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"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.

Well there's not really any particular way to describe me. . .

I guess I'm considered an otaku, though I haven't ever enough money to indulge in this title and I really dislike being lumped with the crazy-a** fangirls. I like reading, especially good manga and well-written fan-fiction. I also love to write. I'm very imaginative, but I'm lazy, too. So I overcome my laziness through RPing, though I normally end up in the ones that die. *sniffles*

I am 18, just graduated, and will be taking a gap year, A-student, and an airhead. My name is Courtney, but call me Hikari. I have no idea what I want to do as a stable career, but I'd love to be a voice actor and get a job in theater. It's a dream of mine to get my stories published, but I am such a procrastinator (and technology hates me). I want to travel the world and find The One for Me.

I contradict myself constantly for I have different opinions and exceptions to nearly every opinion. I love to talk about views with other people as long as they can be accepting, too.

Things to make Hika-chan Happy: Fluff, stories, new songs (I like), people to talk to.

Things to piss Hika-chan off: Ignorance, intolerance, n00bism, lagging, politics

That's me in a nutshell (sorta), though of course you'd have to meet me to know.


"Oh, you ca'n't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here. . . ."


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Borderland808 Report | 08/01/2012 3:48 pm

In the end isn't this all politics. I wanted to make sure that people knew I was listening and also to let them know that I am capable. I just want to see the best for this though. Nice meeting you, talk again soon. User Image
Borderland808 Report | 08/01/2012 2:42 pm
hello, I just wanted to say hello. I have a feeling we might be working together really soon. Nice to meet you smile Thank you for the Tip.
jigjoo Report | 04/24/2012 3:00 pm
You'll be able to do it. Don't worry.
jigjoo Report | 04/24/2012 12:05 pm
I have. And yes, it is, but it'll be simple enough.
jigjoo Report | 04/24/2012 11:40 am
Haha, then do it. It shouldn't be all that hard.
jigjoo Report | 04/24/2012 11:34 am
jigjoo Report | 04/24/2012 11:21 am
Yes, Axel. Always Axel.
colorfulCheshire Report | 05/28/2011 1:21 pm
What's up, dearie? I've missed talking to you, feels like it's been ages. Probably partially my fault as I don't socialize when life piles things on me.

How have you been? Any good RPs lately?
Mehlenna Report | 04/19/2011 6:16 am
Thank you :3

And yours is pretty cute too, I like the color scheme and the layout even though my retardedly small screen throws everything off and I constantly have to scroll back and forth on most pages xD but what can you do?

And you get a bunny from leaving comments on people's pages?
Rose Koneko Report | 03/17/2011 2:30 am
Heh, then that's even more of an incentive to read the manga. A devious Oz is an entertaining Oz.. He's like a warmer version of Ciel from Kuroshitsuji. I kind of like Break, he wears his mask of creepy randomness quite well, but also has more depth to his character than being the odd bunny out. My favorites are Vincent, Gil, and Cheshire. (It was a random vid that I found that was Cheshire heavy content-wise which led me to look hard for what anime it was from, as it had been mis-labeled by some troll claiming that it was her work.) It's a rare series that I can say honestly that I enjoy all the characters, and naming a favorite is difficult without including at least six names. More as of late the female cast of these anime are so annoying that it occasionally marrs enjoyment of a series, but I didn't have such trouble with PH. (Really though, why does anime seem to perpetuate whiny, shrill girls who'll give you whiplash with their mood swings and yet characters are tripping over themselves to be with them? I swear, they're either like that, or shy. No middle ground, unless the character is older. Then they either have bewbs and are trashy, or they're... shy. Usually glasses denotes the difference.)

I'm curious now... How did he exploit his Jack-possession?

The music from the anime is spectacular. I wished the colors were a bit more vivid, but it was animated well without too much of a difference when they switched artists, and I agree about the fight scenes and the voice work.


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