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You never said that it would be this hard

Love is meant to be forever
Now or never seems to discard

There's gotta be a way for me to say
What's on my heart, without leaving scars.

So can you hear me,
When I call your name?
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Dream Avi

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Hi! I'm Emily (A.k.a. Sassy Cat). I am sixteen years old. I have one older brother and three younger sisters. I have two dogs (Red and Casey) and a cat that I adore named Chance. I live with my mother and dumbass stepfather. I live in Kansas and I'm about 5'8'', so don't ask me if I am tall, because I am. My birthday is in November. I can't sing worth s**t. (And I am so awesome because I can admit I can't sing.) I'm a bit of a slow typer, so don't expect your reply to anything back as fast as lightening, but I am a fast texter (If that counts for anything). I am a pansexual (which means that no matter what your gender is, I will love and care for you just the same). I am addicted to reading fiction novels and series. My MP3 is always with me with the plugs in my ears. I like to be at the library and sometimes consider it my second home. I don't like the way that I look but I know I can't really do much about it and there really isn't a reason to anyway so, why bother? I love random Pm's as well. So if you want to talk with me just send a message or drop a comment. I guess that's all for now. Bye bye.

You are an Opportunist Seme!
Preying on the clueless is what you're all about. You really don't intend to hurt anyone, but if a bit of harmless manipulation can get you what you want, you're not beyond taking a little advantage of someone, which you figure is an even exchange for your companionship anyway. Not one for lots of drama, you are best paired with the Clueless Uke, who will appreciate your attention and never bat an eye at your slightly sneaky ways.
Most compatible with: Clueless Uke, Innocent Uke
Least compatible with: Badass Uke
What seme or uke are you? Take the experience at, or find merchandise here.


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CureFan59 Report | 03/11/2012 4:48 pm
so now whatcha up to?
CureFan59 Report | 03/11/2012 4:32 pm
heheh I understand that now blaugh
CureFan59 Report | 03/11/2012 4:21 pm
yeah i suppose haha heart
CureFan59 Report | 03/11/2012 4:10 pm
haha i see. thats cool
I'm just chatting and making gold xd
CureFan59 Report | 03/11/2012 3:56 pm
what are you doing here? ^_^ stalker haha nah im kidding
CureFan59 Report | 03/11/2012 3:45 pm
Hey babe smile
- Sadie Bun - Report | 10/06/2011 2:55 pm
- Sadie Bun - Report | 10/06/2011 2:44 pm
And it's less than 20, thank you very much.
It can be girls.
- Sadie Bun - Report | 10/06/2011 2:22 pm
You and Me
Should Role play.
Yes? c:
- Sadie Bun - Report | 09/19/2011 6:10 pm
o wo

No means No.

Guy- "Can we have sex right now?" Girl- "Can we do what?" Guy- "You know, can I be your first, finally?" Girl- "" Guy- "Why?" Girl- "Because, 1. you have a girlfriend, who happens to be my friend..." Guy- "So, if you don't tell, I won't tell." Girl- "Besides that, I'm waiting for someone special. Someone that I want to be with for the rest of my life to be my first." Guy- "I'm not special to you?" Girl- "You're my friend. That's all." Guy- looks forward and keeps driving. 25 minutes pass... Guy- starts to run his hand up the girl's thigh. Girl- moves his hand, "Don't touch me.". Guy- tries to kiss her. Girl- screams, "Would you stop." Guy- continues trying. Girl- moves to the back seat Guy- parks on an abandoned street and gets in the backseat with the girl. Starts to kiss her. Girl- pushes him off and scoots over, "Please, don't do this." Guy- "Don't do what, I know you want it, I can see it in your eyes." Moves over to her and starts to unbutton her pants. Girl- pushes him harder and says, "No, don't." Guy- getting aggravated, punches her and tells her to stop "playing hard to get". Girl- crying, continues to fight. Guy- punches her harder, pulls her pants off, and holds her down. Girl- screams as he penetrates her, "NO, please don't do this to me!" Guy- puts his hand over her mouth. An hour passes... Guy- pulls back and wipes himself off. Girl- sits on the corner of the seat, crying. Guy- looks at her and says, "You better not tell anybody about this. If you're really my friend, you won't tell anybody about this. You know I love you." He reaches out his hand to touch her cheek. Girl- pulls back, "Just take me home, now." Guy- says, "Alright." Gets in the front seat and drives her home. 2 months later... Girl- "Doctor, what's wrong with me. I haven't had my time of the month in 2 months." Doctor- looks at her, "You haven't been having your "time" for a reason." Girl- looks at him and says, "Why?" dreading the answer that she was sure to receive. Doctor- "You are pregnant." Girl- faints. The story gets out that she is pregnant, and people start looking to the Guy. He claims that it isn't his because she was sleeping with every guy in the school(which was a lie). He goes to her and tells her, "I'm telling you, if you lie to people and say that I raped you, I'll kill you." The Girl is completely devastated. First, he took her virginity and got her pregnant...then he lied about it. So completely depressed...the girl commits suicide by drug overdose... Girls, if this story touched you, put this on your profile under "No means no" Guys, if this story pisses you off, put this on your profile under "I'll kill any ******** who does this to my girl or any girl"


Best sister I could ever have. Love you Ashy (Even if we fight).