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Cat Noir <3

Hello everyone. My name is Nella and I'm 22. My birthday is October 28th. I am a 6th year undergraduate at university and I am double majoring in Biology and Earth and Space Science (for education), double minoring in Bioengineering and Geology, and I want to become a high school science teacher! I am currently enrolled in a combined undergrad (bio) and grad (biology education) BS MAT program, so when I graduate I will have two bachelors, a masters, and my secondary education teaching certificate!
TL;DR I like Bio and rocks and I plan to teach High School students about Bio and rocks!

My username used to be Puppies350, but I changed it.
Want to get to know me? Talk to me!

If you want to find me on other sites:
Tumblr: Chatsladybugaboo
Facebook: Ask me about this first please. I'll probably only tell you if we're really close.
Twitter: Nella (」゜ロ゜)」 @colored_markerz (also hardly go on)

I am taken by the most amazing person in the world <3 His name is Christopher and I love him so much <3 He's my best friend and idk what I would do without him.
02/14/11 <3

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Things I like:
-Miraculous Ladybug!
-Mashed potatoes & pumpkin pie
-Root beer, green tea fraps, & sesame bubble tea
-Animal Crossing
-Raichu, Eeyore, Alpacasso, & Rilakkuma
-Key chains
-Chris Pratt

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Things I don't like:
-Sriracha, kale, & cilantro

My quest thread:

Miraculous Ladybug <3

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Tulja Report | 09/26/2016 10:10 pm
I would love it if you would punch my butt, and i will always give you more gifts!!!

After i sent you those pics i spent like 10 mins squeeing over them also xD so cute like omg. I see them every day but it doesnt change the cute level.
Why dont you just get a hamster anyway...? You're an adult. A hamster, habitat, food, and bedding shouldnt run you more than 50$ ish. Thats what it cost my friend Mattia. Her hamster died when her room hit 70 degrees though. She got another one, she didnt mess up this time.
Why does it matter if your parents are animal people? Its your pet. They dont need to see it, take care of it, nothing. The most they might need to do is give you money, which im sure you can say is for something else. My dad hates rodents. I have pet mice. I keep them in my room and he never has to see them. He came up ONCE just to make sure i had secure housing for them.
With something super small like a hamster your habitat is small enough you can take it pretty much anywhere. I had a teacher that brought his pet mouse to school all the time. He would keep a little food (corn, cereal, ect) in his pocket and then offer the mouse a water bottle cap of water once every hour or so.
Tulja Report | 09/26/2016 3:16 pm
I took more pics for you <3
A random baby from Souris' batch
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Souris and her babies
User ImageUser Image

Pontiki and her babies
User ImageUser Image
Tulja Report | 09/25/2016 6:06 pm
Always more gifts!
And yeah basically anything they want to eat they can, i mean think of mice and rats in the wild in cities and the sewers?
It was interesting though, i gave a couple to each mouse.
Souris ate about half of each loop, then just left them in a corner.
Pontiki's have disappeared, i can only assume she ate them, but she took foreveerrr.
Topo ate his, then ate the ones i took out of Souris' tank.
Tulja Report | 09/24/2016 2:27 pm
I gave each of my mice a couple fruit loops, pontiki and topo disappeared with theirs but souris let me take pics, so here yoh go:
User ImageUser Image
Tulja Report | 09/23/2016 7:16 pm
Omg thank you so much, i already cleaned them out of my wishlist. You didnt get me anything i already had. Dw. Now i have to add more to my wl tho!
You wrote me a ton first.
I know you love Disney. Im a romantic a*****e. <3
I found it on google though, id love to claim it but id hate to lie. Not lieing wins.
You loving all the colors is convenient for me. Makes gifting easy.
Your college makes sense. Out with the old and in with the new. If you havent finished the schooling yet and you only have a year left its likely youll make something work, but if youre looking for a new school and they dont have the room to start youre more likely to look for somewhere else.
Ive known messy people like that, mostly guys. Ill clean everything except clothes, i get scared to sniff test. Ill put the obviously dirty in a dirty basket and just fold and stack the stuff im not sure about.
Crocheting is easy and small, knitting is big and complicated.
Ive nevrr had a full size hammock, but the little stuffed animal ones are nice. You can put them up on a wall near the cieling out of the way. The whole point of them is to make more room. The one im making us a triangle, so for a corner.

Mice eat their babies for many reasons. Most often its because the mother feels threatened. She will also sometimes cull the runts to give the rest a better chance/more food. Also if she has a vitamin deficiency or isnt getting enough food to provide enough milk.
Mice dont get crazy during birth, they just kinda sit and bend forward, lick their lady bits until something starts to come out, then she pulls it out and cleans it off. Sometimes mice walk around bleeding and dropping babies though, that usually means something is wrong. Souris was very clean and efficient about it. I just wanted to see it all happen.
Call me creative but Topo, Souris, and Pontiki are just "mouse" in foreign languages. Greek, french, and italian i think. Dont remember which name is which language though.
When mice fight they rip out hunks, it gets really gruesome, and if there was a danger the babies would die first.
I suppose it could be because shes close to birthing but Souris never bit me, still doesnt, before and after birth. Souris is waaayyy more docile though.

... sweetheart... snakes eat baby mice... i got tired of buying frozen ones. Ill keep a couple from each litter but most are for snake food.
The snake is Macchiato, like the coffee. Because thats what color he is. Hes a California Kingsnake.

The baby mice are like little soft warm jelly beans. No fur yet but they are starting to grow wiskers so their cheeks are all swollen and red. The older mice are soft and fat, cant hold them tight because theyre super fragile tho.

Im only counting gifts since ive been back on gaia, and not those first cash shop ones i gave you. xD
Tulja Report | 09/23/2016 3:30 pm
Souris and her babies
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

This is her right before she gave birth
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

This is Pontiki
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Here is Topo after his bath

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

As a bonus heres my snake in his tank
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
Tulja Report | 09/23/2016 2:16 pm
Ill try to see about baby pics. Souris is comfortable enough and the babies where born on the 18th at night, so i can touch them with only a small worry of her eating them later.
Ive been having a hard time getting the Add Media button to work though, it keeps saying it cant connect to photobucket.
I read that a common name for babies is Poppers or Popcorn because they pop around alot, seems to fit.
I really dont have a life going on, its just that i havent slept much since... the 17th. Thats when i marked down that Souris could give birth. Since then its just been the noise, i know Souris wont eat the babies but that doesnt stop me from stressing out that she might.
The 21st was craziness. So my mice are Topo, the male. Pontiki, the pregnant female. And Souris the one that gave birth, and my favorite. Very docile.
Well Pontiki got far enough along that she needed to build a nest for her babies, so she built a nest across the tank from Souris' house with the babies- then Pontiki decided to ferry the babies from the house to the new nest so she could have the house! Souris of course went and was bringing the babies back, so i had both of them ferrying babies back and forth from the nest and house while the babies where just absolutely screaming. All this at 1:40AM.
I was freaking out, i was afraid if i touched anything Souris might freak out and cull the babies, but i was also afraid the babies would get hurt if they wherent already. I made a decision, i dumped out the plastic tote in my closet, lined the bottom with newspaper and pine bedding. Put Pontiki in the tote. Then i picked up all the babies, checked them for wounds, and put them at the door to the house 1 by 1. Souris would pop out and take them inside. I checked Souris last. Then i gave food and water in dishes to Pontiki.
Since then everything is great with Souris, but Pontiki started biting. Even Topo, who hates being held and poops on me, doesnt bite. I almost always wash my hands first, or at least rinse off. First Pontiki bit hard, it hurt but didnt draw blood. We had just had dinner so i thought maybe my fingers smelled like food, but since then she has kept biting. It doesnt hurt now but she still puts her mouth on my fingers and i feel her teeth, its just not painful now. I dont understand it at all but ive been holding her a lot more incase shes just needing attention.

Youre welcome for the gift, you look adorable as always. Im planning on a big one Monday as long as everything goes well.
No big gifts for me! I still need to give you payback for the Galaxy Exorciblings.
Tulja Report | 09/23/2016 1:58 pm
Whats Mickey without Minnie,
whats Pigglet without Pooh,
whats Donald without Daisy,
Thats me without you.
When Ariel doesnt sing,
and Pooh Bear hates honey.
When Tigger stops bouncing,
and Goofy isnt funny.
When Peter Pan cant fly,
and Simba never roars,
when Alice in Wonderland cant fit through small doors.
When Dumbos ears are small,
and happily ever after isnt true,
thats when ill stop loving you.

My favorite item is definitely the Her Delight items, because of the whales. If they made another item with whales that might be my fave though. Ive been buying the colors, i just got the red one. As for favorite colors, definitely Fafnir and Fallen Wish. I cant decide between them. I wish they had Her Delight in one or both of those. :/
I didnt know there was a limit for how long you could stay on campus. Sounds like you have it all planned out though, when do you think youll be fully done with all the school?
If we lived together id clean and organize both our stuff like a crack addict. I can stand my own mess only until itd be embarrassing if someone else saw it. Thats when i clean my stuff. Other peoples mess doesnt bother me until it becomes smelly or a health hazard. I enjoy cleaning for other people more than myself though, it always feels good to do something nice for someone else.
I am legit knitting a net hammock for my stuffed animals because my other one is in storage and i have so much yarn. I used to be into knitting but i have better stuff to do now. Thisll be fun though because i can make it as big as i want.
The inflation IS stupid. I kinda like it when its an item i have that i dont want anymore because i can get extra golds, but usually ita only items i want and it makes my wallet hurt. Im willing to pay extra but not so much that im getting swindled.
Also i think PK got her Sandmans Crest. It looks like shes wearing the eyes.
Tulja Report | 09/18/2016 9:29 am
Im going to make you a poem eventually, but for now heres this;
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Ive only added back like 1/5th of the total wishlist x_x
Exorciblings is a generally nice item, it can be used to look cute, creepy, evil, elegant, its very versatile. Those are the best.
Why are you hoping to move home? Cheaper rent? Why did you move out to start with?
My room is almost always really clean and organized. I let it get sorta messy every couple few days but im pretty quick to notice and clean it up.
Gawd thats horrible. Yknow what i hate most? When theres a few recolors but theyre all like "ABP: 10B" but "LBP:0183809182001*1911914(#,*@0#;$#9 TRILLIONS OF GOLD." Like motha ******** you think im going to spend that much just because you're the only one selling it? Im not that desperate for a colorful mass of pixels that in no way benefits my real life outside of this game.
i found a person selling Sandman's Crest but she wanted like 32 billion AT LEAST which is like um, no... the graph shows it hasnt sold for over 15B for at least a month or more so you can just keep that ugly thing.
Tulja Report | 09/16/2016 12:48 pm
-to be read like a poem-
I made my list
I checked it twice!
I removed all the naughty and kept all the nice!
Ill add all the items and make them look nice,
So that sweet boys and girls have a feast for their eyes.
I just made that. Proud of me? I am. Poem master right here.
Anyway, i finished putting everything in order and sorting and ect, now i have to just go and actually add everything. I have to remove the stuff u currently have on though because i want my whale items at the top, because i want them more than anything else in da world. I like them more than fafnir and fallen star color themed items and THAT is saying something because those are my favorite colors.
iIts super cute, and it only has 1 whale pose so i dont have to worry about buying multiples. If they had more whale poses id have to.
I want 1 of each and i only have the pink one that im wearing.
Dw i wanted 2 of galaxy exorciblings. Its super pretty. Its almost like fafnir but more blue and less purple, which makes it hard to make an outfit around. But the STARS omg.
The only time i get rid of my stuffies is when they get super old and ugly and patching them up oficially just makes them look like they might kill me in my sleep. By the time im ready to donate a stuffie its probably better that they be thrown away... health hazard xD
I have some items i like to use together. I hate with brand new items that dont have recolors yet and its a type of item that looks weird with anything else. Like when they first started going from pink/yellow to neon pink/orangey yellow and nothing went with the new more vibrant pink/yellows.
I have my old wishlist thread Cordial Wishes, but it seems like a lot of effort to work a thread from my phone. Especially when i start trying to put in pics or links and the code ends up getting messed up. Ill probably just keep the notepad on my computer updated. I say notepad but its an OpenOffice Spreadsheet because its so easy to type the items into seperate boxes, starting with what sets have in common, then press the A-Z button.
I love the Sandman Style items and the sandman kindred item, but i dont really like the The Sandman items or the Sandman's Blame items.

My Gaia husband/wife <3

Art of me and my waifu/husbando Tulja, drawn by her <3