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About this assassin

Well, I'm Kota!

I'm some age by now..., gay, and I'm the only damn good assassin in Florida.
Got a damn problem, have fun with it t(^.^t).
I don't care for any rude people, or people who always fight with me or my friends.
I don't care for much of anything, but when my friends are involved, back off.
Other than that..I'm just as lovable as can be!
By the way, I do make avi art~

The world that we live in, is a mask. Everyone lies, no one is a saint. Lies are what make us who we are; nothing more, nothing less. We are what we are, we do what we were meant to. Whether is be walk on the moon, be the emperor of a nation, a movie star, pop star, firefighter, military private, or even a bum on the side of the road. Everyone has a story. What makes your's so different?

The Assassin in himself...

Bonjour, I'm the best assassin that you could probably contract. But that's your choice of the matter. I have no say in whom you want to kill, and how they should die. But, if you need someone to die, then please, by all means. Give me the contract.

My love

Coin Operated Assassin