong connection with his blue-eyes well mostly cause of his brother to a degree and
well that xD

It was really stupid of me seriously xD But its alright doe no need to worry its not one of those phones that get damaged really easily
when they make a contact with water we just had to dry it and it was working fine for a moment there I thought that my sound got damaged or something
since some water got into the headphone hole but we fixed it.It just had to dry off and that's about it~ =u= oh that reminds me
I accidentaly dropped it that one day and I made a scartch but its alright so thank god for that too ; o ;
My new phone is huge compaired to my old one gawd I manage to fit it in my pockets but I can't seem to get it to fit in my
jacket pockets cause its too big ,that's okay since I like to mostly hold it cause its a smaller chance of it getting stolen to a degree but at the same time
you gotta be really careful!

I haven't been catching on Yu-Gi-Oh past the 2 weeks I was away since my boyfriend came to visit me and I was basicaly
away from gaia as well I wasn't all that active funny how it feels like of different now,sure its still feel fun and to type with friends here
and there but meh...I don't know how to really explain it,it just feels weird xD

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Lady Saxophone Report | 04/30/2015 8:25 pm
Awww fiddlesticks D:
I liked using them for making huge playlists to listen to while I was bored...

I guess I'll archive the guide for now
// is a little sentimental about deleting it
Thanks for the heads up!
Deidara-niichan Report | 04/30/2015 11:49 am
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User Image
It's quite alright xD From the looks of it could make quite the cute comment set if you are asking me!
You sure know how to put things together here and there to make a nice comment set~ 3nodding

Well to a degree didn't seem to be around for too much as you mentioned xD It was kind of cute I suppose but only for a few episodes?
They should of shown something more of an interesting story or something?I don't quite know what to comment on that really since it was
around for like not even that long while,but the Egyptian Arc is quite interesting to watch! I loved all of the series!

Oh nice,I had some stupid moments with my phone that one day I accidently dropped it in the toilet
It was in my freaking pocket and it just slid out since apperantly my jeans were too tight or something.That was such a fail!
xDD but I'm glad its alright still and working fine!

Well sadly they don't it seems :U!

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Deidara-niichan Report | 04/20/2015 1:01 pm
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User Image
I know right? Nah I'm all here and plus that I always get lots of help from my boyfriend~ c:
Hes such a cutesiepie >:C I CAN"T TAKE ET ~pulls out own hair~

Yeah the feels to that xD I was like I should totally rewatch them doe,NOW I WOULD HAVE TO BE UP AGAIN LATE! Unnnf xD

Well yeah to a degree but the one that was in my phone and it was starting to get pretty full of stuff so i would have to switch memory cards all the time if I wanna
listen to different music.

Oh I know right? That would be just annoying ,you would have to freaking scroll down forever.
Well its like that the first episodes they would just use the same beast all the time as you know already Jaden is freaking
using the same somewhat strategies and mosnters all over again xDD But oh well It gets quite interesting further when he
forms more elemental Heroes!

User Image

Deidara-niichan Report | 04/16/2015 2:41 pm
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User Image

User Image
Nah I wouldn't xD
I have so many friends around here and I don't want to let them down after all~ c: heart

I know what you mean,I was quite surprised I managed to finish it all myself
It was a long way to go I gotta say and yeah its around the 107 episodes that the new season starts
I can't wait to see them!

Yeah i've had a new phone myself recently since my old one was well quite old and I need more space and what not
for music and pictures,So I've heard about the app I never really thought of downloading it
I don't really need Gaia on my phone it would just destroy my battery literly xD

Yeah that was kind of creepy xD I don't know if it was really all that nessasary or not oh well what are you gon' do about it :U
Nah I think its still kind of cool,Jaden has earned a place in my favorites =u=
I love his Elemental Heroes so much :U

User Image

Deidara-niichan Report | 04/15/2015 5:23 am
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User Image

User Image
Awww you're just too cute! <3 I'll certainly miss you too~ c:
Its so fun to talk with you about stuff,well we do eventually talk about like multiple stuff at a time and its really epic! xD
Since I usually don't post comments that are all that long. heart

No worries at all I understand you're busy with life no need to apolagize~ c: I'm really glad to hear from you though!
Funny thing is that I was thinking about you and 2 of my friends yesterday and then boop you guys show up out of nowhere xD
I swear I have magical powers everythime I do that it happens =u=
I do too~ You're just too much of a sweetpie~ <3
Oh I've watched further into GX In my opinion it gets really good xD
Im around on episode 107 or something *A* Now I'll finally get to see Jesse and Jim in action I WAS WAITING SO LONG FOR THEM DAMN ET! >:C
But I hope you're doing well~ heart

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NightPhantom1110 Report | 04/11/2015 11:34 am
I'm really sorry I haven't been on
the ******** prof decided to make the essay due a week earlier
well, the draft is due next week. but she wants it pretty much finished, BUT LIKE WHAT THE ********

while I'm here I'll give you a small image dump of stuff I looked at this week
like a little window into my mind and also procrastination about PoS

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that should be enough

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