I'm colorful_asian, but you can call me:color, asian, colorful, Ella (only if you know why I'm called this <.< wink etc.
As of June 6, 2015, I will officially be SEMI-HIATUS. (sorry I've been busy, so I'll try to be getting on every now and then at least.)
Random Things To Know About Color:
1. I like anime and manga, and would spend the rest of my life watching and reading if I could. Feel free to message me for my personal recommendations.
2. Ever since the update where they took out zOMG!, I’ve only really messaged people, etc.
3. According to J.K. Rowling, I have been sorted into the Hufflepuff House, but have come close to both Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. UPDATE I decided it wasn't entirely accurate to take the test only once, and I'm now actually a part of the Slytherin House sweatdrop
4. I’m hopefully Double Majoring, or Double Minoring (if that’s possible) for undergrad.
-- Current plan: B.S. Med. Tech. and B.S. Environ. Bio. Minor - Bio. Phys. I know. I'm dying.
5. Please don’t add me if I don’t know you.
6. I like to draw and write, and I’ve been getting back in the groove of doing those things, but nothing worth posting onto my deviantart (plus I have no scanner xD)
7. I’ve been told I’m quite friendly, so hey there ^^; but I can't tolerate stupid answers to certain actions I make.
8. I’ve been told I’m a smart cookie, but I think I’m more or less determined and hadrworking.

9. I'm currently more on ToonTown Rewritten - username: Prof. Snappy - if you find me, say hi! I don't randomly add though, lemme know if you're a friend :3
To my lovely friends out there, thank you so much, I love you always, I will keep you in my prayers, and hope to talk soon <3 !
I don't really use this much, but here's my deviantart~

"What you are will show in what you do." Thomas A. Edison


OneRepublic - Wherever I Go