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Well, let's get started.
▶ ▷ Previously named "gothygrimgirl2" until I changed to "Confelicity." "Confelicity" means "pleasure in other's happiness." It's a real word! (I don't know why spell-check gets it. Look it up!).
▶ ▷ I like making new friends, so don't hesitate to profile comment me or something. I just don't like random friend requests. Talk to me first.
▶ ▷ I used to roleplay, but I don't anymore. (See links below.) Please don't ask me to join one of yours; I'm usually too busy and too picky about the story.
▶ ▷ I am very into profile coding at the moment (CSS), thus my profile layouts are always changing when I have time to code.
▶ ▷ If you'd like to know anything more, read my interests section or just talk to me!

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The following links are roleplays I've been in.

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I got the text graphics for my profile from here:
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Finding Her Moon

This is where it begins.

Life isn't always starlit happiness. Sometimes you have to make your own light to guide the way. It may take an eternity, but even so, progress can only occur with your effort.



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Report | 07/21/2014 5:29 pm


Of course I don't use IE I don't hate myself, the newest version that XP can run is IE 8 and it can't handle any CSS3 or pretty much any of the useful progress which has been made in web design over the last 5-6 years, plus no adblock. I don't think I could handle browsing the web on a regular basis without adblock. I've been contemplating formatting the computer and installing some sort of Linux OS instead either by using a dual partition in case I needed to use Windows for something, or just going cold turkey, but I haven't got around to it yet. Pretty much all the programs I use on a semi-regular basis are open source, so I wouldn't really have anything to lose except that I'd have to accustom myself to the new OS, and installing stuff in most Linux distros is a little fussy. I seem to have inherited my parent's "you don't need to replace it unless it doesn't work" mentality, which I suppose is good for saving money, but can extend to being a little ludicrous at times. They are the only people I know who still have a CRT television as their main TV, and they've had it since 2000. I recognise that I end up doing virtually the same thing (well... not a CRT TV), but I still find it hard to replace something which is functioning.

It's another thing on my giant list of 'do someday' (meaning probably never) things. Something will probably come along and force me to do it, but until then, things are okay as is. I certainly don't hate myself enough to upgrade to Windows 8. Whoever thought that using the same design for tablets and computers was a good idea clearly has a rather unique (and in my opinion absurd) viewpoint. I mean, yes, I can touch my monitor, but all it does is leave smeary marks on the screen. (You must excuse my sense of humour)

I wonder why BetterGaia did decide to stop updating the FF version? I still used the really old BG addon until Gaia's recent UI changes (like the gold count display and such) made it utterly dysfunctional, because it was nice for getting all my Daily Chance things on one page and keeping some posting styles saved, like you said.

Report | 07/21/2014 2:52 pm


I know other people have similar complaints about FF. I'm not sure why, it may be a situational thing or have to do with your OS? My computer runs Windows XP (I know that makes it sound like a dinosaur, but it's only about 5 years old now and has not great, but still decent specs. My sister got my husband to build her a computer and she intentionally asked for XP because she didn't like Vista, and I scored the desktop when she wanted a laptop as she was going back to uni), and like I said, Chrome is slow and gives me issues with flash but FF runs smoothly. There's really too many variables to pin this kind of stuff down, I guess it's just good that there's a few browsers to choose from.

Plus, if I didn't have numerous browsers, how could I log into several accounts at once? xd

Report | 07/20/2014 11:45 pm


am I a sarcastic, sour, bitter man? because 80% of the pics in that link I credited to 'yeah no s**t, dumbass, try thinking"
the other 20% were 'that's out of perspective/fake' or '********?!' the donut one was depressing

I do have a tumblr. I activated it and found nothing, gave up. I tried again a while ago with pretty much the same results.
a lot of my images are from different forum sites or just google, and even though tumblr has great stuff, I can't ever find it.

if i mess up in french I just take it as a 'don't do it again' and go on. especially since I sound like a mexican with a nasal voice box

besides the fact that the items suck, THEY'RE SO OVER-PRICED. like dafuq, this is supposed to be rewarding us, not making us feel poor
you know what I just thought of? all the 'premium' items in derrner cri is super ******** cheapcompared to everything else
it's actually kind of sad that things so far out of reach a few months ago are now essentially dirt-cheap. also, I got kicked from LB emotion_awesome

silent complainers are...strange. like, I get you're mad but do something. my cousin and I are like that sometimes, but I tend to get pissed quickly
my dad, on the other hand, is straight out disrespectful. I seriously get more pissed off at him and often have to tell him to shut up before he regrets something

"So.. online drawing?" not so much. it's just drawing with the stylus on the touch screen with varying pen width. it's really fun, even if I do suck
that being said, there are a lot of amazing people on miiverse, and they're basically drawing masterpieces on their 3ds.
you can add screenshots, but they're separate. so if in-game you kill something, you can draw or comment separately. hence, jokes and visual puns are made

that game is 80% resetting. seriously. and it's always ONE ******** CHARACTER that ALWAYS gets kille-SUMIA YOU DISGRACE TO PEGASUS KNIGHTS.
it really ******** sucks because on my first run, maybe 4 people level up with huge stat bonuses, I find great items, one-shotting etc,
then someone dies, usually some useless liability or a great character with a horrible accident, then you reset, and the next run is mediocre or bad.
AND TO MAKE IT WORSE. apparently chrom has to get married. like scripted. GUESS WHO HE CHOSE. MS. UNDER-LEVELD USELESS LIABILITY HERSELF

Cordelia is awesome. she pretty much murders everything and is a PEGASUS KNIGHT YEAH.
Panne is, no joke, a were-rabbit. she transforms into a giant rabbit-monster and just kills everything by herself. then she talks about carrots.

I think Lucina is just going to be a Marth clone, or maybe just an alternate costume. she even calls herself 'Marth' when you first meet her. I hope it's not a clone.
meanwhile Robin/MU is everything I've wanted. Magic counts as non-physical and can be used at a distance. swords are physical and short range
all items in FE have limited uses, so I'm really interested in how that plays out in smash. I WOULD HOLD BOOKS ALL DAY IF I COULD

"Chrom x Robin?" tis a gay joke aha. we're like bros in that game
yeah on the harder levels EVERY decision is beyond stressful. there are entire websites on progressing and reclassing and getting skills
this is the first time (to my knowledge) that you can reclass, so like change an archer to a...knight or something. each class has special unique skills
every class can also rank-up into an advanced class, also with skills and overall improvements. people dedicate their lives to this

my dad is taking traffic school online for driving without a seatbelt. it took him 2 hours to get through one unit. god help us all

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Yen Quest

Report | 07/20/2014 6:01 pm

Yen Quest

Thankyou very much. If anything, the items were made to be worn together, so it's not really all special. Still, thank you for the compliment all the same. <3

Report | 07/19/2014 4:38 pm


A lot of this stuff I've just learnt as I've gone along. Super precise positioning does depend on the layout a little I guess. I'm working on a design at the moment where everything has to be super spot on and like I said, the last 5-10 pixels are just as time-consuming if not moreso than the rough location. Then again, with my current profile layout, the only really fussy bits to locate were the animated rainbows, everything else I just did by eye.

It is actually okay from a rules perspective to use copyright/random images for free profiles, I've even seen some people have freebie layouts in their store with theming from popular anime/films. I still don't feel like it's especially polite though. I think a lot of people think 'oh it's on the internet it's free for me to use', and while you are able to do this, it doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. Then again, my opinions on ownership and ethics online have developed over a period of several years, and I'm thinking that especially with younger users, it's not something which they've really thought about that much or run into. Being an artist myself now (although very much just at a hobbyist level), I can appreciate that people should be credited for their work, but I also can see why this mindset isn't necessarily intuitive.

Hmm... I'm not sure if Chrome has something similar to the design view or not. I have both, but I find I prefer FF as Chrome tends to be a bit memory heavy and causes my flash to freak out and go down if I have too many tabs open (and I always have too many tabs open xd ). I think it's because Chrome handles each tab as an individual process.

I think the thing with the slashes has to do with the way that HTML handles special characters. If you look at the source code for something you can see that it converts a lot of characters into a small string of letters/numbers instead of the actual symbol. I think at times sites aren't programmed to handle converting them back very well. This is just idle speculation on my behalf though.

Report | 07/18/2014 10:05 pm


My word, I forgot about that stupid detail where if you have an 8 next to a right parenthesis Gaia decides to parse it into a smiley. Considering the bulk of our emoticons require the use of a colon as part of the command, I have no idea why this one (still) doesn't, when the issue has been around for years and I've seen people bring it up in SF and AtA on numerous occasions.

Report | 07/18/2014 10:03 pm


I'm glad I'm not the only one who surpasses the character limit at times. xd Once a comment starts diverging into a variety of subjects, I definitely run the risk of this happening.

When it comes to the positioning thing, you can just drag elements to roughly where you want them to go and then find their distances from the top left/each other in GIMP. You may find on the actual profile that you'll need to tweak the positioning a bit, but it removes the hours shifting things (okay, actually I still seem to spend hours shifting things because those last 10px are just as hard if not harder than the rough placement).

Oh, the image thing drives me crazy as well. Idk what is so hard about the concept of 'you can't get paid using someone's work without their permission'. I've even explained to people that with a v2 profile it's super easy to change the image themselves when I'm done via the profile editor and I don't mind them doing that (which means that they can pick whatever they want including that really unattractive low res anime image I knocked back), but it still seems to be a major sticking point for a lot of people. I think one of the problems is that the rule doesn't really seem to be enforced espeically well? So you've got people like us who take it super seriously, just because it's showing respect to other people's work, and also because rules are rules, but in reality there doesn't seem to be any consequences to using the images unless you took them from an active Gaia artist who reports you for art theft.

Thanks very much! I wasn't working on it consistently that whole time, as I've found once you get really mad at some work the best thing to do is leave it a few days and come back to it when you feel fresh, but I got there in the end! I think the advantage of designing the visuals and doing the code myself is that my mind works both ways, so I can see both what the animation will do, and also see what I need to design to get the result I have in mind. I have no issue with you playing around with the stuff on my profile, or even trying to replicate it out of curiosity as long as you don't keep the layout or sell it or other profiles with my art assets in them.

Even looking at what other people do is a great way to get started learning. I still enjoy playing with source code to see what does what and which things affect others. Especially if you have access to nice developer tools like scratchpad, you can even make changes live on someone else's profile that will just let you see what they look like (Scratchpad is on Firefox, but I believe Chrome has a similar tool, it's just that I've never looked too closely at the dev tools on Chrome). I also adore responsive design view, which lets you see what a page will look like in different resolutions. As I have a the smaller of the two common monitor resolutions (1366x76 cool , aside from that, there's no particularly feasible method of seeing what it looks like on 1900x1200.

Report | 07/18/2014 12:17 am


oh god, that picture at the end literally made me laugh out loud. my mom told me to be quiet

nah, don't worry about it. I actually think we've been over this before, and we noted it was just 'honey' literally translated
feel free to use it; as I said, it could be your characteristic 'thing'

LB is very disappointing. so much built-up hype for a 'super-cool mega-awesome ultra-delicious shop' is just overpriced recolors

it's pretty funny and awesome how my mom is basically taking the front lines against att. she's on the phone all the time, she's using the past conversations and promises that the reps give her, and even writes down their names and their extensions. she actually wen to the att store and bitched the s**t out of everyone. i'm actually amazed

I think what makes miiverse so much fun is that it's a community forum with people playing RIGHT NOW. you can post screenshots and stuff, ask questions, build up hype or just make fun of things
also, you can draw, which is the part I exploit the most, even if I suck at it. there are some insanely talented people on that

it's hard as FUC K. in the older ones you weren't actually fighting; you were the tactician who moved the troops and planned the fight out. the characters are varied and unique, there's the strengths and weaknesses, and having to be SUPER careful on a lot of maps and how you use items. but at least in this one you can play as yourself.
the reason it's so well known is that IT'S HARD. if a unit dies in combat, they're dead for real. use an item too much and it's gone. upgrade your units too early and you mess up their stats. you know how pokemon can be really complicated? yeah, add in real death and an asian math teacher and VOILA, fire emblem.
"They're a little slow but super powerful." well actually, marth is supposed to be-"And really hot."
DAMMIT CONFETTIKITTY, AGAIN? also, marth? he's pretty girly don't you think?
actually, people playing awakening will probably side with you, considering this is the first one to have marriages.
in the older ones support conversations were limited and hard to make them work. now it's pretty much free reign
some of the girls are really pretty/badass *COUGH CORDELIA AND PANNE COUGH*

Samus and Marth? first of all, Samus would probably blow up planets rather than have a relationship. second, Marth? pffft. go hang out with peach or something
also, what the pelican poop. sometimes I wonder if the internet just exists to makes us think "WHY?!"

if you haven't seen it yet, nintendo just announced two new characters from.........fire emblem
god, I almost fangirled when I saw the trailer. especially when 'robin' was announced. personally, my character's name is Faust.

make sure to watch that video first
have fun with this image, take it for what you will.
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Report | 07/17/2014 11:25 pm


first off, I have never been or ever heard anyone be referred to as 'miel.' that could be your defining characteristic, confettikitty

actually I went over to cb and let out the pent-up trolling, and it turns out it was site-wide. mine just happened to be worse because of the internet

god, it's very obvious why everyone hates att. at least they're reducing the bill for this month. yeah, reducing. better than nothing.

ugh, I've missed out on so much. I swear, I've been letting out everything being held back this past week, on gaia, on cb, other forums and even miiverse
that being said, MIIVERSE IS STRANGELY FUN. my cousin is a fool and a buffoon for never using it.

"We were probably talking about some random things, rofl."
the waffles must be rofl'd and the stream of pointless conversation will flow once again. let no turn be unstoned.

"I missed you, too D:"
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that's because it's the symbol of the NEW ORDER! HAIL HYDRANT.
also I'm going to start stockpiling my images again, so look forward to that

during these dark times I got a chance to really get into fire emblem awakening
I'd played the first one for the gba but it got too hard and I don't remember where it is
I can see why it suddenly brought the franchise back to life

here's a completely unrelated picture
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Report | 07/17/2014 10:19 pm


******** sake, I finally get internet back AFTER ALMOST A ******** WEEKS THANKS ATT and gaia's gone to ********
goddamn week and even the ******** phone line died, but it's not like BEST INTERNET PROVIDER MY SHITTY a**. ******** YOU ATT
ALSO, is gaia broken? did they finally break the trillion gold mark and just ruin the site? NOTHING IS WORKING
I've got like 3 pop-ups that say loading and don't disappear, the images are all gone, and flash is apparently disabled
the announcements has a blank square and a q, I can't type half the time, and the site images are smearing

can't even remember what we were talking about CONFETTIKITTY IT'S SO GOOD TO TALK TO YOU AGAIN

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That's my profile shop. Would you like to check it out?

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