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Location: Arkansas, USA

Birthday: 10/17

Occupation: Unoccupied but not entirely untalented.




Quotes and Songs

"I am the king of honor, Gold and glory. But every king must also die. Have I been just and righteous, what is glory?" - Karma, Kamelot
"Dreaming of screaming, someone kick me outta my mind I hate these thoughts I can't deny" - Dreaming, System of a down
"There's no escape, I'm my own worst enemy, I've given up."
"Put me out of my misery, I've given up." - Given Up, Linkin Park
"I'll never wake up without an overdose of you, I don't wanna
live, I don't wanna breathe, unless I feel you next to me, you take the pain I feel, waking up to you never felt so real."
- Comatose, Skillet