These threads are awesome possum!

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I think this last one might be dead, though.

love him

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Obviously my favorite man in the entire universe,
Seto Kaiba, from Yu-Gi-Oh! DM.

NightPhantom1110 is almost as cool as Kaiba ^_^



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I taught myself how to code using Gaian resources and the Internet in April of 2014. Since then, I opened a profile shop (see the link above). My profile shop is open during the summer and for a few weeks in mid-December, but otherwise it is closed due to academic obligations. I do, however, have some free layouts available.


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NightPhantom1110 Report | 12/24/2014 4:38 pm
y the time I got emerald I was already watching Inu Yasha on Toonami so I kinda knew white hair doesn't always mean old
Personally I think it looks awesome since it's a clash with the color and actual age
Steven is handsome enough to pull off grey hair, and is apparently memorable enough to cross generations like Cynthia

Nice. Dragonite is the original badass (even though aerodactyl is cooler)
55? That's reasonable enough. At least so that the battle isn't too easy
gen 4 elite four were kinda eh, the only one I remember is the ground lady.
There's a fade memory of a fire type dude who cheats using a ******** lopunny with fire punch. I kinda remember the psychic guy, but only because I completely decimated him with Giratina
Psychics have no advantage really, that's just speculation. They tend to be weak to physical moves, which are very numerous

I prefer to sleep all day. I get bored of computers and there isn't anything to do outside. I kinda appreciate the work, but I hate working
1st world problems

Pan dulce is bakery goods though. In my opinion, any baked goods from any culture are 46x better than donuts, though Chinese donuts can occasionally be great

You always have to save your master ball until endgame. That's when the real legendaries show up. Like Rayquaza and Deoxys

Mesprit wasn't that bad. Azlef was a TOTAL b***h. it has amazing so attack, and it used nasty plot.
They also buffed future sight and uproar A LOT. uproar was almost doubled in power and future sight is now 120, compared to thunder being dropped to 110
"Holy crap, did they put all the generations in there?!"
So far I've caught the lake trio, and my cousin caught a deer from gen 5, so its possible

I hate soup because it's boring and bland, just liquid
it's like boiling food and drinking the juice that comes out, not counting that most are just one thing, like tomato soup
no variation, no texture, bland flavor. Stews and chowders are different though

Rotom is the first time I've had an electric on my team
In past generations the sixth slot when fighting the elite four was always an electrode you catch from Team whatever's base.
as far as I know, from gen 1-4 there's always a lvl 30-40 electrode in the base, and it's always in my first hall of fame

air guitar? did he get a massive cramp? did his fingers get stuck in the imaginary strings?

also, forgive the messy presentation, as I'm on my phone
I swear if you had asked me, I couldn't tell you that Christmas is tomorrow
There is absolutely nothing Christmas here where I am.
The only reason I even found out was because some guy said "don't worry about the money, it's Christmas!"
I then had to check my phone to realize that, holy s**t, it's the 24th and we're not doing s**t for Christmas. again.
Merry Christmas to you though, hope you have fun
Miss Yuu-chan Report | 12/20/2014 11:34 pm
Thank you ^-^
NightPhantom1110 Report | 12/20/2014 9:33 pm
Cynthia is amazing. she and Steven stone are my favorite champions
though I like steven better in emerald, where he's not the champion, but rather 23478623x harder
cuz he's steel get it AHhaHAahA

I can't really tell you since it's been forever since I've challenged an elite four. late 50's maybe?

also please forgive my absence. school's over but I'm not free yet
my dad still drags me to work when he can and I'm also errand boy again

out of ability and mexicanism, I can drink coffee anytime like if it was liquid air
personally I only drink it occasionally, maybe when there's pan dulce.

hmm s**t got weird in alpha. like, instantly too
after spending AN ENTIRE DAY trying to catch kyogre, I end up catching it with a regular-a** premier ball
then IMMEDIATELY after being able to fly with latias I find pokemon not listed in the hoenn dex.
and since I skipped gen 5 and am late to gen 6, I literally have never seen them before. it's really creepy.
WORSE, I just caught mesprit in "nameless cavern" and I still havent fought the 8th gym yet

as terrible as that is, I'm relieved that I wasnt the only one to get credit-scammed

ethics and debate go together, but people dont tend to follow the idea of free thinking
like, being able to hate gay people is their right, but if you tell them to shut up, you have no right to do so
even though you're using that exact same right they were using to defend their rant.

I am so not into pho. god I don't see what people love about it. soup and noodles with basil
though I dislike soup in general. ******** put water in a bowl and flavor it, BAM its a meal

Dragonair can still be good, people just don't know how. thunder wave + dragon rage + something else
hell, I had a rotom on my team who literally survived on thunder wave, confuse ray and shadow ball

joltik is adorable
also, quarters are tiny. I don't consider a bug to be big until it breaks 2.5 inches
like grasshoppers, which I love but am still unsettled by because they're HUGE

what's wrong with kaiba's hand? did he break it?
did he do a spongebob?
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I was training a wailmer so that I could activate the regis after catching kyogre
being the amazing trainer I am, I played with it a bit in the poke amie thing
then it evolved. insanity ensued
0ct Report | 12/20/2014 8:32 am
well I used to do little coding things but then stopped because I was too busy. xp
I'm glad you appreciate coding though!
0ct Report | 12/19/2014 10:14 pm
<3 you're the best.
MrFolgers Report | 12/19/2014 7:10 pm
Pretty much nothing different lmao

Sad story was hoping a beard would just magically appear on my face emo
MrFolgers Report | 12/19/2014 4:38 pm
Correcto mundo! I'm 20 razz
strawberryalice Report | 12/17/2014 5:41 pm
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I know exactly what you mean. This last quarter was pretty brutal for me too.
Math is not my strongest subject, but surprisingly, I did really, really well. I exceeded my own original expectations.
I worked my butt off though. I'm so happy to have free time. It's such a nice change of pace.
Also, thank you for the compliments! I try to change my format, usually to match the theme or avi I have on.
It also shifts with my mood.
Thank you for the codes!
When you say I should stick them in the back of my CSS, should I post it along with the same code for the profile?

Thank you for sharing the music, the first song always catches my attention but so do the others.
I love music, and it is a very important thing to me. I love sharing music as well! c:
strawberryalice Report | 12/17/2014 4:09 pm
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Aside from the male harassment, I'm having a wonderful Winter break/holiday so far.
How is your holiday going?
Are you looking forward to Christmas?
I would totally appreciate those codes, if you don't mind~

Also, again, as always I must ask about the music on your profile.
It is divine, and I would love to know what it is, if it's okay to ask.
Aervels Report | 12/17/2014 3:45 pm
Yeah, I'm in the middle of doing an art piece for a contest <: I hope you've been resting easy amongst finals! 8D



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