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Anime Amino / Pokemon Amino: Chinomi

If you wish, ask me for the following:
Ⅰ. Kik Ⅱ. Line Ⅲ. Skype


No random friend requests, please! Please don't add me unless you have at least said hello.

I'm a university student majoring in computer science and minoring in Spanish. I like to come online in my spare time (though very often during breaks). I roam the PD subforum and occasionally Heaven. I am a lover of new age instrumental music and good books. I adore playing the violin and learning Spanish. I also like reading manga (mostly shoujo, but also some shounen and josei) and watching anime (romance, comedy, adventure... currently exploring more).

Previously named "gothygrimgirl2" until I changed to "Confelicity." "Confelicity" means "pleasure in other's happiness." It's a real word! (I don't know why spell-check gets it.). My mule accounts are gothygrimgirl830 and gothagrimgal.

I taught myself how to code using Gaian resources and the Internet in April of 2014. Since then, I opened a profile shop. I don't do much coding while I'm in school, but you're welcome to check out my shop for freebies and place an order on waiting list.


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Waitlist is always open; send inquiries by PM or quote me in the thread.

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