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Hello everyone. My name is Nella and I'm 21. My birthday is October 28th. I am a Senior at SUNY Stony Brook University and I am double majoring in Biology and Earth and Space Science (for education), double minoring in Bioengineering and Geology, and I want to become a high school science teacher! I am currently enrolled in a combined undergrad (bio) and grad (biology education) program, so when I graduate I will have two bachelors, a masters, and my secondary education teaching certificate! I'm also the former vice president of the undergraduate Geology club!

My username used to be Puppies350, but I changed it.
Want to get to know me? Talk to me!

I play Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pokemon X, Pokemon Omega Ruby, and Fantasy Life <3

If you want to find me on other sites:
Runescape: Puppies350 (I hardly go on though)
Tumblr: hunsonabadeer
Facebook: Ask me about this first please. I'll probably only tell you if we're really close.
Twitter: Nella (」゜ロ゜)」 @colored_markerz

I am taken by the most amazing person in the world <3 His name is Christopher and I love him so much <3 He's my best friend and idk what I would do without him.
02/14/11 <3

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Things I like:
-Mashed potatoes & pumpkin pie
-Root beer, green tea fraps, & bubble tea
-Achievement Hunter
-Animal Crossing
-Raichu, Eeyore, Alpacasso, & Rilakkuma
-Key chains
-Chris Pratt

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Things I don't like:
-Sriracha, pizza, & cilantro

I used to work here (have been on the worlds longest hiatus), so come visit! <3

My quest thread:

Mouse Rat

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Tulja Report | 07/07/2015 9:27 am
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Ill make the order for our couples art this evening, im going out today.
Its no rush about anything, I was starting to get worried because itd been so long since I heard anything from you, but as long as your ok it doesnt matter. Just take your time and reply when ready, I sometimes take more than a week, no reason I should complain if you do too. xD
Tulja Report | 07/05/2015 4:58 pm
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Hey hun, you should send me a few pictures of your favorite outfits when you have a chance, I want to buy a couples art from this really nice person I met, I picked my neon avi of course, Where it says RAWR behind her, so maybe if you have one that kinda matches that? Otherwise I just want your cutest. Your always cute, I want your CUTEST.
Tulja Report | 07/03/2015 2:51 am
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2AM where I am, I gave myself a nightmare now I cant sleep. I was dreaming I was in Russia, or England I think, and I was going to meet some guy from royalty I had somehow known previously, and a nuclear bomb falls, or just a bomb, it had the mushroom cloud though and we ran to the closest old building, ran down flights and flights of stairs until it was cold and we found 3 other people (we as in me and 2 people I was with, 1 was a kid.) and we all huddled on the stairs, not wanting to go deeper but we cant go up. I drop my 3DS, it falls down just around the corner of the stairs, I go get it, theres a skeleton hiding in a corner of the stairway all huddled in a ball, looks like a child of 3 or 4 years old died there. I go back up, fall asleep, and wake up to the child skeleton standing over one of the other people huddled with us, with a big kitchen knife, carving off pieces of her face while everyone is asleep. Then I woke up. Scary s**t right? Ough.

The different points of view in the book is very disorienting, they dont really tell you when they switch and its confusing big time when its in the polar bear view, I got half way through-ish and got sucked into different books xD so I never finished it.
It has some slow parts, but if you can make it past them and read to the last Eragon book, itll leave you crying at the end its so beautiful. The elf woman that Eragon is in love with, she gets a dragon. A green one.
Ill check out a couple episodes. Im still a couple seasons away from the current end of Drop Dead Diva, then I have another TV show I wanted to watch, cant think of the name atm though. I did start watching Nana though, that anime Im pretty sure it was you, suggested forever ago.

I would if I didnt have my job xD They dont let me dye my hair any "unnatural" colors. Even dark red and orange are considered "unnatural".
Definitely, its not wrong to bleach to get the straight color but its really bad to *keep* bleaching. I like trying to choose a dark color at my roots since my natural hair is a darkish caramel-brown. That way it doesnt require me to do anything with it, nearly as often.

Oh, these arent entirely the same. It uses a light-bulb for the heat source. Theyve become quite popular for a lot of people to have them, safe scents. The light doesnt burn down your house, and the wax in the dish doesnt really get hot enough to burn you.

I just rub it in until it dries.

Sorry it took me so long to reply, I havent even been on League of Legends in a few days, which is sayin somethin cuz I almost always make sure to get on *every single day* but im trying to figure out how to break up with my boyfriend, because he drives me bat-s**t crazy.
Tulja Report | 06/27/2015 11:16 am
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I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. ********. I replied to this msg, but I waited till after I ate breakfast to submit it, because I thought I already did, and it didnt go through at all!

I know razz Thank you

Dont know, its a yellow book. The Fire Eternal, I think its the 4th or 5th.
Oh I loved the Eragon books! I read them all. I really love dragons, and it was so much better than the movie.
Good point, I think ill just read the books and watch anime though > smile

I would love dark purple at the top near my roots, so it takes longer to see that my roots, and then fade it to blue, then teal at the tips. Itd be so pretteh.

Heres a link: Wax Burner You put the scented wax cubes in the top, they melt and smell super good. When you want to change the scent you can either pour it out, then wipe out the dish, or let it cool and scrape it out. I personally prefer just letting it burn for a few days, the scent pretty much burns out by then, so I just pour it out and put in a new cube.

I use lotion pretty often, keeps the legs soft. Its especially good on my eczema on my arms.
Tulja Report | 06/26/2015 9:09 am
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Ooo yeah I like putting something for a really high price if theres only like 1-2 other listings, because then mine will be the only option. If im looking for a long term sale on something expensive then I give it to you so I wont loose a bunch of gold from the tax in the MP.

Really? In the book im on all I really remember is that the main guy didnt actually die, he became something- more. He can transform into a polar bear now, and I do agree its written from 2 other peoples point of view for the most part. At least from what I remember. I know one point of view is from a polar bear that isnt our main guy, another view is from the little girl of the lady that makes the clay dragons.
hnnnggg Its amazing. It follows a girl named Menolly in the land of Pern, which is a whole world that Anne McCaffrey has a huge book series about. The trilogy I love so much is kind of a side story I think, but theres DRAGONS and then theres Fire Lizards, which are almost exactly like dragons but super small, like the length of your arm/the size of an eagle. Oh, except Fire Lizards imprint on whomever is the first person they see at a hatching, where as Dragons have a match and will only imprint on that one person, no matter who is at the hatching. Menolly loves Fire Lizards, even though they are considered myth because nobody ever sees them. Then she gets hurt and falls down a hole on the beach, finds a clutch of the eggs, and helps feed them when they hatch during a bad storm so they wont go out, ends up imprinting on NINE of them! lol, one is a queen too. The story follows her from a small sea hold, to a big Harper Hall and how she learns music in a world where normally only men learn it and women just clean and cook and such. Anything past that ill make you read for yourself!
xD I will definitely have to check it out, probably the books honestly. Theres nothing I hate more than going to watch a book made into a show and see that the graphics are no where near as amazing as in the books.

My hair bothers the s**t outta me, I really want to cut it into a fluffy A-line like my avis hair but I have thin hair, and I dont look like my avi so im afraid itll just make my head look fat and show off how im built like a brick s**t house D: totally not feminine.

I have always been a weirdo! How dare you accuse me of ever being normal. O^O!!!
Oooo Im an impulse buyer too, I have some really cute jewelry that way. And these scented wax cubes for my wax burner that smell really good, but all I have to do is open the container and it makes the room smell good xD so I dont actually use the wax burner very much.

EW gosh if I have a mosquito bite or any kind of bump on my leg ill shave around it, then go back after im done showering, put a bunch of lotion on it, and then use an old shaver head that doesnt have the soap bar thing around it anymore and very carefully shave the hair in that area.
Nice, I used to use a foaming gel, but then my shaver head would get super clogged up if I didnt wash it out really well. Plus the stuff I liked, they stopped selling at the dollar store, so I switched over to what I use now and I just never thought about going back.
As for dry itchy legs- LOTION DAMMIT. I use lotion any time my legs feel dry or scratchy, or when im walking and suddenly the tendons on the bottom of my foot hurt really bad because I stretched them wrong or something. Then I use lotion as soon as I get home. Massage it into my feet really well.
Tulja Report | 06/24/2015 9:51 pm
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People dont usually bother me with that crap luckily. But your in the forums a lot and you sell lots of items, I just post in the MP.

Actually its THE FIRE ETERNAL!!! I think its like the 3rd or 4th book. I read the previous ones. I know as soon as I start up reading it ill remember everything from the previous ones also, so I dont need them as long as I already read them.
Its such a good book series, it gets more dramatic and scary the further the books go on. Thats why I ended up stopping.
Ive read all the HP books, I was pissed when Dumbledore died in the movies and they didnt do his funeral justice. I have read the Dragonsinger trilogy by Anne McCaffrey like a million times though. I love them so much. The main character Menolly has been my fantasy life for so long now, I have loved the books since I was really young and I thought it was only a 2 book series. I didnt find out about the 3rd one until a super long time later. But its not a huge deal because it follows an entirely different person, a side character from the first 2 books.
My roommate Erin has all the books for Game of Thrones in hardcover, very pretty. I havent read or watched it though, ive been considering watching it though.

My hair has a tendency to get a bit frizzy if im not careful with it, I have to use a lot of conditioner after swimming or trying to do anything with chemicals or such on my hair. I think the only thing I like doing that doesnt make my hair weird is braiding it after a shower and letting it dry. I have thin hair and it basically always stays fine and normal, shower every-other-day. The only time ive legit had to shower every day no matter what I did was when I was living with my dad on the coast, because the salt in the air and such made my hair thick and knotty and greasy all the time. Id shower like 1-2 times every day. Sometimes 3 times if I went into the sand much.

You learn a lot about legal matters and big words and such. I really like it. If I cant learn anything from a show I dont enjoy it nearly as much.

lol, I went from like 100billion to 3billion over a week. Not a ton of items, just expensive ones. I regret nothing though! Any time I ever buy myself an item I know ill love it for a long time, even if I dont use it, and im more likely to store it until I like it again or gift it to someone that wants it than I am to sell it. I dont like regrets ^_^ life is to short for them. I could die tomorrow riding my bike to the store, id hate to die thinking about how I regret buying something on my online game. I want to die thinking about yummy food, or how the breeze feels on my face, or how nice it is to have the sun shining on me, turning my hair to gold.

Yeah I have some scars on my ankles and near the back of my legs from when I first moved to where I am and I was poor, using dollar shavers.

I SAW THAT and replied to it. I will attempt it tomorrow.
Tulja Report | 06/24/2015 7:54 pm
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Yeah, her first offer was not worth it, put me out about 5bil gold, her 2nd offer went over a little I think. I almost never get offers though.

I know that feeling, usually I can remember most books but like, I have one on my bookshelf about clay dragons that come to life, and beyond that bit I dont remember what the story is about at all. But theres some old books I read a suuuuper long time ago that I can remember with perfect clarity. Probably because I read them like 4 times in pretty much quick succession. xD
My hair stays pretty ok pretty much all the time, I can go like 2 days and itll only be a bit greasy on top and on my bangs. I have long hair but its not very thick so I think that helps.

Drop Dead Diva is about a tiny, super skinny, kinda stupid, blonde model named Deb that dies on her way to a photo shoot, then presses the Return button when she doesnt go straight to heaven, and gets sent back down into the body of a Plus-Size, super smart, lawyer.

I dont like buying items for myself. I dont feel bad or good about it. Whenever I gift you or anyone else, but especially you, I get to feel all fuzzy and happy inside.
Yeaaayy I started posting, and now im almost broke so I need to wait a bit and then post more. xD

I woke up at like 1am or something, didnt get back to sleep for another hour. Then woke up at like 7am.
My tummy felt better as of the next day biggrin
I really like sharp blades and not having to use any shaving cream or anything like that, so as soon as the soap around the shaver is gone I change out shaver heads.
I like my shaver because I cant cut myself with it. I am really good at cutting myself, massive razor burns, so my shaver is awesome. I can just rub it all over my legs and have them be hairless, soft, smelly good, and cut-free! (I am still a bit careful around my knees, backs of my knees, and ankles)
I basically only shave if I plan to wear a skirt into town, or capris to work. I wear capris around the house all the time but I dont care if my legs are shaved then or not.

ALSO I have an art shop now! Not a forever one, just one for a little bit. Practice and a bit of gold.My thread o3o
Tulja Report | 06/24/2015 8:36 am
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I know the feeling, I try to put things at a reasonable price in the MP but a lot of them end up expiring anyway. I love it when I sell something 20bil+ though and someone msgs me with item+gold offers. I ended up trading a set of arms (30bil) for 16bil+ a different set of arms I actually liked that where worth 14bil.

Lol, a lot of the time for the more wordy parts without pictures I will just read it thoroughly a couple times, then pretend im telling someone about it. A lot of the time ill read a book, and I cant remember anything about the story until someone asks me what it was about, then I can recite the whole thing xD
I found out that I like to shower every-other-day in winter cuz I hardly sweat, but in summer I feel like I need to shower *every* day. Sometimes twice a day if its hot and I went swimming or im extra sweaty after work. I couldnt get into Supernatural, to scary. Im watching Drop Dead Diva.
ikr, its ridiculous. No matter how I look at it super close or squinting or with a magnifying glass it just looks like a ton of fuzzy little boxes.

Sell them to get gold, to buy items, to gift to you xD PERFECT. Or maybe (see last sentence for refrence) ill find someone in your gifting thread that has them on their wishlist.

I barely slept at all last night, stomach pains for some reason. I dont usually let my legs grow out for more than a week, anything after a week im afraid itll clog up my razor with my hair and not be useful anymore. Normally I can get like 5 uses out of a razor before needing to replace the head on it. I use the Intuition ones that are like a big soap bar around a little head of 4 razors.

P.S. whats the name of your gifting thread your always in? I wanted to check it out for when im bored and want to blow some money.
Tulja Report | 06/23/2015 9:02 pm
User Image
Lol, I think I have enough items on your wishlist currently to gift you 1 thing every day until my next paycheck > smile MWAHAHHA.

Cha, both sides of the index card? Learn to write super tiny xD you could possibly cover the whole book. I legit saw a "worlds tiniest bible" in a drawer at work the other day, you put it under a super high powered magnifying glass and you can read the whole bible off this piece of plastic a little bigger than the fingernail on my thumb.

confused fine. Fine then. FINE. I wont gift you those. Gosh. I thought you just hadent added them yet xD but I just got like 4 of the Rainbow Brilliance and 1 of the AoR and im like "ough... well... I guess theyre kinda cute... but not really something *I* would use... But theyre rainbow so maybe my wifey wants them... hehheeh...." and then I searched your whole wishlist really carefully and went "FFFF- scream "

Lols, ill check it out tomorrow, im going to bed for the night. I have work the next 4 days in a row crying I hate long weekends, they make the work week seem even longer.
Tulja Report | 06/23/2015 8:42 pm
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Oh, meh. I buy everything I want for myself already with my rl money. Im only occasionally buying extra just to spend on you <3
A lot of time its just that I buy 3 or 4 of something, wear it for a few days, realize I dont really need 3-4 of an item, then gift it over to you. But sometimes I just have extra Cash and theres an item on your wishlist for 500GC. xD
its LmaoXP, the guy that keeps posting in my comments razz
Just try to study for like 20 minuets every 30 minuets or so, like 20 minuets of studying, 10 minuet break, 20 minuets of studying, ect.

Speaking of your wishlist in the beginning part of this msg, is there a reason Ace of Rainbows (white/rainbow) or Dark Rainbow Brilliance (black/rainbow) arent on your wishlist? They are kinda rare in chance items I guess, the AoR is anyway. But it doesnt usually stop you from wishlistin them.

My Gaia wife<3

Art of me and my waifu/husbando Tulja, drawn by her <3