Hello there and welcome to my profile. Most of my friends call my Ryu but i'll answer to pretty much any name you wanna shoot out (if you need to that is >_< ). I live in Hawaii on the island of oahu. If you wanna know more personal info, or just wanna chat, just strike up a conversation by leaving a comment (or shoot a PM if you're a bit shy) and we'll go from there ^_^.

A while back (like when the gogh reed was still evolving) i fell in love with EIs. The mystery in what it will turn out to be and the fact that out of all the items on gaia they always give you the most poses, made me want to collect them. So i set out to obtain one of every single 1st gen ei that was every made or will be made and after a few months i actually caught up ^_^. Now days i try to get the new ones to add to my ever growing collection, the ones that i don't currently have (most likely watching the prices) are on my wishlist (which is never big >_< b ). So if you have any questions about them leave a comment and i'll try my best to answer them ^_^.

If you read all that thank you and if not i understand (i talk to much sometimes @_@).


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Life and stuff

From now on i'll keep track of all the misprices that i've caught and returned, though i'm a bit slow so there might not be much here &gt;_&lt; Also gonna be posting a few things here and there at random



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I stopped by to say hey and that I hope you are having a wonderful day, my friend.
If you need someone to talk to who will listen just contact me. I am here to listen and to help in any way I can.
Remember God is with you.

P.S. I love your profile and avatar. They are really cool. (:
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Perhaps, but MOVING to america is way more expensive rofl

I'm going to the movies saturday too ^^ going to see Maleficent!

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Nope i failed once more and i really feel like giving up, even more because i dont have any more money for it.

Have fun at the movies!

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Getting up at 3 am would suck yes.
Didn't you read what I said? I bought the first 3 games, so I can play 1 and then 2 and then 3, I don't have to order any other for a loong time XD
Well I have my drivers exam again today sweatdrop so nervous.

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Well its good that you are working hard! I'm very proud of you ^^
You totally should, if it's something you want!

Hehe thanks, but for now I'm on hold since I spend so much money.
I got my Rune Factory in the mail yesterday though! So quick ^o^

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Oh you're back. biggrin I've been doing good! I haven't been back here for a while now. Hehe.
I don't like how everything became so.. Over priced and having to use real money for everything. sad

How are you?

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Yeah and the shipping was pretty fast, it only takes a week or so, while sometimes ebay takes forever to ship things x-x
So thats half off my list, now the other half twisted

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Sometimes being patient pays off :3
On ebay i just found a bundle with the first three rune factories with decent shipping price ^^
So those are off my list. I now only need the 4th :3

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*flying tackle* RYU WASSUP?! 8D

Report | 06/02/2014 8:51 am


Well you don't HAVE to buy it on ebay >.> you could also go to the store and buy me it, since you live in the US, technically speaking cool

But I dont know if there are any game stores in your area.


Its bin a blast but its time for this tea party to end.
*bows out* hope you enjoyed the show, now its time to go
until we meet again, goodbye my dear friends ^_^