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That's my profile shop. It's open during the summer and part of December, but closed for the rest of the year. There are some free layouts here, though smilies/icon_wink.gif

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No random friend requests, please! Please don't add me unless you have at least said hello.

I'm a university student majoring in computer science and minoring in Spanish. I like to come online in my spare time (though very often during breaks). I roam the PD subforum and occasionally Heaven. I am a lover of new age instrumental music and good books. I adore playing the violin and learning Spanish.

Previously named "gothygrimgirl2" until I changed to "Confelicity." "Confelicity" means "pleasure in other's happiness." It's a real word! (I don't know why spell-check gets it.). My mule accounts are gothygrimgirl830 and gothagrimgal.

I taught myself how to code using Gaian resources and the Internet in April of 2014. Since then, I opened a profile shop (see the link above). My profile shop is open during the summer and for a few weeks in mid-December, but otherwise it is closed due to academic obligations. I do, however, have some free layouts available.


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Ventruz Report | 03/28/2015 9:31 pm
woah awesome biggrin . Hopefully one of the uni i applied accept me with a full scholarship sweatdrop . Thanks for the advice though 3nodding . btw how much more years until you finish your bachelor's degree?
Deidara-niichan Report | 03/28/2015 3:46 pm
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Yeah....quite sad how he just forgot about him and just decided to take his revenge
gawd some people I swear xD but oh well its all for the plot :U~

Not really he's been around on gaia for a longer time I think we met a couple of years ago but never got serious about dating
since it was rather complicated then and our relationship wasn't as strong and then just BAM it happened xD

Oh gawd when the duel takes like 6 episodes to finish that killed me LOL at least for now they aren't as long but still as awesome
Its really epic to see some fusion monsters in action! Yeah so much feels on that xD

I was quite surprised myself too actually that was really weird all of a sudden but oh well you can always expect the craziest of moments
He is quite an interesting character further on actually and no he doesn't hate his brother xD He was only mean to him just to teach him
how to use the cards right I don't wanna give out any spoilers out so you'll find out what happen eventually,but one I can tell you he cares deeply for Syrus <3
Haha some parts could be quite confusing for me too but until it all ties together = u=

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Ventruz Report | 03/28/2015 9:18 am
Yeah I'm kinda leaning more to it too sweatdrop . Oh you currently getting a diploma or a degree? I hope the maths isn't too hard though xp
Deidara-niichan Report | 03/28/2015 5:01 am
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.¸¸.´´o§άlŷɴ §cמɬɬ´´ .¸¸.

►"Prepare yourself to face a defeat like no other!!"◄

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╔═══════════´¯`•.•• gaia_crown ••.•´¯`═══════════╗

I know right? His story is quite sad
Yeah I've heard the same thing that it was a terrible accident they even explain a bit of it in the anime but not a whole lot
and how Gozaburo makes him his own virtual world to keep his son's mind alive I suppose but knowing him
he'd probably use him as he did to get revenge on Seto emotion_facepalm poor thing.

We do all the time xD We love to match cosplays and what not~ emotion_bigheart

Ahhh I know the feeling when you get all curious what will happen and you must keep going...I did that one time when I was still in school and I had to get up at 7AM
I was re-watching Shaman King and all night I was like " one more episode..." I couldn't resist even if I knew what happened I had to watch the next episode! xD
Well nothing can really beat the original all the drama and what not in it but GX ain't half bad so far I've watched further and its getting more and more interesting
I am so curious to see some characters in action already I'll probably catch on some today since I didn't watch a whole lot yesterday...or did I? I don't remember LOL.
I know! Its really neat! <3

Yeah I think so too : o

╚═════════════´¯`•.•• gaia_crown ••.•´¯`══════════════╝

User Image
NightPhantom1110 Report | 03/27/2015 11:06 pm
not gonna lie, when i saw that craff my first thought was "awwww" :3

at least you know you're good at orchestra
in my rare and few chances to practice piano, I realize how much I suck it aha
but since the room is very rarely available I try to make the most of it before ragequitting

"Start that book! D:"
NO BECAUSE ********.

well s**t, one week? I expected at least 2 or 3 weeks
oi, switch over to semsters system. they have classes and stuff. and breaks
or you could buy a kit-kat instead huehue this comment sponsored by Kit-Kat

I totally forgot about you playing violin, even though you sent me a vocaroo of merry go round of life

"The Fault in Our Stars, Twilight (shut up), Divergent, Eragon, The Hunger Games"
emotion_awesome emotion_awesome emotion_awesome

I've heard the term shoujo from a friend. I assume it's romance and girly stuff, yeah?
don't worry, my cousin and I kareoke'd the sailor moon theme song the other day just for fun

I love scarves, but california is too damn hot for any nice clothes. no leather jackets, no scarves, no trench coats, pwahh

I really do love plushes, more than a 20-year old should I guess. at least I can sell them if I want
Pokemon and whales and snails and dogs"
those are all things that I love ahaha. did she sew or did she crotchet?

sewing in school seems like a great idea. the thing is needles and school security dont mix
not to mention there are no open classrooms. everything is locked. can't even play pokemon alone

I like how your example of a real change from old to smartphone is "texting"
because butter up a bear if flip phones could text, right?
see, I never even thought about emulators and hacked games for phones. YOU SHOULD TEACH ME

fun fact: I have to report for jury duty on monday. I googled jury duty and went to images
half of them were actual pictures, the other half were jokes and comics on how much it sucks ahaha
the recommended search was "how to get out"

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HauntingEchoes Report | 03/27/2015 4:40 am

Thank you kindly. It took me ages to figure out how to get my images right for that.

Your profile is quite snazzy too!

User Image
Deidara-niichan Report | 03/27/2015 2:47 am
User Image
.¸¸.´´o§άlŷɴ §cמɬɬ´´ .¸¸.

►"Prepare yourself to face a defeat like no other!!"◄

User Image

╔═══════════´¯`•.•• gaia_crown ••.•´¯`═══════════╗

I know right? That would be crazy! xD
But yeah she might end up being a bad showoff most of the time since most of the main characters are like that.
That kind of made me sad at the end I felt sorry for the Noah that he had to spend his life in a virtual world...and he even saved
all of them at the end just what makes me laugh at this though that Marik just came in for the last episode of that and ruined everything LOL it was redicilous xD.

Well yeah just cause I can't decide what to wear most of the time I have the weird urges to cosplay miner characters and other character and what not all the time
but yeah I do change often,most of the items I have are old back when the inflation wasn't this crazy,and well most of the credit would go towards my boyfriend
who helps me get a lot of things on here 3nodding I used to have a huge wishlist now somewhat I don't LOL. He is such a sweetiepie` heart
Watching further on Jaden's character he is not all that bad actually he is awesome! They have quite interesting stuff further ahead last night was all like ' one more episode '
and them BAM I went to bed at 3 am LOL.Yeah his hair is crazy like that. xD

That was a really weird action from his side but oh well some people would do anything to acomplish something xD but trust me it gets better after a while!
He is indeed a cutesiepie can't argue with that even my OC in a roleplay that I have started kind of finds him cute even if she is a mean butt xD.
Well eventually he does actually don't wanna give you spoilers to that ,his character is still a bit annoying to be but I'm sure he'd get better later on and he would deffinetly
won't be all mean like that we all know how cold-hearted people work they might be liek that but inside they are cuddly teddybears xD so is my OC LOL.
Not really I said she tries too hard to be a badass I don't quite like Alexis but oh well seems like she is the only girl that knows why she is there ...somewhat they have the habit of making their chests reaaaaally big for some odd reason but oh well :U .

╚═════════════´¯`•.•• gaia_crown ••.•´¯`══════════════╝

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Deidara-niichan Report | 03/26/2015 6:44 am
User Image
.¸¸.´´o§άlŷɴ §cמɬɬ´´ .¸¸.

►"Prepare yourself to face a defeat like no other!!"◄

User Image

╔═══════════´¯`•.•• gaia_crown ••.•´¯`═══════════╗

Well yeah most of the girl characters have long hairs
they aren't all that many know what would have been interesting to see if the main protagonist of ARC-V was a girl xD
That would of spiced it up big time the girls in Yu-Gi-Oh don't seem to take such huge roles sadly they are there to support and well
some duel but still not enough. xD
If you are asking me that scene was a bit unnesessary to a degree but definetly puts some more to the story
that way you could find out more about Seto's past I suppose although I think someone told me or I read it somewhere I can't quite
remember but that doesn't apear in the Yu-Gi-Oh Manga it seems,I never really read it so I don't really know x__x;
Yet again they are taking the action to another level and its quite interesting to watch if you are asking me,
I still have to finish GX and 5Ds and even Zexal to get to the last one xD I am really missing on a lot of characters that I can cosplay
on gaia,I'm always running out of ideas.
Well the protagonist isn't all that great as Yugi and in my opinion he seems to have more the attitude and most of the stuff
which a main character should have,mostly in all animes the main characters are crazy,hyper,always hungry and those kind of things xD
I think he goes by the name of Professor Crowler or Crawler I have no idea how it's spelled if its that you are talking about,the weird man that you can't tell if its a girl or a guy!
Syrus is just adorable he does remind me a lot of Yugi as well and so much for Chazz...I don't quite like him...he is deffinetly NOT the Kaiba of the show he is way too much of
a spoiled showoff and his hair looks like reverse Sonic LOL. xD and Alexis...I don't know what they were trying to make with her,she tries too hard to be a badass and its freaking obvious that she is crushing on Jaden sorry for the spoilers on that xD.

╚═════════════´¯`•.•• gaia_crown ••.•´¯`══════════════╝

User Image

NightPhantom1110 Report | 03/25/2015 3:17 pm
teeter dance was always annoying. now they gave it a weird animation too

also HI
my school is hipster-stupid. I say hipster because apparently april spring break is mainstream
so they decided to change it up and make spring break the second week of march
the second ******** week. imagine all the hangouts I didn't have BECAUSE MY FRIENDS ARE STILL IN SCHOOL

and now PoS is catching up and I haven't started that stupid-a** book because yeah
though it sounds like you're out of school, yeah? how long is break, like a month?

if you want carnivorous deer, look up the.........something.
I totally know it and have papers and lecture notes, but the name isn't here
there's even one at the zoo, goddammit. bhijnfsuagb

oi, besides coding and being asian, do you have any hobbies?
recently I'd gotten the idea of learning sewing as a gateway to making plushes
but like, I dont have any tiiiiiiime. what little I get is wasted on school

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Deidara-niichan Report | 03/25/2015 2:41 am
User Image

‘¨ ¨‘

"You're just annoying."

‘¨ ¨‘

User Image

User Image
I know what you mean there is noproblem with that on PMs but seems like comments has
some kind of a limit...they should make it really long ;/ as they do for PMs cause this is really annoying...
like you can't make a desent comment set sometimes just because of that...

Its redicilous I know LOL!
Seems so but they could of done maybe a wee bit of a better job xD as you said mabe a ponytail of some sort or something.

Tristan has the weirdest moments sometimes...that one episode where they turned him into a robot monkey gawd.. xD
Hmmm I think that the new Yu-Gi-Oh is still on going I am really interested to see it...cause they have like a ton of awesome looking characters
and the main character has tomato hair xD its called ARC-V.

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