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1. Real men don’t sparkle. Therefore Edward Cullen = disco ball.

It’s true! Who the ******** sparkles? Oh…that’s right. A guy who’s the ******** king of the world, with his icy cold, marble hard body. Sounds like he’s got a stick up his a**, but don’t let that distract you from his dazzling good looks, his perfect body, his sculpted hair, and his oh so gorgeous eyebrows. ********, even his toenails rock my ******** socks!

No. Someone needs to carefully pry their hand off of the bedazzeler, and do it slowly…hands have a tendency to cramp after clutching so desperately at something.

In conclusion, bring your shades ladeez, or your eyes burn out of your skull.

Unless you’re like Bella and want to destroy your retinas as you view Eddy-dear in all his shiny glory. ********. NO.

Final statement? Edward Cullen: the boy wonder covered in tin foil.

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Salacious Selencya Report | 07/10/2017 3:12 pm
Salacious Selencya
Hey. Your backgrounds broken.

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