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Well, let's get started.
▶ ▷ Previously named "gothygrimgirl2" until I changed to "Confelicity." "Confelicity" means "pleasure in other's happiness." It's a real word! (I don't know why spell-check gets it. Look it up!).
▶ ▷ I like making new friends, so don't hesitate to profile comment me or something. I just don't like random friend requests. Talk to me first.
▶ ▷ I used to roleplay, but I don't anymore. (See links below.) Please don't ask me to join one of yours; I'm usually too busy and too picky about the story.
▶ ▷ I am very into profile coding at the moment (CSS), thus my profile layouts are always changing when I have time to code.
▶ ▷ If you'd like to know anything more, read my interests section or just talk to me!

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Finding Her Moon

This is where it begins.

Life isn't always starlit happiness. Sometimes you have to make your own light to guide the way. It may take an eternity, but even so, progress can only occur with your effort.



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Aw thank you very much! ^^

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★ Thank you doll! heart
Arlette Mori

Report | 08/29/2014 5:02 pm

Arlette Mori

Runcible Moon. smile
Spirit Reborn

Report | 08/29/2014 3:12 pm

Spirit Reborn

Thank you for the kind compliment 3nodding
Hope you've had a good week so far.

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I have, his work not that great for my taste, its funny to some extent but it starts to get awful. Out of all the abridged series ive watched, teamfourstar for DBZ is the best funny and sticks with the storyline. Yugi does same but its more filler in my opinion and its mainly for the comedy except I don't find it funny.

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sorry for the late reply
I was supposed to go on last night, but yesterday was really shitty and I just wanted it to end

blaziken is wayy overrated. like, more than mudkip.
and sceptile has insane speed/attack growth. if I remember correctly, mine even beat rayquaza's speed

so it's like facebook for impatient people, but not as fast like twitter for add people (just being a d**k, don't mind me)

first of all, shame on you for buying food from the school. that's like punishment
second, mexican way is meat, beans (not refried) and maybe rice, because burritos aren't technically mexican
it's more an american invention with mexican roots. not counting chipotle, american burritos are better accessorized

"they'll be screwed. I mean, if it's uncovered during their lifetime."
1. often times it's the company they're working for that pushes unfinished products, resulting in possible recalls
like monsanto. their s**t is dangerous and cutthroat, but that risk gives them an almost-monopoly. i ******** hate them
2. things are covered up disturbingly well in america. also, the fda can be exploited pretty easily if you know how
couple this with america's pretty much useless news, and we have a lot of s**t under the flowers.

very strong? like, damn and hell would be censored? were you still an innocent child?

igh, all the angels crying and butterfly queens were too much, but I love the general story
moths (and other nocturnals) guide themselves with the moon. human lights are brighter, which disorients them
that's why baby sea turtles can die from going the wrong way when they hatch at night

"Come on, haven't you gotten any hate in CB?"
i contribute nothing to the cb, i just threadhop and be random
as such, there's nothing to get flamed on. so no, no hate at all

oh, so pikmin are kinda like parasites since they need fresh corpses to reproduce and feed on. gotcha
also, onion is a great name for a plant that turns into a rocket
I think the real reason I dislike pikmin (besides the death) is how powerless you are against monsters.
I get that's the feeling they're going for, but it just frustrates me. that's why I prefer monster hunter

but that's what makes them great =D especially when a tiny jump sends you flying around goddamned everywhere
really? that's all I ever use. the wiimote-nunchuck control is the easiest for me to use, since you can let your arms down

"Wow. Is that why potato chips are so salty?"
I'm pretty sure the salt goes on after frying the chips. and they're salty so your mouth craves more

"Minor differences, right?"
maybe. yellow, crystal, emerald and platinum are all the third games, and they have different stories than the paired games
while ruby/sapphire have similar (or the same) stories, third games focus on another pokemon, and as such, another story
that's why crystal is mostly about suicune, the legendary beasts and a bit of celebi, with lugia and ho-oh being side characters
I'm probably just whining

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I'm a yugi oh fan, just not a die hard one. I like the games/anime. This season anime pretty interesting with all summons except I guess the writers forgot rituals since thats not in the list. 1st series will always be the best in my opinion I like the dark/Egyptian millennium item storyline smile

I suppose they tried to recreate a similar field in zexal but the cards seem too overpowered and the story wasn't that great. The music one of top reason why I sticked to this XD

Report | 08/25/2014 11:55 pm


Sceptile is a complete and total badass, and I shall not sit idly by as you insult my precious Thorn
though I admit it's kinda a drastic change from grovyle to sceptile. stil better than blaziken though

I tell my parents that all I do on the internet is read, which is true since all I do is go on gaia, read articles, and sometimes youtube
"Tumblr is much more exciting." how is this a thing?

I can't personally say which is better because I don't know your taste buds.
to me, americanized enchiladas taste really weird, but american burritos have more condiments than 'mexican' ones

" I'm sure the scientists would consider the consequences"
yeah, not always. just like anyone else, some scientists are willing to throw something out just for the paycheck or to get it done
I am all for gmo's. in my opinion, they're a fantastic step forward. but little to no long-term tests have been done on them.
and these things are out on supermarket shelves as we speak. what effects could they have years from now?

really? how do you change it?
for me, only ******** and c**t are censored. it's kinda funny actually; it's like I have my own personal bleep

they're attracted to lights because they think it's the moon. a common problem with nocturnal animals (and glowy trees?)
I once read a story about a young brother and older sister, and the boy was afraid of moths because of how they gathered
their...mom/grandmother/aunt/nana something told this heart-meltingly cute story about moths, and why they're brown
I'll try to find it. here's a...more overdone version with angels and butterfly queens for some reason

"I am saying exactly that, sir."
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what crumpus mokkey!

in the end, you're a ruthless...own...er that uh, he uh....
which pikmin are you playing by the way? I'm assuming it's 3, since wii-u and everything.
I always liked the ufo/tripod's though. what do they do?

we usually keep to one item on super high just to make it more interesting
like only bombs, only guns, shells, bumper (those are the best) etc
and we do those super-hard 1-on-1 with level 9's to test ourselves. then we have fun again

oh no, crab and potato both fry well. what happened is that potato has a powerful neutralness that can cancel out anything
too much salt, too much spice, etc. it just so happens that my mixture wasn't strong enough to overpower the mighty tato

the deep wasn't hard to see. like, at all. did you emulate it? maybe there was a problem with the hack
I also realized I'm going to be experiencing a different hoenn than last time, since I had emerald and this one's sapphire

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Report | 08/24/2014 2:07 am


that video reminds me why I never let my parents see or know what I'm doing on the internet
especially my dad. he acts like a ******** annoying ADD child and it seriously pisses me off

well it is a joke. besides, would you know how to make enchiladas with no prior knowledge?
well maybe. enchiladas are easy as hell to make. and stupidly delicious

"Do you know if they're going to spread these trees all over the world"
actually, that's what I'm afraid of. I'm all for gmo's, but what long-term, or even short-term consequences can these trees have?
remember that these are genetically inserted, so any breeding between plants could potentially transfer over the glow gene
take into account how widespread some common trees are, and there's a possibility of there being too much light
think of nocturnal animals and how they might be affected, or bugs that eat the leaves turning all glowy
I might be snowballing, but I think some of these things should be considered

Australians live and breathe the word c**t. it's uncommon here but is apparently as severe as 'a*****e'
hilariously enough, gaia censors neither of these, but not one tiny ******** gets by

I actually love most insects and bugs. as long as they don't leave a weird feeling when they crawl on me, I don't care
do you like moths? I always loved moths as a kids, and preferred them over butterflies. *coughvenomothcough*

that's really cool actually. seems like it'd be as easy as posting images in our comments

"but they at least have some intelligence behind their arguments"
are you implying that cb isn't made entirely of amazingly eloquent and greatly talented gentlemen and women?

"I wouldn't say it's slavery if it's voluntary"
maybe the whistle hurts so bad that they're willing to do anything to keep you from blowing it again.

"Contests sort of made up for all the attacks that are lame and useless in combat."
pretty much this.
I never liked contests in the anime. or in anything. I'd rather go on a rampage than try to impress some pretentious judge
which reminds me that prof oak sucks in pokemon snap

sudden death is the best. it sucks that it only happens in timed matches.
all we ever play is lives, and we usually play without items to train skill.

in spanish, they're called 'tortas de papa' they're little potato patties that you bread and fry
I tried to remake it by adding crab, cream cheese and some vegetables. it tasted great at first, but not so much after frying

do you like relicanth? I love the reference to the coelacanth, including how you find it on the sea floor
I always thought of it as an honorary fossil pokemon
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